Spring came and went and here we are, Summer. the fuq. The cobwebs on this space need some dusting. I made the best of Spring, truly. She was a flurry of florals, friends and filling the cup with a little more social than I am used to but that cup was pretty empty and let’s just say I filled it with gold. 24kt. Spring in a nutshell…

Scoring really cute bunnies and stationery at the consignment store.
Hockey Emo Nite with R & Mai which was SO much fun even if the home team lost.
An extended visit from my boy B and much needed catch-up and quality time over food, lowriders, coffee, scoring on Record Store Day and those chill convos on the stoop of the house.
Neighborhood walks clad with blooms + free lemons.
A total solar eclipse that happened to have the first point of continent landfall in Mazatlan.
One of my best and favorite ghoulfriends moved to San Diego and is <10 min away.
Stepping out of the shell for a group show and my piece getting snatched up quick.
Art Alive! exhibit at Balboa Park + squirrel feeding.
Getting to see a Space-X launch.
Celebrated a Delicious Devil’s birthday with long distance treats.

Amenra at Brick. Obsessed with how good they are. Utterly visceral and getting to talk to Colin at the merch table? *swoon*
Spending time with R & Mai at home, Mario Karting, enjoying lady house.
A pretty emotionally challenging Mother’s Day – It just isn’t the same when you’re part of The Dead Parent’s Club.
Peony season and putting together one of my prettiest arrangements to date.
Sips and snacks with Frank at The Lafayette.
Deftones Couchella.
A scary ER visit for the girl – thankfully handled. Allergic reactions are scary.
International movie date day.
Emotionally unpacking.
A clear bill of health. These are the negatives I want and look forward to.
R wrapped up Junior year. I can’t even with this child turning 18 and being a Senior in High School soon.
My Tillie and fam moved out and I am just not having it. They were some of the best people I have ever lived next to. So many tears.

R took off to Boston and I got a quickie weekend visit in Portland to see the besties. It was a glorious weekend that felt like I brought California sunshine with me. (I did). It was tons of chill time, catch up, hugs, tears, laughs, great coffee + food like PDX always does, a very rare tiki drink night (for me) and getting to meet new faces I only knew online and it was all so. fucking. good. – eternally grateful for the gifted ticket so I can come up and have this long overdue visit and while it was short-lived it was maximized and beautiful. I have over 25+ years of friendship/family with these lovelies and man, I do not take them for granted one bit. We are so lucky. I don’t know how I do it sometimes, when pieces of my heart are scattered all over the globe like this but I just count my blessings that I am surrounded and loved by some utterly brilliant people – even if from afar. A perfect ending to Spring. I could have done without the nasty AF cold I got when I returned, not the souvenir I had in mind but the one something I brought back encapsulates how I feel about a lot of things as of late.

Summer so far has started off with a much needed break for me to unwind and have some quiet time at home. It has been a lot of sleeping, cat cuddling, trash tv, tending to put off things or nothing at all. And it has been gloriously welcome. And somehow, I am now mothering monarch caterpillars and helping them make it to butterfly stage? Taking care of life is just a fulfilling thing that I didn’t know I needed.

Note to self: clean cat hair off the scanner bed next time.

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