The splendor of purple landscapes from the jacaranda blooms

The sorcery of the mochi donut

When the work put in pays off

Mother’s Day/Bats Day at Disneyland with my witchlet where far too much fun and laughter were had. We needed it on so many levels and I’m pretty certain some core memories were made.

Cinnamon clad doorways and the way those asks just ripped off the bandaid

Tiny flesh galaxies

Being witness to their butterflies of twitter-pation

Lessons of vindication

You ever been told that you’ve set the standard for elevated levels of interactions? I have and damn did that feel good.

Filling the calendar with friend dates

The way certain things would have just sent me over and now they just don’t. The growth is there and I’m so in love with this version of who I am and will continue to become. 3 years ago me would be hella proud.

The power in saying “no”. But then I think about what it took for me to get to this point. This was not an easy skill to acquire.

Solidifying passage for another voyage home. The sand in Mom’s hourglass is running out and it arrives with a lot of complicated logistics, feels and maneuvering. On the bright side it bought me more time with family even though it’s gonna be hot as balls and heavy in nature.

When I am thanked for sharing really private things, like it’s a gift to be privy to. This is a new feeling and I don’t know how to let it sink in that there’s actual appreciation for me without agenda or expectancy of return.

The continuous increase in cost of living is brutal and it’s frustrating because there seems to be no slowing down. Time to trim some more budgetary edges off.

Uncertainty that I am just not comfortable with yet

The reality of aging parents, the mortal coil and the multitude of really complicated feelings it brings with it all while trying to navigate very different styles of communication and grieving processes.

Covid anxiety creeping back in as things are changing. Again. This shit is just… *sigh*

Being pushed to unpack luggage that isn’t mine. This shit is tired and I will not mop up blood for messes I didn’t make.

Dental work and the state of insurance that doesn’t cover shit.

This country just gets more and more whack

Is it ever the right time?


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