beautiful meals and holiday themed libations with excellent company

the bittersweet anticipation of a looming pilgrimage home

when plans go as hoped for, if not better

Our mutual respect, admiration and appreciation

frozen yogurt runs and bouncing to music with Them in the car

plush socks and a winter storm

rain and a xmas tree

when that karmic retribution finally arrives

when I crack open my journal to Your letter falling out

warm mugs in cold hands

conversations that flow like smooth lubrication

in tears holding Their hand to a chorus of gay men singing holiday songs

“hand out the drugs” by Kite. on repeat, in the rain

Coven reinforcements who remind me I don’t have to do it alone

holiday cards arriving in the mail

knowing I don’t have to pretend or fake it till I make it

being met where I am

the girl and I making holiday gifts in the kitchen to Silk Sonic’s “fly as me”

singing Megan Thee Stallion with R and their friend in the car

sleeping familiars on my desk as I work

eggnog flavored nonsense

when you feel a connection plunge into a more profound depth

when I now find humor in things that used set me off

group chat inside jokes (love you bitches)

witnessing my squad reap the rewards of all their hard work

candid conversations filled with perfectly imperfect humanity

homemade lemon meringue sugar body scrub

the BEST neighbors

the sound of His voice so vivid I could feel the sparkle and smiles when it finally arrived

smell of: cedar + balsam, Fantabulosa, fireplace from outside

revelry in Our devilry.


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