freebie friday

It has been a while since I have done a freebie Friday and because it has been far too long, I decided that this one will be a little bigger than usual.  I have a small sized priority mail box. What is in said box? Well, that is for one lucky winner to find out… could be treats, tricks, art, goodies, etc.

So what do you have to do? Comment to this post with one thing you think I have planned to put in the box. Said comment gets you in. I will do a drawing next Friday, October 24th.

Please Note: I will only accept comments to this post. No fb likes or comments on any other social media platforms.

The giveaway is closed and the winner is ANDREA S.  Thanks for playing!

And yes, I will document said “mystery box” and will share at a later date, after the winner receives it.

it’s freebie time

A couple days ago I posted a lino print giveaway on my Instagram account. The demand got a little larger than my supply. Typical. But hey! Fret not! For I have printed a few to make up for the people who missed out. I am mailing all out today in case you were wondering where yours is.

I am not forgetting about you guys though! So this morning when I was printing some more, I had a couple extras. See?

This is what is up for grabs:
2 – limited edition prints on RED. I am only making four of these and two are spoken for.
2 – on white

So there you go. I have 4 prints and all you need to do is comment to this blog post (not on fb, LJ or otherwise). Cool?

I will do a randomizer at the end of the week. Numbers 1 + 2 get the red, 3 + 4 get the white.

Also, if you already have one or have won something from me in the past, let us give a chance to those who haven’t been so lucky, yesh?

And boy do I have some shit to share… It just needs to wait a tap so I can put it all into words properly.




1+2 = red / 3+4 = white

blog giveaway & jumbalaya

Hey kids! I haven’t forgotten… just been a little behind and trying to get caught up on life. I was a tricksy hobbitses and included a small, text only giveaway in my last post. Not many people expressed interest this time around, either that or you missed it entirely. Your loss is Sherron’s gain 🙂

the twins are getting a new home


As usual there will be little nuggets of goodness on this here page, you just need to look out for them!

In other news:

Lots going on around Carley land… Unfortunately it is a lot of stuff that cannot be discussed but when the time is right all will come to the surface. It always does. Dude, I was just one of those cryptic assholes. Damn. Ok, it pertains to operation “get the fuck out of NJ” and that is all I am going to say for now.

Reza’s teacher told the kids in her class that a photo of Reza in front of the Congress Building was “where the president lives”. I cannot even. I have since corrected it to Reza at home and it is only a matter of time she goes running her mouth to the teacher to tell her that she is wrong. HA!

Josh and I have had some awesome rekindling time. As much as having Tom around was awesome, it’s also nice to have our space cause Josh has been getting a hell of a lot of flashing. A LOT. Either way, things between us are good as always. There really isn’t a day I don’t count my blessings with this man who is absolutely the best person I could be spending the rest of my life with. No doubt about that.

Spencer and Josh (aka Irulan) are mad at work on their EP. Josh has been spending hours in the attic, belting out his lungs. It’s cool to have a musician in the house… it’s soothing to be downstairs reading on the couch and I can hear Josh’s voice echoing through the walls. Anyway if you are so inclined to hear a demo of the track they are still working on you can do so over on their soundcloud page. I am really liking where this one is going and that is not biased wife/friend talk either.

The other day I received a copy of the medical examiner report for my brother’s death. I am not going to get into specifics details but let’s just say that it was disturbing to have to read about him and his pieces. We weren’t even close and it left me affected. It was a wake up call on paper is what it was… a lifetime of self abuse, poor health habits, paired with substance abuse and there you go. Gone before 50 and in a condition that was just… yeah. And then there’s the police report and the obvious fact that the bitch who found him blatantly lied to them. I’m gonna let that one go cause it accomplishes nothing. I am doing well with the feelings though. I did get a little upset the other day and obviously our parents are still mourning pretty hard. Dad sounds totally vacant and hollow. I only hope time puts a little band-aid on him and allows him to rid himself of the guilt he carries.

I am finally getting caught up on Breaking Bad and holy shit I am SO GLAD we didn’t move to Albuquerque. What. A. Sand trap. While on the subject of shows, I still don’t miss having cable. What a waste of money!

I don’t know what it is but the staring has been at an all time high. You would think we have monkeys fucking on our heads when we leave the house.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic or not but ever since I kicked the plague and the color came back to our part of the world, I have been in a much better mood. Some stress here and there but that crabby whatnot and feeling on the edge of a depressive state seems to be lifting. Been getting back on the biking routine, taking care of business. Josh and I are still trying to eat as vegetarian as possible. I have slipped a couple times but 3-4 slips in three weeks isn’t nearly as bad as the almost daily meat based consumption we were having. Just this change alone has allowed me to drop about 5 lbs in less than three weeks, give or take. Shit, I will take it.

Speaking of color coming back to the world here are some of my favorite recent shots from the phone…

I am looking to clear some stuff out and I am realizing I have several art pieces, drawing, sketches etc. just sitting around collecting dust. I am gonna be putting it all out for sale (AKA cheap!) so keep an eye out. Soon!

And what’s up with YOU? Lay it on me.

xmas cupkozy is here! : giveaway

A few weeks ago I was approached by Team Cupkozy expressing interest in one of my silhouette cuts for use as a print. We always work well together cause our tastes are so similar and it all fell into place… And here are the results! Felt deer are so much cooler than cardboard and if you own one of the past prints you know how much love they get. I know I do.

With that said, I am giving one away! What do you have to do?

1. At the bottom of this entry there is a facebook like button…. click that business (if you have an account)
2. Comment to this post (original post on – not on LJ/fb or anywhere else)

You should do BOTH. I have no way of tracking fb likes, plus I need a name.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple and the likes would be appreciated. Show us some love, yesh?

I will pick a winner sometime next week. If you decide you have better chances at getting struck by lightning than you do to win anything via randomizer, then you can always just purchase your own outright. They’re $8, LIMITED EDITION, free shipping, handmade, help small business and make great, inexpensive gifts that people will actually use. If deer aren’t your thing they still have some of my Day Of The Dead and Valentine keys prints. *hint*

You can view her shop/wares here: CupKozy on etsy

Rock. Thanks for playing!

giveaway! *closed*

Just like last year, I found myself once more at the Mütter Museum. I have acquired another one of these siamese gingerbread men cookie cutters and if you’re lucky enough, it can be yours!

All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered. (those of you on LJ need to comment on the original post to be considered).

Drawing will be sometime on Monday. Maybe having nothing to do on the weekend and trolling the net will pay off, yes?

ready, set, go!

Edit: I did the drawing via randomizer and the winner is Kat!

As usual keep an eye out for more giveaways. Thanks for playing.

Giveaway winners

Our ISP decided to take a massive digger so I did this drawing manually and am doing this post from my phone. Names on paper in a bucket! Keeping it old school after all.

As previously mentioned, winner #1 gets to choose which one she wants and the rest I match up at my discretion.

If you won please email me at beansandink at, your winner # in the subject and send me your snail mail address.

Winners below! Thanks for playing kids, this was fun. There will be another one of these in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out. The next one probably won’t be announced on my facebook page.




In celebration that I seem to have woken my sleeping giant, I decided to do a small art giveaway. These are small (2.5 x 3.5) mind you, but one could be yours.

What’s the catch? Just post a comment to this post on (not on lj or fb) saying you want ins. I will have a randomizer pick 8 people. Whoever gets #1 and #2 can choose the one they want, the rest I will pair up.

Comments will close up on Sunday night. Winners announced on Monday.

Good luck!
**Entries closed**

freebie friday

I finally got my small stash of Kozys and well, I am sharing the love. What do you get? Everything in the photo: a kozy, button and sticker. That’s it. I am not gonna make you jump through hoops here, it’s not like I am giving away an Alaskan Cruise. It is just a small little something.

Think about it, you get to roll in to your favorite coffee establishment and pass on their cardboard sleeve for something much prettier cause lets face it, cardboard is so not in the now, felt is the new black ese.

What do you need to do? Comment to this entry, that’s it. Say something nice, just your name and if you want to add anything interesting to the comment and I mean, anything… then have at it. I could use some serious entertaining considering I am holed up trying to get better. Anecdotes and weird things in your head are welcome.

I will have a randomizer choose a winner on Monday. Winner will be announced then.

Oh and if you want to “like” my facebook page I won’t complain.

ready, set, go!

*** giveaway is now closed ***