and in an odd turn of events

I follow the San Diego Zoo on facebook and they always have photo contests. My pix have been chosen a couple of times but not for prizes, just recognition. For the month of October they actually had a prize contest since October is kids month. I submitted one photo, one of my absolute favorites of Reza at the zoo. You never think you’re going to win but you do it anyway cause there is always that chance. No harm in trying right??

You know how you always feel like you have the crappiest luck? Well, lady luck finally fucking smiled in my direction this morning. My photo was one of the two grand prize winners!! Hollah! Looks like I won some awesome VIP passes. Reza is going to LOVE THIS.

halloween through the ages

I have very fond memories of Halloween as a kid. I come from a large, Mexican familia and my cousins always used to come over to our house cause we lived in a nice suburban neighborhood (read: lots of white people with awesome candy). Bless those people who were as naive as to leave the bowl with a note saying “take one only please”. Who the hell are you kidding! One time I saw this kid roll up with his pillow case and dump the whole effin dish in his bag. The trick o’ treat posse would be huge! How our parents managed to wrangle us all and keep us in line is beyond me.

The best part was getting home with our bounty, we all sat on the floor, dumped our respective plastic pumpkins and while the parents sifted through it for razor blade apples and questionable loot, that was when the swapping began. Every kid is partial to their favorites and I was no exception, trading the chalky and chewy shit for chocolate. A connoisseur since as far back as I can remember. Screw the pretzels and raisins, bring on the M&M’s!

I know for a fact that the raisins were the first thing to go. EFF THAT. Healthy shit on Halloween? BOO on you… talk about a waste of valuable plastic pumpkin space. I don’t get the hippies nowadays who are all about healthy Halloween, “trade your candy in for toys at the dentist”… seriously?! Who are you people and why are you trying to ruin the memories of your children by taking away the ONE time a year when they can have a cracklike sugar binge while dressed like something else? Shame on you.

Speaking of something else, my Mother was always a crafty type of person and always insisted on making our costumes. If there is anything I cherish the most of my childhood Halloween memories and experiences, was how much love and effort Mom put in to make us look awesome.

I managed to dig these up in the ole Ivonne archives and well… look at this awesome, 70’s and early 80’s explosion.

My sister Bee looks thrilled to be a bunny in this photo. She reminds me of the kid in The Christmas Story. I on the other hand am all proud of myself, sassing the camera in my bad ass cheetah get up.

I believe the angel costume was in 2nd or 3rd grade. The only reason I figure is cause that was my elementary school in the back. I used to play Star Wars with all the boys in the giant tractor tires cause I always wore Leia buns to school. Man, I wish I had pictures of that shit.

And the piece de’ resistance! Mom got kinda slacky on the home made costume front, her Dad had died around Halloween that year. Regardless, us clueless children who didn’t understand that people die and people mourn, still wanted our Halloween. All the family was coming over to our house every night to pray the rosary, like rabid Mexican-Catholics do. The cousins were coming over so Mom rigged together a martian get up.

I don’t know what is worse, the shorts, sneakers, the awkward pre-teen phase where I was built like an apple on stilts or the shorts riding up my crotch like a codpiece. Good times.

On that note I leave you. Have an awesome Halloween… I am sad to see it come and go far too quick.

it’s a halloween pah-tay

Miss thang got to wear her costume to school today. She sure woke up on the wrong side of the bed cause she was being all miss sassy pants. I was supposed to do some cute, purple, sparkly make-up type whatnot on her but she would JUST. NOT. SIT. STILL. She kept complaining it was burning her and the tension headache I woke up with was not helping my patience level.

Note to all of you parents and future parents, Halloween costumes for children that involve: make-up, wigs and hand held accessories are not a good idea. If you have the patience to fight with them and then see the fruit of your labor smeared or dropped all over the place, then have at it! Or you can just give up and pick something simple… really, do yourself a favor.

Needless to say there will be no arguing over make-up application come Sunday when we unleash her fury on the streets of Poway with the K+K clan and friends. I know there will be some form of alcoholic beverage carried around while we chase them around trick o’ treating. I am sure Michelle already has a flask handy.

what say you?

Over the past month I have gone down to Baja a couple of times to shoot some product shots for Liz Larios Jewelry. The last time I was driving down the toll road highway that runs to Ensenada, I saw this billboard but I was not stealth enough to get a shot of it. Camera being in the trunk and all.

Well, yesterday I was prepared and while I do not condone busting out the camera while driving, I made an exception. Maybe my mind is in the gutter all the time, maybe I should have been a man, maybe I have a sense of humor but I found a good laugh from the fruit to tit comparison. They were missing the sandias. Cause man, I saw this lady at the pumpkin patch that had cans that could easily be in the watermelon category and her tight, green t-shirt was not helping her cause.

Derailing from all the tit talk, I guess the cat can now be let out of the bag. I finally made the jump to my own domain and as much as all the livejournal people are going to call me a traitor and defector, well, there comes a time for choice and I made it. Fear not LJ peeps, I will still be trolling, commenting and everything I put on this here place will make its way to you. Josh is actually making the jump to his own as well, cause lets face it, the dude is too talented a writer and story teller to not be sharing it with the world. You can find him at

So anyway, my baby is live. It needs some tweaks here and there but for the most part she looks ready to take out of the oven. I hope you will join me in following the adventures while I add frosting to the cake.

Come check it out!

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