and a new segment is born….

It only seems fitting that I use a section of this blog to showcase the many, many, talented people I know, watch and follow up on. There is so much talent in the world and I am all about spreading the love and credit where it is due.

In comes INK+WINDOW… this is where I will be showing you the eye porn, the art, the photography that tickles and moves my innards. So it only seemed fitting to showcase something cute for the 1st edition of this post.

In comes cracker in the soup boy….

I love love this piece by Cuddly Rigor Mortis aka the art of Kristin Tercek. To be honest I really like all of it. I have watched her progress over the years and her painted work is her best yet. She manages to make the twisted look utterly adorable. I mean look at the meatball! I just want to bite his head off. nom nom nom.

Kristen resides on the East Coast, with her equally as talented husband, Ed Mironiuk who has quite the knack for the pin up art. (link is NSFW cause he likes to draw the ass and titties, ass, ass and titties)

Can you imagine the conversations these two have? Jesus. I want to be a fly on that wall.

You can see the rest of Kristen’s awesome art, buy prints, etc. over at