Sketch Quick 6!

Oh boy… here we go. I am such a glutton for punishment. Just as I am getting caught up with requests and stuff, I do something like this. Yes friends, the request window is now open.

So as always, these are the rules…
1. You ask I draw.
2. Simple combinations (see examples below…)
3. No more picnics or tea parties. I have done a lot of them 🙂
4. Requests on only. – no lj or fb.

Perfect examples….

A whale jumping over the moon, a bear in a party hat riding a unicycle while holding a chainsaw, a mouse and a dragon camping, a pirate monkey sailing a banana ship in a storm.

I don’t know how many I plan on taking this time around. I will call it when I feel like it and I just know I intend to get to them, eventually.

Make it fun!


sketch quick! 5: the pop culture edition – results!

I said I was going to do these over Xmas break and here we are, mid to late January and I just now got around to them. Some required color in order to be more effective. So here they are…

Robert Smith flying a kite *sold*

Pikachu riding a lightning wave in the clouds

Thor at the day spa *sold*

A Minion making a snow angel. (drawing snow on tan paper was not the best idea, my bad!)

Princess Peach getting wasted. Hey, being a princess is rough business yo. Girl is lookin’ ripe

Indiana Jones riding a dinosaur

A Tardis decorated like a xmas tree

Deadpool reading the Gossip Girl website, like OMG Dan got back together with Serena!

And then there’s this. Request was Morrissey with a cat… and since Morrissey is always looking away all sad and tragic, I decided to call this one “Even Morrissey gets cat butthole in his face”. *sold*

If you made a request and don’t see it is cause it didn’t meet the criteria I listed. Next time! Thanks for playing… and waiting. My bad!

If you want to see other posts of Sketch Quick you can do so at this link or you can view the sets on flickr.

Sketch Quick! 5 : the pop culture edition

Because I couldn’t even be a bigger glutton for punishment, I have decided to open up the window for another round of Sketch Quick! There’s a catch though…

1. It HAS to be a character from pop culture: movies, comics, video games, etc.
2. Said character can be doing one thing.

Examples: Chewbacca eating an ice cream cone, Spock listening to headphones

That’s it. I will accept 10 requests posted to (not fb, not LJ or otherwise)


Art will be posted when it is completed.

sketch quick! IV: results

Since my original plan got postponed, I gave this batch a little more time and love… These were the 10 requests I accepted.

a peacock, Mario, and Hello Kitty having a campfire. *sold*

A baked potato and a piece of toast fighting over the last slice of butter

Metal, steampunk winged dark elf prince. *sold*
(I struggled with this one… not much of a people/fantasy drawing person… wish I was!)

A corndog riding a moped stuck behind a truck full of ducks on the highway to hell *sold*

A honeybadger being mean and stealing a cupcake from a mongoose

An octopus, hedgehog and elephant having a midnight picnic *sold*

Sea shells and fish at a sea horse race *sold*

Kitty tea party *sold*

A mouse and dragon camping *sold*

A wolf finding an old pirate ship in the middle of the woods

All drawings can be seen over on the flickr set and are available for purchase should you feel so inclined. $5 (including postage) email beansandink at for details.

thanks for playing!

Sketch Quick! Round 4

The window for Sketch Quick! requests is now open!

1. I will accept the first ten requests posted to the comments on only. Not fb or lj.
2. One per person (if I already drew for you lets be cool and let others get a chance, yesh?)
3. No xxx whatnot.

You ask, I draw.

Don’t know what Sketch Quick! is? Please refer to this post

Requests are now closed

Sketch Quick! III: The Results

Wow, some of you people pulled it all out with the challenges. This was a lot of fun and thanks for chiming in with the ridiculous combinations.

So without further ado, here are the results of this rounds drawings! Whee!

“A monkey and a peanut playing poolside”

“an orange bat kitty”

“A forest animal marching band, with a bear on the trumpet, a badger on the bass drum, and a hedgehog on the cymbals.”

“little Frida Kahlo in a pumpkin patch”

“A walking toaster with a face getting something out of the the fridge.”

“A seahorse, a porcupine and an armadillo using a halved watermelon as an umbrella”

“a duck in a rowboat on a sea of spaghetti and meatballs, eating cotton candy.”

“A giraffe family dressed up as vampires trick or’ treating for Halloween”

“An airplane, a cupcake, a carousel and the eiffel tower while having tea.”

“Sea monkeys celebrating christmas”

“a panda riding a vespa”

“a cow wearing a cupcake costume going trick or treating with Luke Skyvaca (my friend’s kid)” (this was 2 requests in one)

“Darth Vader riding a vampire unicorn”

“An ant eater, koi fish, and and a wallaby relaxing together over tea, sweeties, and well worn books.”

“Meerkats reenacting the knife fight scene from MJ’s “Beat It” video.”

“a sexy apple strutting the catwalk during Fashion Week” (I drew a core, there are no apples at fashion week, HA!)

“Super lettuce saving the world from the Kraft singles space invaders!!”

“Any president vs. a lion in the style of Mortal Kombat” ( I chose Lincoln, duh!)

Keep an eye out for the next round! Gonna try and do one once a month or so. Thanks for playing along!

all can be viewed in larger formats over on my flickr set