Summer thus far….

Solstice rituals and the return of stunning sunsets
Witnessing a run over body on the freeway with a carload of teenagers. An accident I came very close to being a part of but timing and fate chose otherwise. I still haven’t completely shaken that visual.
Feeling more in touch with my body and self.
boba + movie dates.
Unlocking core memories and putting away old ones.
Monarchs dancing in the yard.
A heightened sense of appreciation and gratitude.
The inevitable write-off and disappointment of the disloyal.
Pulling up to stoplights with the windows down, blasting “it’s raining men” and singing with R at the top of our lungs.
Pressing charges on some grown ass creep for hitting on my kid. Between this and the highway corpse I have met my popo quota for the year. Although getting flirted with by the CHP wasn’t something I expected to have on my bingo card but here we are.
Return to art, journaling, writing, walking, moving.
The thought of the dimples I know my portrait of him brought to his face.
Reconnection, reinvention, acceptance, amplification.
The decline of anxiety that was amplified by the pandemic.
Going to the Barbie movie with R clad in corpse paint and sharing not only that moment and ridiculously fun movie, but a bond about mother/womanhood with her.
“I am the way I am because of her” *wipes tear*
Not sharing everything because some things just have their place and sanctity.
The collective joy and awakening that something so simple as a film about a doll or a Taylor Swift concert has brought people together.
Lemon and smokey pineapple fragrances on my skin.
R is now a Junior in high school. JFC where has the time GONE. What a privilege to be here for all of it.
How utterly unabashed I have become. Is this what happens when you’re cusping the last year of your 40’s? I got no time for nonsense.
The impact of being shown reassurance I didn’t have to ask for. The bar is so unbelievably high.
Halloween goodies in July + August and the restraint to limiting myself with them.
The craving for experiences way more than things.
The conspiracy, plotting and countdown to our communing devilry. Encore.



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