floral decay.
swapping hand written notes with pretty penmanship over instant messages.
when colors in the sky paint colors the way someone makes you feel.
removing all those contacts off my phone because they really don’t need to be there anymore (or deserved to be).
when imagery speaks louder than words.
when their musical taste aligns with yours.
a clean slate.
the deviation from my usual comfort zone and being pleasantly surprised when it welcomes me like a warm embrace.
chocolate + pb ice cream in bed.
a multitude of inside jokes.
when both cats pile up in bed with me.
when you know you’ve found one of the real ones and that the appreciation is reciprocal.
having things that are “ours” and no one else’s – and that I can have those things with more than one person without ego or competition.
seeing them and feeling nothing.
the realization I need to be better, kinder and more diligent towards myself. Nothing like getting sick (again) to push one into some self reflection about this flesh vessel.
accidental nudges that remind me that there is always room to practice a little more humility and gratitude… and a lot more grace.
how simpler times are so easily embodied in something as small as a photobooth picture with one of your best friends – and the flash of nostalgia, the smell of the beach, the song that was playing just falling out of your journal into your lap – all in a split second.
our mutual thoughts of my tresses wrapped around their fingertips.
the love affair with the “-ber” months, even if they seem to pass in the blink of an eye.
editing. extensively.
spooky autumn missives on black stationery.
picking your battles for the right reasons.
making someone see an overlooked song in a completely different light.
watching friends make a dream come true.
realizing that everything in life is a choice and in knowing that, it makes it much easier to process or swallow as things unfold.


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