Thoughts + joys…

The acquisition of new accoutrements to sleep in and write on. And your monogram being on clearance is always a plus. Pays to not have a basic name. Next to the X and Q.

The pleasure of creating, making, trying and doing new things. Today I made a 2 hr batch of garlic confit. The house smelled incredible and the squash I made for dinner with the oil? Effortlessly delicious.

Progress revealing itself – carving inches off me feels good and satisfying.

Organized chaos. The magic of and in my incense drawer (yes I have a whole drawer)

Trimming rosemary + lavender from the neighbor’s overflowing garden for my own nefarious purposes.

Swapping Our Spanish Daydreams.

The comfort in not giving as much of a fuck in how people view me. I’m wearing the shorts, the tanks, the pasty will see the light of day. I’m not gonna spend one more moment denying myself or pushing off experiences waiting for the right time. Today is the right time.

Cleaning to playlists with a theme around craving You.

Finally completing the month long process of dental work that I really needed and wanted to be over with.

Getting blocked by trolls. achievement unlocked!
Letting things go and change because I know the reasons are right.
My friends who care for Reza like family.
Our boy Lucifer getting thicc.
Receiving positive observations.
The flavors of Summer.
The beauty in decay.
Relocating spiders outside, gently.
The collective awakening.
An artfully packaged, created and gifted tarot deck (thank you Alice xo)

That lifted weight when I get around to making what felt like a wrong…. a right. I really need to work on my procrastination and time management. When I do chip away at that list of things, it always feels good.

I have *always* hated this whack AF “holiday” and now even more considering the state of the country and its so-called concept of “freedom”. I stayed home most of the weekend and took care of all these soul nurturing things: cooking, art, gym, a quiet reprieve at the K-spa. Relishing in moments of silence. Between the way I date myself paired with the quality connections and friendships I’ve made… the bar is so fucking high.


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