A comfortable silence

When they know how you take your coffee, perfectly

Being accepted as you are, without hope or agenda

A handwritten letter

Knowing when something smells distinctly like someone you know

Warming your hands in their hoodie pockets

Attention to detail

Going somewhere that instantly feels like home

Having your hair washed by someone other than you

When you reach for the same thing, at the same time as someone else

Letting someone try your beverage met with eye contact

“I saw/heard this and it made me think of you”

Waking to your cat sleeping on your chest

Shared understandings that require no explanation

Uncontrollable laughter through tears

Pressing lips into unconventional places

Crying with company

Hearing “I miss you” in a manner you can feel in your bones

The blanket being pulled over you after you fell asleep

Plucking an eyelash off their face so they can make a wish off of it

Wearing a garment that doesn’t belong to you

A hand on your back as they walk past you

Inside jokes that no one will ever fully understand besides those in the know

Enthusiastic consent

Simultaneously cracking the sugar on the crème brûlée with our spoons

Sincere gratitude

Meeting, giving to and rewarding yourself

Your name in their penmanship and escaping their breath

Wearing your bruises like an intentionally painted canvas

When you part ways with something you love… for the final time

Knowing they’ve changed you forever in the best of ways

Hearing “message me when you’re home so I know that you’re safe”

Deliberately ordering different things so the table can taste everything

My art on your walls


The wide-eyed wonder of experiencing a first time ever

Sharing books

Getting ready in the same space

Deep, platonic love

Not having to keep score

Splitting one slice of cake, multiple utensils

Sharing an umbrella in a downpour

A door being opened for you

Knowing we’re both thinking the same thing, but it goes unspoken

The loyalty of a kept promise


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