The season for all the bunny shaped things and the crack cocaine Cadbury mini eggs

Azure ink stained fingertips on Valentine’s Day

Morning bed climb-ins cause it’s COLD (CA cold, you shut up)

The perfect combination of black forest + brie + dijon on grilled loaf.

The sense of accomplishment when you get your own taxes done.

When the bartender comps *all* the beverages

The explosion of freeway blooms from all the rain we’ve had. It’s so refreshing to see a lot more green in the horizon.

Having to part ways when that person has decided they want to fuel their heart with hatred and misinformation. Upsetting and disheartening but I don’t have space for people who want to be gross.

My fridge photo gallery – the faces of my people give me so much joy. (Note to self: print and add more)

Couch cuddles with the wolves

The way R calls me “a fuckin’ G”

The moment when you realize you’re more of a rest stop instead of a destination.

The unbelievable, affectionate growth in my familiars as they age.

Roadside graffiti wisdom.

When the people in your life grow and evolve with you instead of away.

Delicious brunch + a very overdue dishing session with the ladies. Why is hollandaise so fucking magical? Paired with the tea? Even better.

Getting gushed over my way with words and ability to compliment by delicious poets.

How the squad rallies the way ants build a bridge to get everyone across

The undeniable glow and power in a woman that chooses herself.

Daylight Savings and Spring are right around the corner. I am SO ready for warmer weather & open windows.

When the long overdue karma train arrives.

Daydreaming of His kisses on cathedral stone.


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