When you know with certainty there are people who will always have your back in rooms you’re not physically in.
Swapping photos of flirty handwritten notes. 
Releasing our first emerged monarch butterflies with my girls on a stunner of a day. I’m so glad they waited to hatch for when they were here because it was so special. 3 more emerged today! That makes 5 8 total so far!
Inside Out 2 movie & In-N-Out date with R and our mutual gush over the same Disney trailers.
Homemade hot fudge sundaes.
Driving home at night, her recording the Sea World fireworks as “just like honey” plays in the car.
Scoring a killer deal on good skincare. I am such a ho for a good sale.
Being referred to as a “demon with the face of a pretty girl”.
Crispy cross breezes on sunny days.
You have never truly lived until you’ve cried in front of THE original piece of art you’ve always loved in a museum.
Gratitude for our San Diego roots. Yes it’s expensive and also very worth working to be able to keep calling her Home. We are really lucky. 
“I missed your driving”.
Summer sunsets. Jacaranda blooms. Trees filled with red-headed conure giving me Barcelona flashbacks.
His audible delight in my ears.
When your therapist has nothing but good things to say about your growth and progress.
Farmers market flowers, Vietnamese coffee and oversized samosas. Mmmm.
When Dad calls to gossip.
An unlikely butterfly alliance with an 80-something handyman.
Laughing with chosen family/friends who I’ve known for more than half my life – the fact that I share quality longevity with anyone is an immeasurable fortune.
My summer playlist
When an overdue haircut and color touch-up align on the same day and the results make you feel like several Benjamins.
Compliments from random women. Lady compliments just *hit*
The excitement in early Halloween merch drops
A hometown gig for Blink-182 + Pierce The Veil at Petco Park with my girl – who got to check off another of her favorite bands off her list. Her excitement + our subsequent mariachi gritos + a really great firework and pyro filled show in the San Diego skyline = magic. I will never tire of doing these kinds of thing with her. 


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