And just like that 2021 comes to a close. It’s interesting how a year can go by so fast yet drag at tortoise speed. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t yet another challenging year but I seek comfort in the fact that a lot of those feelings were collective. A whole lot of fight or flight and survival mode. Adjustments to new ways of life on so many levels.

What a timeline to be living, pandemic year two. And yet despite the hardships and force to adjust to whatever our new reality is, I still managed to make the best of what and where I could.

2021, A Recap

A roof over our heads, in a city we love that continues to grace us with spectacular sunsets and wonderful neighbors who look out for us like family.

Grateful to have work that allows me do so from home.

We were lucky enough to have our health, for the most part.

We welcomed our danger noodle Lucifer into our home

Covid vaccines, too many covid tests, more than one close call for my own comfort.

We celebrated her 15th and my 47th year of life.

Reza graduated middle school, got their septum pierced, went back to in person school for Freshman year of High School at a school we really wanted them to go to.

The medicinal nature of being able to see and hug friends again.

A last minute visit from Catherine.

Sharing meals and Chicano Park with my birthday twin.

Car rides for slushies filled with laughter, singing and attitude

So many beautiful meals.

The long time e-friends I got to meet in person FINALLY. The deepened connections with existing ones. The new friends I’ve made and the ones that sloughed off like dead skin.

Finding beauty in so many of the often overlooked little things.

Exercising boundaries like a motherfucker.

A short trip to NC that ended in a heinous visit to the ER for a kidney stone. Painful as absolute fuck. But I got a piece of Sara + James to take home with me.

Overseas exchanges of laughter, exquisitely worded banter and worship.

Fell in love with the use of color, caring for plants, arranging flowers, journaling and making a home.

Another solo art show called Encanto and all of it was incredibly well received. You have no idea how hard it was to create this one throughout all the struggles of the year.

The cats celebrated their 10th birthday with Us.

Continued but not surprising disappointments.

Went out on some really beautiful and fun dates.

Made my name change official.

Found a deeper value in the quiet of my own company.

One too many jokes about ass with the Heaux. Shai Hulud Ronald.

The taste of shared truth, vulnerability, accountability, new connection dynamics, mutual respect and admiration

Liberty Station in the rain.

Knowing I can care about and miss someone but not have them be in my life anymore because they’re just not good for my healing or growth.

Watching R mature and grow into a pretty exceptional person.

Raised the bar.

Singing Selena on a pulmonia with Liz

Tears that encapsulated so many different emotions and for so many different reasons. And allowed myself to honor those feelings.

The awareness that arrived when those blinders really came off.

Road tripping, singing, camping, hiking and crying in Death Valley with Ginny.

Deleted old FB accounts for good.

Accepted and practiced the art of present living as best I could.

Our monthly couch session of re-watching Disney favorites.

A trip to Mazatlan to see my Parents that was hard, necessary, grounding and perspective giving (this is a whole other post that I am not quite ready for just yet)

The strength in Coven numbers that surround me with their excellent friendship, support and loyalty.

Missed Bee way too much and it sucks that we just don’t know when we will be able to travel. It is the longest I have gone without seeing her.

Favorite Albums:
De Doorn – Amenra
Engine Of Hell – Emma Ruth Rundle
Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever
An Evening With Silk Sonic – Silk Sonic

Songs That Were On Heavy Repeat:
Smokin’ Out The Window – Silk Sonic
Happier Than Ever – Billie Eilish (what an anthem)
Hand Out The Drugs – Kite
Ogentroost – Amenra
American Money – Børns
Brain – Banks
Running Up That Hill – Meg Myers
and more…

Riding Crop by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab
Fantabulosa on his letter
baking bread
Jonny Cota Parfum
cedar + balsam
anything Sleepy by LUSH

The weather thwarted my usual pilgrimage to Sunset Cliffs to see the last sunset of the year. However, I do get to spend my NYE alone, at home with my cats. Being out doesn’t feel comfortable or right to be honest. Now, a ritual bath and the writing of my intentions for 2022 on the other hand? Absolutely.

If there’s one thing that pandemic life has taught me is that everything can change often and exponentially. Let’s see where we go from here, day to day, hour to hour. Right here.



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