fill in the blank friday & an overdue update

1. The last thing I ate was some oatmeal from Starbucks. I really should eat something else by now, it’s lunch time yo!

2. The last song I listened to was “The Walk” by Mayer Hawthorne. I love the way he says “shady fuckin’ attitude”… as I was typing this though, it is now “A Sky Full Of Clouds” by Winterlight

3. Using the letters in my name I can spell (Ivonne) – In, on, vein, vine, ion, one. All good ones.

4. If I had to dress in one color for the rest of my life I would pick black. I pretty much do this most of the time already.

5. If you were to look in my bag right now you’d find… Let us look shall we? Thankfully I just purged it a few days ago if not there would be lots of receipts and loose change.

Top row: house keys, Eos lip balm in Lemon Drop, Mac Cosmetics Lip Gelée in Moistly (now discontinued, those bastards!), Clinique lip gloss in Black Honey that really needs replacing, Kiehls Facial Fuel eye de-puffer, hair clip

Bottom Row: replacement Tokidoki wallet, Advil, Pilot pen, Contact Cold & Flu, key to the Volvo, hair tie, iPhone and headphones.

Curious kitty was not in my purse.

6. When I finish filling in the blanks I’m going to go take a piss and fix myself a taco salad.

7. My all time favorite song to dance to is After Every Party I Die by Sneaker Pimps. Really now… such a sexy track.


So what else is going on in my world? Here we go…

I finally decided to get my ass back on the damp-heat diet that the Tibetan Dr. put me on. Here I am 5 days later and I feel INFINITELY better. I may not have lost any weight but just the removal of bread, gluten, dairy is night and day. My body just cannot handle them. Tis a shame cause I love me some baked goods but if I want to be a shape other than round I need to lay off. I also signed up for a gym here and am gonna try to hit it at least 3 times a week for now.

Speaking of the gym, I went yesterday for the first time and let me tell you… gym in NJ vs the gym in SoCal is a huge difference. It’s more comfortable cause it isn’t full of beautiful, perfectly chiseled people. Takes a lot of pressure off people like me.

Tom was out here last weekend and it was really cool to show him around and stuff him full of tasty local eats. He really seemed to like it here.

My husband? Working like a mad man but being challenged and really liking his job.

I picked up a Q&A 5 year journal and have been really enjoying it. Unlike the Sketch A Day Journal that I kinda ditched cause of the whole moving process. I need to pick it back up. I am waiting to get a book I ordered in the mail, The Letters Of Frida Kahlo: Cartas Apasionadas. Very much looking forward to it.

Josh and I have been seriously considering canceling our cable. We never watch tv and feel like it is money going to waste. Most of the stuff we watch is on Netflix, iPad, Hulu, etc. but then I think about Game of Thrones starting up in April and I know it would suck not watching it. It’s an interesting conundrum but the fact we have SERIOUSLY cut down on television time is such a good thing.

Reza? She has been such an interesting kid as of late. Vocal, wordy and extremely inquisitive about everything. We have been working on implementing a reward system with her cause she really needs it. The other day I busted her lying to me and if there is something I cannot stand are liars. I told her that I am more mad about the lie than what she did to cover up with said lie. On another occasion I asked her if she did something, and knowing she would get in trouble for it, she admitted she did it. She followed it with, “Mom, it felt good to be honest and tell the truth”. Every day is a learning curve.

Her report card came in and she was mostly Excellent and Good. There are a couple things we need to work on like her address, phone number, shoe tying… and of course there were comments about her talking too much. I am not worried about it cause I defy anyone to tell me they have a quiet 5 year old.

I am just finding out that the school we are zoned for has a half day kindergarten program. 8:30a – 11 am / 5 days a week. Is this shit fucking normal?? What do 18-20 kids in ONE class learn in 2.5 hours? It’s either that or fork out a ridiculous amount of cash on private school. Also, I find out that if we choose to put her in a non-resident school we have to pay for it regardless if it is public. And I am not putting her in a god squad school. What is this ass backwards shit? It is times like this I am lamenting her acceptance to the language immersion school that she was going to attend before we moved.

The kittens… ah man. I am thoroughly enjoying their company even if my ass and leg have been used as a climbing post already. Gomez, who sometimes I call Whiskerton, is definitely the more playful and mischievous of the two. Judas really likes Josh, Gomez lets Reza play with him more than me. He hangs out in the bookcases a lot.

When they are not playing, they are sleeping. They do a lot of snuggling, it is pretty damn cute too. Really!

They are adjusting really well to everything. I did however introduce Judas to Nena and wow… she went from zero to Halloween kitty in 2 seconds flat. She. Was. Pissed. We are keeping them upstairs for now cause they’re still too small for canine introductions even if Nena is the size of a football.

Overall, things here are as well as they can be… there are a few things that have room for improvement, mostly my headspace but I am conscientious of those things that need changing. Now the question is, will I follow through?

gomez + judas

It has been weeks of waiting and finally the day came that we were able to pick up the kittens and bring them home.

Judas (the all black one) was the runt of the litter but I don’t mind one bit. She is little but adventurous. Josh was taking a nap in the room they were in and she came up to him, licked his back and later on snuggled in the crook of his leg and took a nap. I have a feeling she is gonna be all about him. The only bummer is she is kind of hard to photograph.

Gomez (tuxedo) is definitely the more playful/mischievous of the two. He has these crazy whiskers and eyebrows we had not noticed before until today. KHAAAAANNNNN! He looks like a lobster. So awesome.

We are definitely happier that we adopted a pair of siblings. We were lucky that they have been fostered since they were born for the most part. I am grateful to the people who found them and did what they could to keep them warm, fed and loved. It shows too cause they are so sweet.

They are acclimating quite nicely, have been eating, drinking and using the box and scratcher. They are chasing one another and playing. Currently we are keeping them in my studio space till they get used to their new surroundings then we will work on the introduction with Nena and the rest of the house.

Reza is a little over excited. She has yet to grasp that cats are on their terms, not yours. She will get there eventually.

I noticed they were looking on the tired side so I picked them up half asleep and put them in a little box with a blanket next to the heater. THEY ARE STOKED. My god, I am going to turn into one of those crazy cat ladies aren’t I? Come on… look at this!