It is not any news when I say I am addicted to all things cell phone photography. I have one too many apps to name here. One app that is total crack is Instagram and since it blew up all of these other apps have popped up that allow you to print cool things with your Instagram photos. Postagram is one of them but this one rules…

Stickygram is a site that allows you to have magnets made out of your Instagram photos. I wanted to get some the minute I saw them but the site was in beta at the time. The minute my invite came I got my order in and today I got them.

One pack of 9 magnets is $14.99 (+free shipping). I really like the quality of them, let’s see how long they last. Stickygram gets the thumbs up from me! Want some of your own? Sign up on the site and hop on it!

(and yes, all magnets here are made with photos I took)


Here are a couple things that are on my recent “I love this” list so I am sharing, cause well, I love corrupting people and making them spend money on awesome shit. So without further ado…

I have been following Emily Martin on etsy for quite some time now and when I had to acquire some form of stationery to send as moving announcements, I decided to send hers along with some postcards by Camilla d’Errico. I thought the whole boardwalk circus freaks theme went well with the whole Jersey thing.

You can view the rest of her stuff and/or purchase her loot at The Black Apple on etsy.

the bugs in Jersey. I love the sounds of the cicadas and I love their wings… I got two cicadas tattooed after all. I have managed to find a couple in pristine condition and I have been drying them out to mount them in a shadow box.

Nail polish! I have been lusting after a couple colors and I finally got my hands on them. Yay.

1. Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees by O.P.I. ($5-10 depending where you get it)
2. Across The Universe by Deborah Lippmann ($18)
3. Here Today Aragon Tomorrow by O.P.I. ($5-10 depending where you get it)

Man, that Universe polish is AMAZING. I layered it over the green (#3) and it looks so awesome. Photos don’t even do its blingaliciousness justice. It’s like Dorothy’s ruby slippers but in blue green. Yes, the bottle is $18 and it’s worth every penny.

And what’s a “I LOVE THIS SO MUCH” post without chocolate. Well this is my latest discovery at Trader Joes ($1.99). LORD. PMS heaven. That is all I am going to say about that.

With my recent move away from friends, I have really fired up the snail mail bug and have been writing people notes. So I got a little set of notecards by Chronicle Books. 20 cards for $15 (or less depending where you get them) – not too shabby!

So have you found anything worth sharing?
What is your newest crack? I want to know 🙂