nine times two turn two

Our little sibling bastards turn two today! I call them bastards from the most loving spot in my black heart cause they both are pretty damn awesome. We were lucky enough to be at the right place and time cause I couldn’t imagine not having them around. I guess you can say I have been converted to a “cat lady” thanks to these two terrors.

Here’s Gomez and the velvet beast he has decided to claw into oblivion. He is lucky the couch is ancient as all hell.

Judas, aka Lady J, who I was lucky enough to catch on a white blanket so I could get a decent picture.

I would have loved to get a photo of both of them together…. yeah right!

So happy two years you clumsy, playful, hilarious fur balls!

nine times two turn one

A year ago today, these little nuggets were born in a crumbling wall in Philadephia. They were found by the people who worked at an Enterprise rent-a-car and had been feeding the stray parents. A few days later the litter six and their mother were swooped up on by a couple named Dan & Rachel who worked with Temple Cats and promptly fostered them. Dan, being a literature buff/teacher/writer named the litter The Joads, after the family in The Grapes Of Wrath.

I came in touch with Temple Cats through Moira, a friend who works at the place we get our hair cut. It just so happened that we wanted a black cat and The Joads had ONE in a whole litter of tabbies and one tux. I saw the photos and I just really wanted her…

At the time we had agreed on only getting one but then one of their fosters posted this photo and all of a sudden two just felt like a better choice.

Because Nena was getting old and we knew her time was limited, we felt it was better to adopt a pair and it just so happened every single kitten was spoken for, except Mr. Tuxedo man which Dan referred to as Skunky. We saw videos of them playing and he just had a great personality so we decided to bring him home as well. We waited for quite a bit for them to be ready to come home and one fine day in January 2012, our family grew by two.

Here are some of my favorite photos of them in the past 9 months…

Gomez is very loving, can’t cover up his shit, a hunter, playful, loves Reza to death, a head butter, snuggle rat, loves to observe the vacuum, his favorite toys are pipe cleaners and definitely the trouble maker. I still find it hard to believe no one wanted him cause I totally believe he was the dark horse of the litter. Such a fantastic personality.

Judas on the other hand is very aloof but when she wants love she demands it from Josh… he is “her person”, without fail always wants love at the crack of dawn when he is getting ready for work, she meows like a little bird, her favorite toys are scrunchy foil balls, is terrified of loud noises… especially the vacuum. Turn that thing on and she bolts for nearest level of the house.

They’re both such awesome kitties and despite the fact they leave hair *everywhere* I cannot imagine not having them around. I am so grateful to their foster families for taking such good care of them, it is a testament to their demeanor… and the fact that they were rescued only makes them that much more special to us. They were meant to be ours.

Happy first birthday Michos!

more photos of them over on flickr

Reza documentation

Gomez isn’t the brightest kitty sometimes. This morning I was changing out the litter box and as I returned from taking the litter bag outside, I walked in to find Gomez pissing in the empty litter box. I’m not sure what it is about this cat but he cannot resist a clean box and always manages to run over and take a dump in it immediately after being changed.

Well, without fail he drops his deuce just as I poured in the litter to take care of his puddle.

In my frustration I proclaim…

“Gomez! You prick! I’m taking you off my friends list!”

Reza comes running out of her room and says, “Mom! I’ll show you who is on MY friends list” and this is what she showed me….


Love this kid.

And Gomez? He’s actually smarter than he gives off. He got busted opening the drawer and running off with the bag of bonito flakes this morning. Well played Whiskerkton.

pets + reza – 2, me – 0

Like all cats, they like to get into places they shouldn’t. Gomez and Judas are no exception here and yesterday Judas decided go to on an adventure into the crawl space of the attic. I don’t let them in there cause who the hell knows where it will lead and the last thing I need is a cat trapped in the walls.

Reza starts panicking about it so I tell her to lure her out with her bag of treats. They hear that plastic bag crunching and they come running like bats out of hell. Judas resurfaced and all was well…. till this morning.

I am going through my usual morning routine, cleaning the kitchen, loading the dishwasher, giving the cats their morning snack of bonito flakes. But, where is the bag? FUUUUUUCK. Reza kind of forgot to put the gigantic bag of bonito flakes back where I stash it!

“REZAAA!! What did you do with the bag of fish flakes?!”
“I left it upstairs Mommy”.

I hang my head and I already know where this is going.

She runs up to get it and comes back down with the now empty bag that has been chewed on and clawed up like a leg straight out of The Walking Dead. Poor bag never had a chance.

So with vacuum in tow I worked my way into the attic, preparing for the absolute worst. As you can imagine, I get to the top of the stairs and there is a god damned explosion of bonito flakes all over the room.

Keep in mind here that the bag was about 1/4 of the way full and was more than enough for about two weeks servings. Yes, the entire thing was gone and the only thing that was left was the very powdery shake. It looked like that scene at the end of Scarface where there is cocaine all over the place. I can only imagine Gomez, rolling around on it like a hooker on a bed full of money.

I don’t know whether to laugh or strangle all three of them. In hindsight it is kinda funny but now I am praying that the overdose on fish flakes didn’t give them an epic case of the shits. Guess who gets to deal with that? YEAH.

And as I am typing this Reza just came in the room….

“Mama, Nena just peed on her bed. I am not joking”

Desk? I would like you to meet my friend Head.

nine times two

It was only a matter of time, yes, I know what you’re thinking… “this broad is turning into a crazy cat lady” and to this I say, “SO?” If you had these two in your house you probably would too.

The meows are doing awesome, loving all of us and have been venturing into dog territory on their own. Judas, who is the smaller of the two is a lot braver around Nena which is hilarious cause Gomez is a big ole pansy. Nena could give a flying fuck about them, she tries to sniff but other than that she is more interested in finding the pot of gold at the end of their rainbow aka their food bowl.

They try to spend their time elevated, giving Nena the stink eye from afar. Case in point…

The other day we did have a “pissed in our bed” incident. Not sure which of the two did it but it happened. Gomez is getting a lot heavier and it’s only a matter of time we take him to get neutered first, before the banjos queue up and we have some deliverance on our hands. Judas will follow when she gets more weight on her.

We are pretty happy with them, why lie. They brought more light into our lives. They are growing at rapid pace though so I am going to enjoy this kitten phase as much as I can.