and the winner is….

for those of you who entered the Siamese gingerbread cookie cutter giveaway… here are the results. names were entered in order the comments were received. randomizer clicked, winner is…

So Elaine, please email me your info to and I will get him out on the next post office trip!

thanks for playing, attention paying folks 😉


I sitting here making mental lists on what to take and maybe I will finally commit and pack the damn suitcase. And somehow you always manage to not find one of the top 5 things you want to take. What bullshit. I want my cozy ass socks that actually stay up yo! I swear I did like 4 ridiculous loads of laundry and only one turned up. BIG SURPRISE THERE. But the rest is coming along nicely…

Camera, hair products, coconut oil (don’t leave home without it), milk dud herbs of doom, layers upon layers of clothing, boots, music, sketchbook and the non-slutty underwear… Don’t want Josh having suspicions I am off to hook up or anything. Hahaha.

Subsequently fuck the TSA and all their safety regulations, and airlines charging you to stow a bag meaning I have to shove god knows how much loot in a suitcase the size of my ace.

Anyway, I am off to Portland for the next 6 days. The locals are hoping I bring some sun with me, I on the other hand hope I get it just the way it is. I am very much looking forward to the company that is for sure… ok, and the copious amounts of photographic pornography I plan on acquiring and bringing back.


a punch card love letter:

This post is for Spencer cause I know he likes to come here to see if I have posted anything new.

I haven’t.

I will get there. I promise I will.

I gotta go, the landlord is coming over to inspect the house for mold and not only is it disheveled but I need to hide the big bottle of lube before he realizes we are far more degenerate than he already thinks we are.

love you slice. thanks for being ever faithful.