things I love

Every Valentines Day I have notoriously written sappy ass posts about my husband to which many people either gushed or threw up a little in their mouths. Sorry yo! I can’t help it. So instead of making y’all sick with my wussery, I will instead tell you about things I have been loving on…

Shopping with my iPod in tow. Yes, I probably look silly mouthing words and doing some ass wiggling in the bread section but look, the mundane can be extraordinary when you have a club in your ear. Music, I would be nothing without you.

I am addicted to the antique stores. I never cared as much cause the stores in Cali were picked over and the selection was just not as cool. Now, don’t think I am on a spending spree, I go in search for very specific things and most of the time I don’t find what I have an eye out for.

The other day I found myself driving to BFE Jersey… No joke! it was total farmland but I heard this was THE place to hit and holy hell were they right. Grist Mill Antiques was a house that is top to bottom crammed with loot. Two floors and every single inch of this joint is sections of stuff. Get a load of this business:

This is NOTHING. It’s just one of those things that you just have to be there to grasp the magnitude of awesome. I didn’t get much, I did however score a friend a complete set of turquoise Amish print pyrex, for $30! What did I score up on?

Skeleton keys. I have been picking these up when I find the ones with interesting finishes or shapes. The collection is growing and I will eventually be putting them in a shadow box or?? Who knows. I found a shop that had the smaller “kid keys” @ 3 for 50 cents. YEAH.

Other items I have an eye out for are vintage halloween, religious, medical, apothecary, things with devils and Freemason loot… I managed to find these two Eastern Star plates ($3.50 total! DEAL) and a couple jars that weren’t an arm and a leg. Vintage apothecary can get expensive yo!

Other things I love… well, LOVE. I thank every day that I am not jaded about the idea of love and am just as open to give it as it is to receive. I went through my instagram feed this morning and realized I tend to have a reoccurring theme amongst my photos. I guess I am a romantic at heart and I am ok with my cover being totally blown.

And speaking of LOVE, the new LOVE stamps from the USPS are money! Not as cool as those king + queen ones from a few years ago but still. I just stocked up cause I have been a snail mail machine as of late. No amount of instant gratification from email and texts will ever replace the gesture of getting something in the mail.

Other items that have been on my affection receiving end…

The Q&A journal. Every day is a question and you fill it out for 5 years. ($10-15 depending where you get it)

Baby Lips by Maybelline. I have the cherry and peppermint, they’re awesome and cheap! Available at all drug stores. Do not pay more than $4 for these. Mine were in the $3 range. (thanks for the tip @ Tara from Leviticus Jewelry <--- check her out /shameless) Matte About You polish by Essie. This turns any gloss polish into a matte. It pretty much rules. ($10 or so - anywhere Essie is sold, I scored mine at ULTA and Bed Bath and Beyond) And then there is that evil chocolate bar stuffed with cookie butter from Trader Joes. I stand by my theory that Trader Joes is ran by Satan himself. This is just another tasty goodie they totally nailed it on. And even more loves! Philly "we are young" by Fun. the fact Gomez purrs every time I touch him Spotify guilty pleasures stompy boots that say "I don't care what you think about me" every time I put them on The Big Pink (that is not a euphemism for vagina, at least not in this post anyway) body piercings! I just recently got some redone that I took out for childbirth... delicious rush. Must get more getting to see and catch up with old friends visitors! 6 months and I have seen several pieces from home which is so damned awesome The fact that Winter is coming closer to an end Ok, did you seriously think I was going to write a post about love and not include the ones I love the most? Uh yeah. I know this is an old photo but damn do I love it. Josh and Reza, without you I am only a shell of a woman. I love you more than life itself.

viva el amor! what do YOU love?