Dear Nugget,

I am not sure how this happens but time flies by so much faster when I am watching someone grow up. Better yet, watching you grow up. It’s an interesting state I find myself in cause as proud I am of your newfound independence, there is also that moment where I catch myself looking at you and my heart is breaking inside cause you are no longer a helpless little person. You are a full blown kid.

In the past month you not only figured out how to tie your own shoes but you started reading. Words! Books even! And yes, those books are simple but still, you aren’t even in kindergarten yet and here you are pointing words out to us. I thought I beamed with pride when you took your first steps, but this? You’re sitting there with a book and reading it to me. Isn’t that my job? You have your voice, opinions, commentary and always have something funny to say. You make me so damn proud of the person you are growing into every day.

You love to brush my hair, you tell me you like my hair color, the way I do my nails, that I am the best Mom ever and that I am beautiful. You are seriously one of the most expressive children I have ever known, even if I haven’t known too many.

This morning you walked past me and hugged me. I felt the top of your head on the bottom of breasts. Yes, your Mom is a shorty but dude, you need to cut this out. Slow down just a little bit cause my one and only is crossing things by leaps and bounds and I don’t know if I am ready. It’s not like I have a choice, you can’t keep that freight train from passing by so quickly but throw your Mom a bone, yeah? I don’t want to be the smallest person in the house anytime soon.

We were walking around town this afternoon and you kept saying “I love you” over and over. You caught yourself and said you probably say it too much. I doubt I would ever tire of it Special Sauce, there will come a day where that may taper off. I hope it doesn’t cause if you only knew the twinkle it brings to my eyes, you would know how happy it makes me.

So two things… one: I love you so damn much. two: keep being this awesome… cause seriously, I see the powerhouse of a lady you are turning into and I can only imagine how amazing you are going to be years from now. More than you already are.

It’s a pretty awesome feeling to have one of the best things that ever happened to me under the same roof. Thanks for being one of them.




And for my own reference right now you love: corn bread, the word “science”, hanging out with Gomez, adventures in Philadelphia, doing shadow puppets before bed time, picking out your own outfits, gemstones, Monster High and as always, vampires.


4 Responses to for reza

  1. Amanda says:

    UGH I have major pregnancy hormones, but I think I would be tearing up at this even if I wasn’t pregnant right now. I just woke up with this like unbelievable feeling of love for my son and bun (in-the-oven) and then to read this, OMG! I wish more kids had parents that are so cool and love them for who they are…and encourage them to BE who they are. It is friggin special.

    • Ivonne says:

      I cried while writing it, so you are not alone. 🙂 we are all about seeing what she likes and rolling with it. Both of us grew up with parental limitations, not extreme ones but definitely some opposition and we aren’t about to let her feel like she cannot be who she is.

  2. lei says:

    completely balling right now

  3. Colleen says:

    Seriously, they grow up too damn fast. I sit here and watch Tarin & Melody and wonder where the hell the time has gone.

    It’s exciting to see them grow, but damn I miss some of those earlier days.


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