Mystery box!

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I spaced on doing the drawing for The Mystery Box Giveaway on Friday, my bad! But anyway,  I did a randomizer on the whopping 15 people who entered and the winner is Andrea S. Woo!

For those of you thinking, “Wait, what the what choo talking’ bout Willis? Free loot what?”

Those of you who know how I roll,  I am a pretty awesome snail mailer. I am and have no shame in admitting it either. So I did a blog exclusive, reader appreciation giveaway in which I send a small parcel of mystery goodies.  I didn’t post about it anywhere other than on and a mild Facebook teaser but it went over the head of a lot of people.

I do this kinda thing pretty often and they’re never exclusive to a particular social media platform. You just have to follow in those spots and keep a sharp eye.

Congrats to Andrea! Thanks to everyone who participated and follow along.






art by Keisuke Miyazaki  – thanks to Jennie R. for sending it to me <3


freebie friday

It has been a while since I have done a freebie Friday and because it has been far too long, I decided that this one will be a little bigger than usual.  I have a small sized priority mail box. What is in said box? Well, that is for one lucky winner to find out… could be treats, tricks, art, goodies, etc.

So what do you have to do? Comment to this post with one thing you think I have planned to put in the box. Said comment gets you in. I will do a drawing next Friday, October 24th.

Please Note: I will only accept comments to this post. No fb likes or comments on any other social media platforms.

The giveaway is closed and the winner is ANDREA S.  Thanks for playing!

And yes, I will document said “mystery box” and will share at a later date, after the winner receives it.

xmas cupkozy is here! : giveaway

A few weeks ago I was approached by Team Cupkozy expressing interest in one of my silhouette cuts for use as a print. We always work well together cause our tastes are so similar and it all fell into place… And here are the results! Felt deer are so much cooler than cardboard and if you own one of the past prints you know how much love they get. I know I do.

With that said, I am giving one away! What do you have to do?

1. At the bottom of this entry there is a facebook like button…. click that business (if you have an account)
2. Comment to this post (original post on – not on LJ/fb or anywhere else)

You should do BOTH. I have no way of tracking fb likes, plus I need a name.

That’s it! It’s pretty simple and the likes would be appreciated. Show us some love, yesh?

I will pick a winner sometime next week. If you decide you have better chances at getting struck by lightning than you do to win anything via randomizer, then you can always just purchase your own outright. They’re $8, LIMITED EDITION, free shipping, handmade, help small business and make great, inexpensive gifts that people will actually use. If deer aren’t your thing they still have some of my Day Of The Dead and Valentine keys prints. *hint*

You can view her shop/wares here: CupKozy on etsy

Rock. Thanks for playing!

giveaway! *closed*

Just like last year, I found myself once more at the Mütter Museum. I have acquired another one of these siamese gingerbread men cookie cutters and if you’re lucky enough, it can be yours!

All you have to do is comment on this post to be entered. (those of you on LJ need to comment on the original post to be considered).

Drawing will be sometime on Monday. Maybe having nothing to do on the weekend and trolling the net will pay off, yes?

ready, set, go!

Edit: I did the drawing via randomizer and the winner is Kat!

As usual keep an eye out for more giveaways. Thanks for playing.

freebie friday

I finally got my small stash of Kozys and well, I am sharing the love. What do you get? Everything in the photo: a kozy, button and sticker. That’s it. I am not gonna make you jump through hoops here, it’s not like I am giving away an Alaskan Cruise. It is just a small little something.

Think about it, you get to roll in to your favorite coffee establishment and pass on their cardboard sleeve for something much prettier cause lets face it, cardboard is so not in the now, felt is the new black ese.

What do you need to do? Comment to this entry, that’s it. Say something nice, just your name and if you want to add anything interesting to the comment and I mean, anything… then have at it. I could use some serious entertaining considering I am holed up trying to get better. Anecdotes and weird things in your head are welcome.

I will have a randomizer choose a winner on Monday. Winner will be announced then.

Oh and if you want to “like” my facebook page I won’t complain.

ready, set, go!

*** giveaway is now closed ***