1sad: days 21-40

I fell a tad behind on these posts since I got caught up with my trip and all the photo editing I have been doing, both personal and for a client. In my absentmindedness I managed to skip a whole spread in the journal cause the pages were stuck together so I totally jacked up the sequence… so 33-36 are missing in action. I finally got around to scanning them and I gotta say, I am mildly irked. The quality of sketchbook paper in this book could be better. Great idea but the paper is thin and translucent so I have to scan and touch up a lot so the images from behind the page don’t strike through. I already started it so I shall continue but the next go around, if I do it, will be in a book with better quality of paper. Oh well… here are the drawings I haven’t posted.

one sketch a day: days 1-5

So here is the installment for the past couple of days. I am going to try and post these on a daily basis as much as possible. Day 4 was that drawing I started and it slowly but surely hopped on the bus to Turd Ville. But, in an effort to maintain the integrity of the journal, I kept at it. Flamenco Skeleton was born… ridiculous!

Edit to add: If any of you are looking to get on this and start a journal just like this, good luck finding it. It appears a lot of places are either back-ordered, out of stock or want to charge you more than face value for it. Do not pay more than the suggested retail price of $15.95.


A post in where I unload a bunch of random shite…

I like to flip tortillas over an open flame with my bare hands. I dunno, there is something primal and old school about it. I have a high tolerance to heat in my hands.

I like to use Reza’s step stool under my feet when I poo. Yes, total TMI. The human bodily functions eliminate better in a squatting position yo! Try it, you’ll thank me.

I don’t wear mascara on my bottom lashes. I don’t like the way it makes my eye feel heavy, plus these dark circles do not need enhancing.

Guacamole is made with lime, not lemon.

Seriously missing Japan in a big way and watching Anthony Bourdain’s episode of Hokkaido did not help the cause one bit.

And then there is the parrot saga…

2 days ago I was sitting at the computer and I see this guy walking up and down around our pad, kept looking like he was casing out the joint. It really freaked me out and after about 10 minutes he was joined by a woman and they saw me in the window and asked me if I had seen a parrot. Turns out his pet had escaped. I had heard one earlier but didn’t think much of them since San Diego is home to lots of wild parrots. Anyway, he described the bird and I went to check and see if maybe he had landed in our backyard. I step out and then looked down, orange headed bird was parked underneath me. In a panic that it might take off, I get the *brilliant* idea to try and pick him up bare handed and then the little fucker let me have it, totally bit me, got spooked and I had to hold him by the tail. Blood on one finger, bird held in another hand, I wrapped the little asshole in my skirt and returned him to his grateful and very apologetic owner who seemed to be more concerned about my finger than his bird. He told me to send him the dr. bills… slow down Turbo, it’s not that bad. I was happy to have been the hero of the day and all. Eff you bird.

Last night I was awoken to these asshole kids who decided that they’d park their car and hang out outside our bedroom window. I am a light sleeper as is and had already struggled to get to sleep earlier and these little assholes woke me up. I was pissed. Josh senses me stirring and huffing and puffing… Finally he decides to yell out the window and ask them to quiet down. They got all huffy and condescending with him too! I am not some crotchety old lady here, but my neighborhood isn’t a place to hang out. I get that our street is dark, secluded and enables your shenanigans but my sleep and keeping the kid asleep is more important than anything as far as I am concerned.

“Hey, you on the street, can you keep it down? There are 2 sleeping kids in these houses…”
laughingly they respond “uh yeah sir, we’ll try”
“Don’t ‘try’, MAKE IT HAPPEN”.
They promptly packed up shop and left but at this point I am seething and wide awake. Next time I am just going to call the cops and let them get busted. Between that, Reza’s incessant teeth grinding after she bed crashed us last night and the dog and her stupid weak bladder? Needless to say I am running on about 4 hours of sleep.

I finally got my “One Sketch A Day” journal and last night I finally cracked into it. Hopefully I will be able to be consistent enough to stick with it on a daily basis. I will be posting most of the installments here but if I don’t get around to it, you can see them all over at their flickr set. I figured the first installment was only fitting… asshole parrot.

Last weekend I got to spend some time taking pix at Larissa’s wedding. I figure some nice looking photos make a better wedding gift than china and tupperware, yeah? I was pretty happy with the results and based on the feedback I saw on facebook, looks like another happy couple and job well done. It’s always nice to gift and lend your talents where they are really appreciated. Here are a couple of my favorites.

The weekend is looking to shape up nicely. Beautiful weather, got my camera back from the shop and it looks/works so much better!! Lots of plans to see friends which is always nice, a BBQ with said friends, 2 birthday celebrations… Lots of making up for lost effin time. I got busy all of a sudden which is refreshing for a change. I wish I had time to go to the Little Italy Art Walk but it just was not in the cards cause there were far too many plans. This square of butter cannot go on a loaf after all.