“Baby, this is the deal… you’re going to DC for the weekend. I already talked to Diana, the plans are made and you are going.”


“No buts, you need some lady time away from it all. Go have fun. Done deal.”

Ok dude, if you say so. Twist my arm. Don’t get me wrong, I will always take up an opportunity to go galavanting all over the place but sometimes, as much as I like solo time, I like doing stuff with my family.

Diana and I have been talking about it for a while now cause I got wind there was a Ouija exhibit at The Museum Of Industry in Baltimore. It was on the verge of removal so the timing was perfect. Early Saturday morning I got my stuff together, hussied up and headed south.

This is the cool thing about the East Coast, everything is so damn close to one another. How close? I drove through 3 states in under an hour. New Jersey – Delaware – Maryland. And later on that day we were in DC, so in one day I saw 3 states and one district. And oh hey, Virginia is across that bridge over yonder. Trip out.

It took me about 1 hr and 50 to get to Baltimore. Diana arrived shortly after and in we went to look at vintage Ouija boards. \m/ What’s there to say? This was a whole lot of awesome, that’s what. I could have done without all the kids that were there for some science project competition and the glare from the lighting, but hey, they actually let us take photos which is nice. Sadly the enamel planchette souvenirs I saw online were sold out.

There really wasn’t much of interest to do in Baltimore… well other than… Diana, who is a HUGE Edgar Allan Poe nerd (- no, really, his face takes up one of her calves), informed me that his grave and home were not too far away so we piled up in her car and headed over to look. His grave is located in a small cemetery, adjacent to a church in the middle of downtown. Totally not the place I expected someone like him to rest. Only bummer is that the gates to the cemetery were locked. I get it, they don’t want half of gothic America sitting there cutting their wrists. No one wants to clean up blood and corpses of pasty fuckers. So we were relegated to seeing his grave from the sidewalk, but thankfully his was literally on the corner so we still got a pretty decent view and photos. The bronze portrait is pretty amazing.

Shortly after we drove off to see the Poe House. Apparently at one time it was open to the public but it was no longer. They even took away the stairs to the doorway. It was in a crappy neighborhood… kinda sad honestly. Across from it was a vacant lot and we found great humor in the fact there were huge crows in the trees.

There wasn’t much to see other than the outside, the windows were all shuttered and there were security cameras inside so any shenanigans were off. We got in our respective vehicles and headed toward DC. Upon arrival, Diana took me to this tasty Burmese restaurant. I had never had it before and her description of it being the love child of Thai and Indian food was spot on. We drove into DC that night for some shopping and oh yeah, she took me to see the infamous Exorcist staircase. No biggie (RIGHT?!)

Awesome day is awesome!

Ouija boards? Check! Edgar Allan Poe grave? Check! Edgar Allan Poe house? Check! Exorcist staircase? Check! Gothic achievement unlocked!

the rest of the photos from the Ouija exhibit + Poe sites can be viewed over on flickr