And in typical disjointed fashion….

Yesterday I escaped for a couple of hours and headed north to Healdsburg to do some antique hunting. The downtown area is really cute… lots of shops, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants and it doesn’t hurt Bear Republic Brewery is up there which of course turned into a growler fill for Josh. Not sure what it is about craft beer guys and women but you roll into a beer section area and all of a sudden everyone is SO HELPFUL. The best part is I don’t even drink beer. Yes, I am one of those girls.

Antique hunting is therapeutic and most of the time I don’t buy much but you never know if that ONE thing I have been looking for will pop up…. like the turquoise pyrex bowls I need to replace because Gomez broke 2 of them. In any event my headphones and music are the best company. I do take lots of photos, most of which end up on my Instagram. One of my favorite photos to take are the stacks and covers of vintage books, or texting Josh photos of the utterly bizarre – like this ridiculous acrylic toilet seat.

While sitting in an intersection yesterday, some guy was trying to get my attention by gawking and honking his car horn at me. It was quite comedic really. Picture yourself walking into an elevator where someone who just had eggs for breakfast, farted. Imagine the face you would make. That is the face I dished at this dude. I’m still cracking up just thinking about it. I never understood guys, the whole cat calling and being crude as a means to get your attention. That “hey baby” shit doesn’t work yo! I mean, maybe it works for some girls (the wrong kind) but I’m just not that easily swayed.

1. Cupcakes from Moustache in Healdsburg. That empty spot was supposed to be a red velvet and I get home… NOTHING. Travesty.
2. Reza and the giant Santa Rosa Hand
3. Still plugging away in my Q&A journal. Pick one up, you won’t regret it.

I was going through Pinterest today and I saw something that made me shudder. Confession time! I cannot stand the sight of french manicured toenails. Totally skeeves me out! I don’t know why but they really do.

After we took down the xmas tree, I decided to set up our extra desk in its place. Josh and I have been sharing one desk and for an artist/musician in one house, one desk just wasn’t cutting it. It was a nice surprise for him to come home to. Here’s something a lot of people don’t understand: It isn’t just being creative, if you don’t have a space that is even semi-conducive, the output will never come out. It’s a total case of dry vagina. Funny enough, since this change in set up, he has been working more on music/writing and I have been drawing more.

It’s almost the middle of January and realized that I haven’t send out one piece of snail mail. I guess Halloween and Xmas burned me out just a tap. Anyway, I need to break the seal with this and decided I am going to do so with a small MYSTERY PACKAGE GIVEAWAY. What is in it? Well, I guess you will have to enter and find out what it is. How do you get in on it? Comment to this post with “MPG”. Drawing at the end of the week and I will gather together some goodies from my personal stash, art, goodies, treats, my favorite things… it depends. You have until Friday. Yes, this is a DL giveaway cause it’s for people who actually pay attention and yes, I will share the contents once it has been sent out.

Speaking of holidays! Valentine’s Day is on the horizon and I want to send out custom valentines to make up for my xmas card debacle. I know people hate on VDAY and love to spew all kinds of “hallmark holiday” haterade. Whatevs. Haters to the left, I love it and it has nothing to do with “having someone”.

Last night Josh and I were laying in bed when I brought up the fact that this May will be our 10 year wedding anniversary. It’s a trip cause I never imagined this is where my life would be. We’ve been together almost 13 years and it hasn’t felt that long. This is what it is like when you’re perfectly happy with who you chose to spend your life with. Woot!

And just like that, time to head out to pick up the man from work. May I not almost get in a car accident like I did earlier today when I almost got swiped by some oblivious woman. Some chicks really need to not have licenses. Lord.

jumbalaya XV

It was an interesting weekend for sure….

On Friday Josh decided to stay and work from home. I love having him around so I wasn’t about to complain. His hesitating whether to go in was only validated later on that day when he came down with some gnarly 24 hr bug that led him on a one way road to Puke Town. If you have ever heard Josh blow chunks, it is violent and sounds like wild animals are being slaughtered in the bathroom. Poor dude. There wasn’t much I can do. We were both grateful Reza was gone when it happened though cause it would certainly have freaked her out. He’s better now and thankfully the girl and I escaped getting it.

This past week we got wind that Reza was chosen to participate in a student art show. The work was chosen by current art teachers who are in process of getting their masters at The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia. Anyway, each teacher chose a handful of the best pieces per class they teach and Reza was one of the 5 from hers. Of course I am beaming about it.

I had the opportunity to talk to her art teacher and she told me that Reza grasps the concepts in class with little to no explanation, miles ahead of the other kids (her words, not mine). I like the fact she is being noticed this early on and with little to no pushing from us. We just give her the tools and words of encouragement. Thing is she likes being artsy… there have been many occasions where we wake up on the weekend, her having been up earlier than us, only I find her on the floor with her sketchbook and watercolor palette.

Two weeks ago she set out to paint a couple thank you notes for some care packages she received. I am doing my best to ensure this child knows about the art of mail and gratitude. Needless to say I managed to capture yet another priceless moment of her and her sidekick Gomez, who seems to enjoy watching her paint.

It has been a veritable rainbow of color around these parts. Spring sprung and I will be sad when the last petal falls from the sea of gorgeous, flowering trees.

The one thing I forgot about was the seasonal allergies that come with it though. The pollen count was SO HIGH this weekend, enough so that my face felt the way Renee Zellweger looks. See that photo in the middle? That yellow shit is pollen. I have never been happier to wake up to a rainy morning… wash that yellow BS away!

This month I wrote about 35 pieces of mail, give or take. That’s nuts. Will I see that many responses? Probably not but hey, you can’t say I am not reaching out and touching someone. In doing so I am kind of having a love affair with typography. I always have mind you, but lately it’s a honeymoon phase. A few people have asked me if I would be inclined to create my own fonts and the answer is yes. I just need to look into doing it right cause if I did it, I wouldn’t do it half assed. In any event here are a couple samples of stuff I have been doing. The last one is a sample of the way I have been addressing my snail mail, made up obviously cause if it was your address I would be getting a nastygram.

I also wrapped up one of branding images that I have on my plate right now, this one being for my friend Kelly. The first word is all hand rendered type, the other a typeface I found online. She was very happy with the results.

Speaking of typographic love affairs, I shot these in Philadelphia yesterday.

Good lord that one is a beauty. You can see a larger version of it here if you are so inclined.

The other day I was sharing with Josh about how on two separate occasions this weekend, I was addressed by older men with terms like “kid” and “baby”. Normally, I don’t like those kinds of terms coming from people who don’t know me but honestly there is something much more endearing when it comes from an older gent. It comes down to the fact that there are so many ways to convey a message, it can be the nicest of messages but if the delivery is wrong, well, your message is pointless. Besides, when you reach a certain point in your life, you realize you got nothing to lose but speak your mind as you see it. So you call me baby Mr. Dude in a wheelchair, playing the guitar on the street. You go.

Yesterday I managed to coerce Josh into watching “This Is 40” with me. We got some good laughs out of it, especially when homie farts in bed, cause you know, I know NOTHING about that. It was funny in spots but it left me with a couple of thoughts:

1) Are there really people out there in marriages that dysfunctional? Holy crap, glad I am not one of them.
2) I have my moments where the guilt lays in but overall I am glad I stopped at one kid.
3) I don’t care how long Josh and I have been together, there is no way in fricken HELL that I would ever engage in this “watching each other poop” shit. I am sorry. I am all for intimacy but I am more for that little sense of mystery. I don’t need that visual in my head if he wants me to view him in that *sexy time* kinda way if you catch my drift.

And you know what? It wouldn’t be a new season without me bitching about something. Want to know what it is? Geese. These evil Canada geese are breeding, the goslings are adorable but they also park on the trails I ride my bike on. You will not feel a greater anxiety attack until you see a flock of these assholes parked on your trail. Them bitches are MEAN!

I leave you with these parting thoughts.

This week you should….

Listen to a new song and enjoy it. May I suggest “sweater weather” by The Neighbourhood. No shirt, no blouse.

Revisit with someone you haven’t “had the time” to do so with. We all know “no time” is an excuse. I am not exempt here.

Pay a compliment to someone.

If you see a blatant example of idiocy running their mouths (i.e. on facebook), ignore it. You’ll feel better for it instead of poking the bear at the zoo. Arguing with the uneducated and unevolved is about as pointless as giving a fish a bicycle for Christmas.

Flirt with someone shamelessly. Yes, even you married people. It’s an art form.

Oh yeah, and if you are one of the many recipients of my snail mail: let me know it arrived? That’d be cool.

On that note I have an arsenal of laundry to take care of. You have no idea.

Have a great week!

blog giveaway & jumbalaya

Hey kids! I haven’t forgotten… just been a little behind and trying to get caught up on life. I was a tricksy hobbitses and included a small, text only giveaway in my last post. Not many people expressed interest this time around, either that or you missed it entirely. Your loss is Sherron’s gain 🙂

the twins are getting a new home


As usual there will be little nuggets of goodness on this here page, you just need to look out for them!

In other news:

Lots going on around Carley land… Unfortunately it is a lot of stuff that cannot be discussed but when the time is right all will come to the surface. It always does. Dude, I was just one of those cryptic assholes. Damn. Ok, it pertains to operation “get the fuck out of NJ” and that is all I am going to say for now.

Reza’s teacher told the kids in her class that a photo of Reza in front of the Congress Building was “where the president lives”. I cannot even. I have since corrected it to Reza at home and it is only a matter of time she goes running her mouth to the teacher to tell her that she is wrong. HA!

Josh and I have had some awesome rekindling time. As much as having Tom around was awesome, it’s also nice to have our space cause Josh has been getting a hell of a lot of flashing. A LOT. Either way, things between us are good as always. There really isn’t a day I don’t count my blessings with this man who is absolutely the best person I could be spending the rest of my life with. No doubt about that.

Spencer and Josh (aka Irulan) are mad at work on their EP. Josh has been spending hours in the attic, belting out his lungs. It’s cool to have a musician in the house… it’s soothing to be downstairs reading on the couch and I can hear Josh’s voice echoing through the walls. Anyway if you are so inclined to hear a demo of the track they are still working on you can do so over on their soundcloud page. I am really liking where this one is going and that is not biased wife/friend talk either.

The other day I received a copy of the medical examiner report for my brother’s death. I am not going to get into specifics details but let’s just say that it was disturbing to have to read about him and his pieces. We weren’t even close and it left me affected. It was a wake up call on paper is what it was… a lifetime of self abuse, poor health habits, paired with substance abuse and there you go. Gone before 50 and in a condition that was just… yeah. And then there’s the police report and the obvious fact that the bitch who found him blatantly lied to them. I’m gonna let that one go cause it accomplishes nothing. I am doing well with the feelings though. I did get a little upset the other day and obviously our parents are still mourning pretty hard. Dad sounds totally vacant and hollow. I only hope time puts a little band-aid on him and allows him to rid himself of the guilt he carries.

I am finally getting caught up on Breaking Bad and holy shit I am SO GLAD we didn’t move to Albuquerque. What. A. Sand trap. While on the subject of shows, I still don’t miss having cable. What a waste of money!

I don’t know what it is but the staring has been at an all time high. You would think we have monkeys fucking on our heads when we leave the house.

Maybe it’s psychosomatic or not but ever since I kicked the plague and the color came back to our part of the world, I have been in a much better mood. Some stress here and there but that crabby whatnot and feeling on the edge of a depressive state seems to be lifting. Been getting back on the biking routine, taking care of business. Josh and I are still trying to eat as vegetarian as possible. I have slipped a couple times but 3-4 slips in three weeks isn’t nearly as bad as the almost daily meat based consumption we were having. Just this change alone has allowed me to drop about 5 lbs in less than three weeks, give or take. Shit, I will take it.

Speaking of color coming back to the world here are some of my favorite recent shots from the phone…

I am looking to clear some stuff out and I am realizing I have several art pieces, drawing, sketches etc. just sitting around collecting dust. I am gonna be putting it all out for sale (AKA cheap!) so keep an eye out. Soon!

And what’s up with YOU? Lay it on me.