Occasionally I get the nudge from people…

“Hey! Lady! You really need to post some shit on your blog. I totally understand that you have your head far up your own ass but I need more reasons to kill time, so how about you get on that, yeah?”

Well, that wasn’t what my bff from kindergarten said but for the sake of making this even remotely interesting I like to embellish. Besides, she has known me since we were practically sperm so she has full rights to tell me off if she wants and she’s 8 months pregnant. She’s earned that shit.

In any event I am going to share something that boredom drove me to do. A few months ago I found myself stepping the shores of CA beach, the first since our return to the Golden State. Any time I step out in natural surroundings I always have my eye out for treasures to bring home and that day came in the form of kelp, dead ladybugs, sea glass, driftwood and this wonderfully flat & smooth stone. Said stone turned into a canvas today.

Nifty. How you may ask? Easy. All you need is a stone, brush and I used acrylic artists ink in white. That’s it. The art was some freehand whatnottery and done. Place your decorated stone in a special spot. Of course I worked it into my little drawer of awesome goodies.

Everything has a little story, a place of origin and now there is one more memory to stash away.

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Holy shit has it really been almost a month that I wrote a post? DUDE, Slacker McSlackerson in full effect. I have been keeping myself occupied around these parts and unfortunately blogging kind of goes to the back burner.

Now, I fully admit that a lot of these things really merit a post of their own but really, who has all the time for that malarkey? I know you don’t and lets be honest here, you are only going to sift through the photos. It’s cool, I can take it.

What has been going on in the past month? Well let me get you up to speed!

I attended a class all about linoblock carving and printing. It was taught by a local artist named C.K. Itamura and held in this AMAZING space full of vintage letterpress and printing devices. I wanted to pack up my bags and move in, it was that bad ass. We all did the same exercise carving work and at the end of the class they were all put together and ran a print. Of course it didn’t come without some carnage in the form of a poked finger and paint stains. But those are the best kinds of injuries. Want to guess which one of those blocks was mine? Hopefully once I free up some comission requests I can get back to playing with this a little more.

We went hiking at Armstrong Woods, another redwood cluster that is a little closer to our house and far less congested than Muir Woods. Let me tell you, you have to drive through some wine country to get there, absolutely hideous. ;)

We climbed up a steep ridge and holy hell am I out of shape but hey! You got to start somewhere, right? Nothing like getting out amongst that class of majestic beauty. Incomparable, really. There will be more of this business as it warms up, that is for sure. Beautiful sights, textures, scents and photos really do it no justice. I really need to get hiking kicks though. Dr Martens don’t work too good for this kind of thing.

Got to see two pretty awesome shows in SF, just a couple of the MANY we have tickets for: Forest Swords and Crosses. Those of you who know me, know how much I swoon over Chino Moreno. In fact, seeing him was on my bucket list and I am happy to say that despite the plague I woke up with that day, nothing was stopping me from being in the same room as that man and his delicious voice. It was AMAZING and the fact he sang some Prince and Goodbye Horses was the cherry of a sundae of awesome. A total fangirl dream come true. Props to my dude for putting up with my gushing, I know how obnoxious it must be… but if I got to cross off only one thing on my bucket list this year, I am glad it was this one, cause, lord… I recorded Goodbye Horses. Yes, I was one of THOSE PEOPLE. I never do that at shows but this was something I wanted to remember. You can see it here

With Reza being on Spring Break and having some newly acquired wheels, I suggested a trip to San Diego last month. The family and I piled up in the car that we have not yet named and road tripped to SoCal. We took The Brown Route through Bakersfield which was ugly as all get out and yielded one too many entomological specimens on our windshield. It was a lot quicker than the scenic 101 though and time was key.

While in San Diego we got to see and squeeze a handful of our most prized of peeps, saw my sister Liz, my ladies, some dancing and laughter with my boys Jason + Eryc, shopping for bras and saucy red lipstick, good eats and partook in one too many Vietnamese iced coffees. Overall it was a quick but wonderful trip, which now that we know what to expect, will happen more often. Well, except for having to drive through the hell that is Los Angeles.

And me and my ladies, resembling a bowl of neapolitan ice cream right here. Love them so much.

I have continued with my volunteer work with the kitties and it always makes me beam when I get the updates that some of them got homes. I continue to hold out faith for the saucy calico Leandra, someone will understand her ways eventually.

Save for the San Diego shenanigans, Josh and I have really been focusing on shifting our dietary lifestyles. It has been a little tough but we are hanging in there. In turn I am seeing the changes in us both, within ourselves and toward each other. It’s amazing when you feel the clarity that comes with a shift like that. Sure, I miss stuff but you life trumps a cheeseburger, ya know?

I have been working like a crazy woman on my artistic contributions for the Haunted Mansion Icons show in May. This is a large part why I have been neglecting the blog. I finished them, they’re fucking awesome and I am contractually obligated to not share them. I KNOW. As soon as I can, I will share them… trust me. They are all paper cuttings done by hand and those of you who are diehard fans will get them when you see them. More info about the show can be found at the Gallery 999 Facebook page.

Then there is this….

What can I say…. Reza has been all kinds of interesting these days. She has developed a strong inclination toward Lego building, came home with a report card of beautiful scores (save for the Chatty Kathy part), is looking forward to more of her fencing classes and drew this awesome scene of an alien coming out of a girl’s chest that couldn’t have made us more proud. It blows our minds how smart she is and needs little instruction on how to do her homework and her spelling tests are usually 100%. She also has been digging falling asleep to the audio book of The Hobbit. Total nerd. This photo is a nice example of her goofy attitude which seems to come out quite often. She’s a hurricane for sure, always keeping us on our toes.

Bay Area life has been so kind to us and the more time we spend up here, the more it grows on us. The other night Josh and I are driving back from the Crosses show, it’s midnight, raining and we’re breezing across the Golden Gate Bridge listening to Prince. Hours before that it was a stormy Pacific Ocean sunset. We are constantly aware of the signs, those magic moments where we are receiving countless reminders that CA is just where we belong. You don’t know how many of my SD peeps pointed out to me how “good” I looked… and I know it wasn’t a superficial “good” they were talking about. Lots of comments about just how much happier we both are and it shows. Lots and lots of gratitude here… I got a piece of my life back and I am not disregarding it by any means.

So yeah. That is where I have been.

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Everyone loves to rag on about the horrible day they’re having. It’s true. And you know what is true? I am having a good one! Actually, I have been having a good week. Instead of posting a cliche ass quote in script font, that someone else probably didn’t even say paired with a sunset photo… (say that in one mouthful). I am going to talk to you about my week and why it rules.

Kitty Therapy: I went to volunteer at the animal shelter and hung out with the kittehs. Seriously, this is one of the best things I have ever done. Getting one of the most terrified cats to come around for me was so fulfilling, I cannot even begin to tell you. And the therapy is FREE.

Operation Health: we have been eating really good for a couple weeks now, it can be felt and seen. Well, save for the stress that decided to park itself on my face. But it’s ok… I am handling that.

Kitchen Magic: Because we are seriously having to watch our diet, I have been cooking at home A LOT more. Trying new things, getting out of the comfort zone. At the moment I have this curry simmering and the house smells fantastic. UMPHHH

The Car: We finalized the hunt and purchase for the car last Sunday. I am SO RELIEVED to have that out from under us. I found a really nice, used 2013 VW Tiguan that had only 2200 miles on it. And it was black! HOLLAH. So we drove to SF to give it a look see. We got a really good deal on it and although I know Josh is mourning the loss of his Volvo and the balls it had under the hood, this needed to happen in a big way. Reza declared love at first sight the minute she saw the panoramic sunroof. Can’t say it isn’t awesome, it totally is. We christened our maiden voyage the way it should be done.

Califuckingfornia: Sure, it has been raining but Sonoma County is turning greener by the day and all the trees are sporting flowers. The weather is glorious. SO SO grateful to be back on the West Coast.

Road Trip!: You read correctly! Carley Triangle, coming to SoCal VERY SOON. This was plotted in the past couple days and while we are hashing out details, arrival is imminent.

Art Class: I am taking a lino printmaking class tomorrow (been wanting this for months!) and while that isn’t today, I am PUMPED! I am really looking forward to learning some better techniques.

Hair Metal Playlist: Cause everything is more awesome when you’re listening to “Smooth Up In You”. Want in on my goodness? You can listen to my HAIR playlist on Spotify.

This Kid: Sure, she has been testing us but just as she is turning a corner in her growth, so are we with this whole “how to parent” whatnot. It’s a learning curve yo! She has had a particularly rough past two weeks so I cut her some slack, treated her to a smoothie, some arcade game playing and let her watch Adventure Time even if she got in trouble at school. This morning when I went to wake her up, I was laying in bed with her, she grabs my hand and says, “Mom? What you did for me yesterday was really nice”. Damn. We forget she’s only 7 and has a long way to go. So maybe we need to lighten up a little. I just couldn’t imagine our lives without her goofy, morbid and twisted little outlook. This was at her follow up appointment for her toof extraction…

††† : YES. This morning I secured tickets to see CROSSES and I am sporting a big ole boner over it cause I am a total Chino Moreno fangirl. The man could sing church music and I would be all melty. Stupid hurricane came in the way of the Deftones show in Philly, I have been waiting a long ass time! I fear my husband may be embarrassed by me that day.

Grown Up Shit: other than your pants feeling too loose, the other best feeling in the world is paying off and reducing debt. We did that this week thanks to Uncle Sam not impaling us this year. So glad to be reducing that BS.

And well, it’s Friday. Which means time with my dude. Cause well, he’s the best person on my planet.

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? What are you looking forward to?

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Greetings! Long time no hear yo! What can I say? Things here are afoot…

For starters, I picked up my glasses yesterday. I really needed them too cause the past week was a lot of strain, headaches and overall pissy factor cause seeing clearly was a little frustrating. It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re feeling that way. It’s and odd feeling and will take some time getting used to but all things considering at least I got some nice frames. Excuse the grainy phone photo…

I took them for my first drawing test drive today and drew this just to give it a go. As much as I hate to admit it, it really was an improvement on my eyeballs.

I started my volunteer work at the animal shelter a couple weeks ago. Basically, I go in on one day a week to help clean the kennels, feed, and play with the cats that are ready to be adopted. I was pleased to come in yesterday to find a couple got adopted. I hope that will be the case for all of them. Poor little guys, some are so scared too but most eventually open up to you. I has been pretty rewarding to have a quiet morning a week, where I hang out with some furry critters in need of love and attention. When time permits and they allow me to, I take photos of them in hopes a good picture will network them a little better. This is Zin.

Reza had her oral surgery this week to extract her tooth. The poor girl was nervous but did really well all things considering. I did not like to see her absolutely high and disoriented from the meds but the end goal was a tooth removal and her remembering/feeling as little as possible. She did get really nauseated after the fact and threw up several times. There was much spoiling that day and a little bit of milking on her end which resulted in one popsicle too many. The following day it was back to school like nothing happened. We are really glad to see that gross hillbilly tooth out of her mouth. Of course Penny Wickett, her tooth fairy, hooked her up fat *wink*

We are still on “the quest” for the right car. Test driving, calling, haggling, smarmy car salesmen. Nothing has panned out. We had a real contender and were on our way to test drive it (it was 90 min away) and as we were headed there the dealer decides it is time to disclose the previous owner was a smoker. AKA HELL NO. I can’t fathom the concept of buying an overpriced ashtray. Gross as all hell… so we said no and back to square one. We still have a few prospects and I only hope one of them works because I am ready for this process to be over.

The biggest thing going on is that all of the Drs. appointments are coming back with results and not all of it was good. It’s interesting how shit just turns the corner when you’re getting older. Much to my dismay, not all of it is going in a good direction. My cholesterol came back a tap higher than what is deemed optimal and my iron is a little low, so I have had to make some more cut backs/modifications to my already modified diet. Thankfully I am not all alone on this one and Josh and I both have been making a much more concerted and conscious effort when it comes to our lifestyle choices. I am a little out of my comfort zone here cause you get used to cooking a certain way and all of a sudden you are having to make different choices. What makes it tough is accepting that these choices are no longer a want… it is a necessity… that is, unless I am perfectly ok with being a pill popper the rest of my life. I would rather avoid that part if I can.

I won’t lie, this unexpected shift has thrown me off a little bit and it has made me a little introverted, stressed and worried. I feel a little vulnerable but hey, it’s my truth and reality. Either I accept it and handle it properly or turn the blind eye. Obviously you know what route I am choosing. Lots of reading up, research and proceeding accordingly. Knowledge is power after all.

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It isn’t all it’s cracked up to be yo! Sure, you get to do rad shit like stay up late, have pancakes for dinner and eat M&M’s for breakfast… and no one to tell you NO! Hell yeah. But with great privilege also comes dun dun dun! Responsibility.

The family and I have been patiently waiting for our medical insurance to kick in and it finally did! WOO! All three of us have been appointment scheduling and attending machines just to make sure that we are all in tip-top, aware and tending to things we need to tend to. It honestly has me a little preoccupied but I am glad it is getting out of the way.

In the past week it was blood draws, squeezes, pokes and the dreaded under the hood inspection. You can imagine the hilarity when I saw my new Gyno and he looked like a dude from Right Said Fred but with a South African accent. Nice guy! But I won’t lie, I was thinking “I’m a model, you know what I mean? On the catwalk, on the catwalk…”

Today I went to the optometrist to have my oversized peepers checked out. All of a sudden I am squinting far more than I should be. Not a good sign when I am playing with razor blades for my craft endeavors. Sure enough, I need frames. The prescription isn’t too bad but definitely will help me out. And of course, now Josh gets to fulfill his librarian fantasies.

I’m sweating balls cause Reza is having oral surgery next week to have a baby tooth removed. The thing has reached shark tooth, hillbilly status and it’s time. The poor girl is terrified of needles so we will see how it goes. Wish us luck!

So on top if all this medical malarkey, we have been dealing with the inevitability that it is time to let our car go. This is how it always is… the minute you pay it off, it starts heading down slowly to the ever so expensive car graveyard. We just cannot have that, especially when we only have one car. The last time we bought was when Reza was born and holy shit have car prices gone up! Not looking forward to having to deal with smarmy ass car salesmen. Vultures, the lot of them. What to get and that isn’t going to be an arm and a leg? We shall see where we end up.

I have been making it a point to volunteer more at Reza’s school, be it with class aid or helping do why they’re calling a “weekly scrub down”. After school the parents have been coming in to help wipe down the classroom and you would not believe the FILTH that was last week. Dust bunnies galore. School custodians/janitors do the minimum and based on what I saw/wiped down, they clearly don’t do any wiping down. Sounds awful but I don’t mind it. See it this way: you better believe I reached for the anti-bacterial spray and did some cootie annihilation. The less presents Reza brings home, the better.

Also, I hadn’t mentioned it but I reached out to a local feline rescue program and am going to be volunteering at the local animal shelter once a week to clean up, play with, socialize and photograph the kitties waiting to be adopted. I am really looking forward to it and hope that my services can be of good use. I know all it took was a photo to convince us to get 2 cats instead of 1…. and I am so glad it did cause Gomez was our dark horse. I start this week.

I have been taking care of all these odds and ends and some things have kind of fallen to the wayside… Like my sketchbook! Sad times but I have to focus on some real life shit. I do have some pieces that will be showing at the Bats Day: Haunted Mansion Icons event in May. I can’t share them but that is where my headspace has been. I can’t wait for you guys to see these pretties.

Being a grown up isn’t all that it’s cut out to be man. But hey, I take it as it comes even though I do get a little stressed out. Shit could always be worse! I could be in NJ, shoveling snow and suffering from another yearly session of S.A.D. – CA has been lovely to me like you have no idea. Or maybe you do.

Health shit really stresses me out which is totally counterproductive. Between my Dr and the Tibetan medicine guy, I got the “exercise more” talks. It is the root to a lot of my maladies…. It’s so hard you guys. I don’t talk about it much cause I don’t do the pity party thing but on the same token, it is nice to have some support. Hard to have that when none of your friends are within immediate proximity. Needless to say I am 9 months away from my 40th birthday and I really would like to be in a better place health wise, emotionally, even. I just don’t care to go down the “preachy as fuck” route that people have been getting on the minute they hit health kicks. It’s not me and truth be told, the only reason I am even putting it here is for a little bit of accountability. I have some work to do.

Oh yeah! And I signed up for a lino carving/printmaking class next month. Been wanting to take a class in like, FOREVER and it’s finally happening. I cannot wait to get some better techniques under my belt.

LOTS going on and excuse my e-abscence. It’s all for good reason though and as always, I am gathering things to share and say here.

Thanks for hanging in there with me and reading the massive post that has no pictures… everyone hates posts without photos so here! Have a pointless sunset that has nothing to do with this shit whatsoever.


I like to hang on to things that inspire me, I love to look at art, photos and surround myself with creative flow. It’s the artistic way! But to put it bluntly, I am a hoarder. But don’t get it twisted, it’s more like collecting than sitting around surrounded by piles of dolls and cats.

Over the years I come across all kinds of things worthy of sharing: art, music, talented people… and it is just not right to keep it all to myself. With that said I will be sharing these from time to time. So on that vein, I have created a new segment of my blog where I pull out the cards for you to see.

Today I am going to talk to you about my homie, Alice Carrier.


Alice and I “met” online about 7 years ago when we were both pregnant with our respective children of the corn. Our being new moms and having similar sense of humor had us chatting up a storm for a while. She also happened to be a talented artist and photographer. Amongst our chatting, she always mentioned wanting to get her licensing to be a tattoo artist.

Fast forward to now. After much blood, sweat, tears and awesome photos of food, she has a blown the eff up! If you are anywhere on Pinterest or Tumblr, I can guarantee you have seen her tattoo work. She certainly has her niche: flora in soft, muted palettes, with a vintage feel.

Not only is she a wonderful artist but she is super down to earth, funny and a total PDX babe. Hey man, it had to be said. We finally got to meet in person last year so I know.

If you are so inclined to feast your eyes on this slice of awesome pie, you can find Alice tattooing at her newest locale, Wonderland Tattoo in Portland, OR where she also works with yes, another Alice. Alices in Wonderland. From what I gather she can be busy, but totally worth the wait. Accept no cheap imitations!

You can also find Alice on the following: her website, tumblr, and Instagram.

Photos, art and tattoos all by Alice Carrier. (I know, is there anything she doesn’t do?)

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After some deliberation, it was decided that I needed a weekend away to recharge my spirit a little. Josh was awesome enough to not only encourage it, but held down the fort so I could take off to San Diego for some much needed friend time and spoiling.

I didn’t say much about it because my time was really limited and I had a few key people I wanted to spend my time with. Last time I was there ended up being a family affair due to my brother’s passing and I didn’t get to see any friends. There’s only one of me and I didn’t want to spend my trip like a pinball bouncing off the walls, so I kept it relatively incognito other than the small handful who knew of my arrival.

This time I flew out of the Sonoma County airport. One direct flight, small plane, small airport, and although the ticket price was about $40-50 more than flying out of SFO, it was well worth it. Time, gas and Golden Gate tolls add up. A much smoother travel experience save for having to listen to Shosh and Marnie’s long lost twins for 90 min, yakking like crack heads, non stop about more than anyone on the plane ever needed to know.

I stayed with Jason and Eryc who are not only the best of hosts and friends, but also sent me home with a much needed color job, haircut and freshly shaved down side of my head. I dig it.

In three days I managed to squeeze in:
- A tasty breakfast outing with Paige & Michelle. Three words: cinnamon roll pancake. Much needed girl time reconnection. Holy shit do I miss my ladies.

- Hair appointments so awesome I might as well have been touched by the hands of Zeus himself.

- Seeing my sister Liz an dinner at a Battali’s Mozza. It was delicious!

- Coffee with the bff Spencer

- Finally getting to meet The Sheriff’s nugget, Alexander, who rolled over for the first time while I was there. It was great getting to see her… Been far too long.

- A trip into Tijuana, Mexico for another dinner with my sister and her main cheese. We went to a fantastic gourmet joint called Misión 19. Don’t let the word “Tijuana” fool you… It was some grade “A” business, with a side of a grasshopper salt rimmed, mezcal martini. Umphhh.

- I came this close to a cameo appearance at Sabbat but chose sleep instead. I’m sure it would have been hilarious but when you have to return a rental car at 9 a.m.? Not so much.

- Speaking of rental cars, I was a tight ass and rented economy: Toyota Yaris. Holy crap that thing felt like driving a go cart on the freeway. I think the Autopia cars at Disneyland have more balls.

- Hillcrest Farmers Market for some blended chai and flowers for my boys. Still the best Farmers Market I’ve ever been to… and some “reading” at the Before I Die wall.

- A visit to the new, painfully breathtaking, San Diego Public Library. Truly a magnificent piece of architecture and the resources! Good god, I envy you people. I highly regretted not bringing my DSLR that day. 9 floors of educational enlightenment. A true thing of ephemeral and architectural beauty.

- A quick jaunt to the SD Zoo where I witnessed a grasshopper orgy of epic proportions.

- Dinner with Jason and Eryc, lots of fantastic conversation over a beautiful focaccia with melted soft cheeses and honeycomb. INMYMOUFF.

Yesterday I found myself on the plane, lamenting my culinary choices… Yeah. No. I really don’t regret being BAD… you have to be bad sometimes. I caught myself getting teary to be honest. Despite the fact I want to go home to my beloved people and cats, it is bittersweet because I hate leaving San Diego and the wonderful people I know in it.

It’s a trip how much it changes every time I go back. Same hands with a different manicure… Some of it magnificent, some leaving a lot to be desired but despite the visible facade of a city getting bigger than its britches, the growing pains of overpopulation didn’t phase me because breathing in her air and seeing her beauty, felt like bathing in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. A fresh bath of life and perspective and then I’m back on Prince’s purple steed, my hair flying behind me like Apollonia herself.

Being there once more really cements just how much I wouldn’t mind going back to it and planting the roots for good. I truly do feel that in my heart of hearts, the day will come where that dream becomes a reality. I know I am not alone in this feeling.

To everyone who shared this time/trip with me: thank you for your time, accommodation, hospitality and love. You are all wonderful.

And then I got home to some very happy people and kitties… shit, even our car was so happy to see me that it pissed out all the radiator fluid in the Barnes & Noble parking lot. GOOD TIMES. Can I tell you how much I hate cars and auto repairs? Shit… that’s a whole other post.

Never enough photos… but the few I took can be found here

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Lucky is the day where I have a lot of time to myself to wander around San Francisco, with camera in tow and with gorgeous weather? HORRIBLE.

The easiest way for us to get in to the city, is driving across the Golden Gate bridge. It’s a $6 toll mind you but well worth it. On the way in there are a few places where you can park and overlook the bay. It is usually packed with cars and tourists but on a Friday morning, it was solemn, flat and gorgeous.

I was kind of in a shitty mood when I got there but every time I see this bridge, it reminds me that we are back in CA and just how grateful I am to no longer be on the East Coast. My bad mood was instantly lifted.

After hopping in the car I just took turns without plans, ending up at Baker Beach. I collected a couple of nuggets for my letterpress drawer including this chunk of seaweed that ended up drying out really cool.

Having grown up in Southern CA and Mexico, I have always had proximity and a connection to the Pacific. I don’t know what it is but being near a body of water has always been important to me. The Atlantic never filled that hole. It always felt grey and angry. Surprisingly enough, we had not been to the beach since we moved back to CA in July and this was the first time I got to set foot on her shores again. It was very quiet and there were very little people there. I thought about putting music on my headphones but then I stopped myself cause the sound of the ocean was all I needed. I was standing there, not paying attention and in an odd timing, she came up and kissed my toes… like a long time friend, reacquainting herself.

After finding a few shards of sea glass and some dead lady bugs, I hopped back in the car and headed to The Mission district. The cherry blossoms seem to be a little confused by the weather cause they are already starting to show their colors all over the city. Sure, it’s January but I can’t say no to the sakura, they’re my favorite.

I stopped in a couple really cute stationery stores and an art gallery where I got some new names of artists to look up. While wandering around I managed to stumble onto Paxton Gate by complete accident. I have visited the Portland store and both are nothing but short of amazing. Lots of beautiful oddities, bones, bugs, books… but definitely not the kind of place to go when you are on a strict budget. BOO!

While there I came across the most incredible artist named Lisa Wood, who makes these amazing, miniature dioramas with real insects. Absolutely fantastic. Next time I am in the city I want to check out her studio/shop The Woods. Give the links a look, all of her artsy endeavors are pretty cool.

(photo by Lisa Wood Curiosities)

A couple more photos from The Mission…

Yesterday we came back in to show our friend Mike around… like a trip to Twin Peaks and Japantown for a nice bowl of necessary ramen. Holy hell I love this city.

The rest of my photos can be viewed here

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The family and I have been meaning to check out the infamous San Francisco Exploratorium since we moved this way. So in an effort to see new things, and spend time with friends, we made plans to meet up with our homie Pablo and his kidlets. It was a beautiful day for it that’s for sure and a Sunday which means avoiding football. I hate football.

The new location for The Exploratorium is located on one of the piers of the Embarcadero. The building takes up the entire pier and if you are a science nerd, it is an absolute must you go visit. Plan on an entire day though cause there is a lot to take in and despite the many hours we were there, we did not get through everything. I guess we will have to return, twist my arm.

In any event, the museum was more about experience and some things just don’t translate well for photographic purposes. Even then I managed to squeeze out a couple of shots and I will let them speak for themselves.

After several hours we ended up calling it cause all three of us “adults” decided we had enough audio/visual stimuli. It can be really overwhelming, especially after all the sight related experiments, your eyes start giving you the finger.

We walked over to a park so the kids could run around and we were met with the wild parrots of Telegraph Hill. I had no idea SF also has a population of wild conure! There were so many of them! (and LOUD)

And just like that all of the kids were turning into pumpkins so we said our goodbyes and parted our respective directions. And man, talk about a horrible view on the way home… just dreadful.

The rest of the photos from this day can be viewed HERE

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As we were getting ready for bed last night I walked in to check on her one more time. This is what I found. She may be 7, use words bigger than her age, whip our asses at Monopoly on her second game ever, sass us like she is 13 and she may think she has it all figured out.

All I have to do is walk in to scenes such as this to realize that the little peanut is still in there somewhere. The peanut that insists on too many pillows, sleeping on top of all of her blankets in her Cinderella nightgown, on having books in the bed with her, her pillow pet, Build A Bear cat she named Brittany and her faithful sidekick Gomez, who will only sleep with her in this manner.

I hang on to moments like these.

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