scent: BPAL/The Manuscript: leather + paper and splotches of ink, with a hint of ghostly chill.
a morning dance party in the kitchen to my Summer playlist while feeding the cats.
sharing my food with Judas
sound: the rain, howling wind and our secret playlist
an A+ dumpster dive in the form of devil’s ivy cuttings that I immediately brought home.
I’m just going to pretend it’s not 50 degrees, wet and grey. Seems like March will be no different.
the way he says “I love you, bean”
feline loaf on my desk
Japanese curry night
art in the shadows
the simultaneous sunshine and hail
the fortune of capturing the romance between Jupiter and Venus in a sunset landscape, post storm. 400 million miles apart, but appearing like lovers at arms length, close enough to almost kiss, only to part ways once more. so far away, but undeniably close. this resonates.


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