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Last year I was incredibly touched by my friend Diana, who sent me a care package filled with lovely and thoughtful gifts for my birthday. Gifts don’t happen as often these days (cough, old lady, cough) and I get it.. money is tight + postage abuse = it adds up. Either way, it was really sweet and I knew the day would come I could return the favor.

A couple weeks ago Reza and I found ourselves at one of those “paint your own ceramics” establishments, so she could paint a mug for Father’s Day. I decided to not waste any time and painted a mug for Diana’s birthday this week and this is what resulted….

Should you wish to give this kind of thing a whirl, here are a couple tips:

– Bring your own brushes if you want better detail work. Most of the brushes these places have are horribly beat up and they don’t allow you to get in finer detail work.

– Most paints require multiple coats to get a more vibrant/dark color when fired.

– If painting on the inside, keep in mind if the person is right or left handed so the inside design faces them. (I figured that one out a little late in the game)

Three dimensional items really aren’t my forte but I did the best I could given the tools I had. I am pretty happy with it! I just had to hold off sharing it until she got it in the mail… and it arrived today! Just in time for her birthday. Happy Birthday Diana! xo

Sandy Eggo

After some deliberation, it was decided that I needed a weekend away to recharge my spirit a little. Josh was awesome enough to not only encourage it, but held down the fort so I could take off to San Diego for some much needed friend time and spoiling.

I didn’t say much about it because my time was really limited and I had a few key people I wanted to spend my time with. Last time I was there ended up being a family affair due to my brother’s passing and I didn’t get to see any friends. There’s only one of me and I didn’t want to spend my trip like a pinball bouncing off the walls, so I kept it relatively incognito other than the small handful who knew of my arrival.

This time I flew out of the Sonoma County airport. One direct flight, small plane, small airport, and although the ticket price was about $40-50 more than flying out of SFO, it was well worth it. Time, gas and Golden Gate tolls add up. A much smoother travel experience save for having to listen to Shosh and Marnie’s long lost twins for 90 min, yakking like crack heads, non stop about more than anyone on the plane ever needed to know.

I stayed with Jason and Eryc who are not only the best of hosts and friends, but also sent me home with a much needed color job, haircut and freshly shaved down side of my head. I dig it.

In three days I managed to squeeze in:
– A tasty breakfast outing with Paige & Michelle. Three words: cinnamon roll pancake. Much needed girl time reconnection. Holy shit do I miss my ladies.

– Hair appointments so awesome I might as well have been touched by the hands of Zeus himself.

– Seeing my sister Liz an dinner at a Battali’s Mozza. It was delicious!

– Coffee with the bff Spencer

– Finally getting to meet The Sheriff’s nugget, Alexander, who rolled over for the first time while I was there. It was great getting to see her… Been far too long.

– A trip into Tijuana, Mexico for another dinner with my sister and her main cheese. We went to a fantastic gourmet joint called MisiĆ³n 19. Don’t let the word “Tijuana” fool you… It was some grade “A” business, with a side of a grasshopper salt rimmed, mezcal martini. Umphhh.

– I came this close to a cameo appearance at Sabbat but chose sleep instead. I’m sure it would have been hilarious but when you have to return a rental car at 9 a.m.? Not so much.

– Speaking of rental cars, I was a tight ass and rented economy: Toyota Yaris. Holy crap that thing felt like driving a go cart on the freeway. I think the Autopia cars at Disneyland have more balls.

– Hillcrest Farmers Market for some blended chai and flowers for my boys. Still the best Farmers Market I’ve ever been to… and some “reading” at the Before I Die wall.

– A visit to the new, painfully breathtaking, San Diego Public Library. Truly a magnificent piece of architecture and the resources! Good god, I envy you people. I highly regretted not bringing my DSLR that day. 9 floors of educational enlightenment. A true thing of ephemeral and architectural beauty.

– A quick jaunt to the SD Zoo where I witnessed a grasshopper orgy of epic proportions.

– Dinner with Jason and Eryc, lots of fantastic conversation over a beautiful focaccia with melted soft cheeses and honeycomb. INMYMOUFF.

Yesterday I found myself on the plane, lamenting my culinary choices… Yeah. No. I really don’t regret being BAD… you have to be bad sometimes. I caught myself getting teary to be honest. Despite the fact I want to go home to my beloved people and cats, it is bittersweet because I hate leaving San Diego and the wonderful people I know in it.

It’s a trip how much it changes every time I go back. Same hands with a different manicure… Some of it magnificent, some leaving a lot to be desired but despite the visible facade of a city getting bigger than its britches, the growing pains of overpopulation didn’t phase me because breathing in her air and seeing her beauty, felt like bathing in the waters of Lake Minnetonka. A fresh bath of life and perspective and then I’m back on Prince’s purple steed, my hair flying behind me like Apollonia herself.

Being there once more really cements just how much I wouldn’t mind going back to it and planting the roots for good. I truly do feel that in my heart of hearts, the day will come where that dream becomes a reality. I know I am not alone in this feeling.

To everyone who shared this time/trip with me: thank you for your time, accommodation, hospitality and love. You are all wonderful.

And then I got home to some very happy people and kitties… shit, even our car was so happy to see me that it pissed out all the radiator fluid in the Barnes & Noble parking lot. GOOD TIMES. Can I tell you how much I hate cars and auto repairs? Shit… that’s a whole other post.

Never enough photos… but the few I took can be found here


Excuse the absence, things got hella crazy right after my birthday and just like every year, Thanksgiving creeps up fast and hard! This year we decided to road trip to Portland to spend it with our long time friends, Stephen & Carolin and their nugget, Mila.

We took off Wednesday afternoon and the drive up was relatively uneventful save for Reza deciding to puke her guts out in the middle of the mountains. JOY! Luckily I was prepared with bags, wipes and extra clothes. We still had to stop, clean up and strip the girl in 30 degree weather. Never a dull moment! I still feel bad about leaving the bag on the side of the road but there was no way we were driving for another 5 hours with a bag of vomit in the car. Limits yo, we have them.

Thanksgiving Day was very chill. The girls got along famously despite the 3 year age difference. It always makes gatherings easier when you’re not having to play referee to bickering children.

Carolin and I spent most of the time in the kitchen, my presence more on an assistant level. Save for the turkey that Stephen buttered up, everything else was non-traditional. My favorite being this bacon & brussel sprout slaw which was hella good. A small view of Carolin’s kitchen…

I did pick up a pie cause it isn’t Thanksgiving without some PIE. None of that gross marshmallow sauce malarkey.

I spent most of my time away from posting save for some photo sharing on Instagram. I know a handful of rad people in Portland and as much as I would have loved to see/meet everyone, this trip was very limited in time and was about these particular friends. With that in mind my phone was hidden most of the day other than to call some family. We only had one day where we were all together so I wanted to make the most of it.

Of course there is no going to Portland without bringing back some kind of goodness in the form of socks and coffee.

Like many of us that are addicted to awesome foot coverings, we paid a small (cough) visit to the Sock Dreams store. I know they have an online shop but trust me, it is not the same. The store has much more and you get to touch.

It is next to impossible to go there without dropping some cash, no, really. And now I got a husband and kid that are on my funky sock tip, some damage was done. But hey, like I always say, “it all starts with the feet”. I picked up more of these word socks cause the ones I got 2+ years ago are warm, still stay up and are hella comfy. Besides, how can you pass up 666 socks? I can’t.

One thing that Portland does and does really well is coffee. I have no idea how people there even go to Starbucks when there is so much independent awesome to caffeinate with. Well other than the fact a lot of them probably have a drive thru. In any event Carolin took me to her favorite joint called Heart and bestowed me with a bag of one of their roasts. I also brought home another bag from Oblique Roasters since Whole Foods had a section of all the local offerings. Good stuff. For the record, I don’t watch Portlandia and the only reason I got this one was cause it was sent to me by my friend Tanner and I liked it a lot.

Carolin and I took our respective nuggets out on Black Friday for some lunch and movies. As much as we didn’t plan on it, we had time to kill and ended up at the mall. It was across the street from the theater. We took the girls to see Frozen which was cute but something lacked and I can’t quite peg it. No, it was the music. It felt more like a Broadway Musical than a Disney movie… which is funny cause I said that not knowing one of the princesses was voiced by Idina Menzel, most known for her portrayal of Elphaba in Wicked. Still worth seeing though and the nuggets loved it.

As usual I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I should have. Caught in the moment! I did get ONE photo with my german beech though, even if it just a phone photo.

Yesterday was the big drive home. We made a short pit stop in Eugene (hippies!!) to see Josh’s brother, Jake. We squeezed in a game of Apples to Apples over coffee and then we were on our way home. The drive home was a little longer cause not only were there a lot of piss stops but Oregnonians do not know how to use a two lane highway to save their lives. A lot of clusterfuckers in the fast lane to say the very least… and most of them were driving Subarus. HA! Stay cliche!

The cool part about the drive home is we got to see what we missed on the way up due to the time of day. The drive through Oregon is absolutely gorgeous. Green, lush, enchanted. As we made way into CA, we managed to stop for more peeing and photo taking of Mount Shasta, at the peak of dusk when the skies are gorgeous shades of pink, purple and blue.

Road tripping with Josh and Reza was awesome. She did really well, he drove the entire time and there were many juvenile jokes at the expense of road signs like “long load”, “hooker” and the town “Weed”. Always a good time with my triangle.

There was a lot of sharing on Facebook and otherwise over the things one was thankful for. I remind the ones I love who they are, what they mean to me, I pick up when you’re down, I compliment and not just when you need it, I value what I have and try to be humble. Humility, gratitude and honesty: those are three qualities I try to embody. I would like to think that I am a person that lives their life with gratitude and not just on one day but every day.

I hope your holiday was awesome, I know mine was.

the rest of the photos can be viewed here


You ever have those moments when you realize that fate crosses your path with that of another for a reason? That is how I feel when Jason was brought into my life.

I managed to do that on a whim of vanity. It was around my early 20’s and I luckily ended up in his colorist chair. I knew at that moment he was a keeper. He is one of those people that no matter how things may be for him, he always makes you feel (and look) like a ray of sunshine, hilarious, outspoken, true to himself, loving, generous, talented and just, god, not enough wonderful words to describe what a brilliant person he is.

So today is his birthday and I cannot bring myself to post a stupid, shitty, one liner on facebook. He is too good for that and much more deserving than a sentence in a box can ever give him.

Jason, you are without a doubt one of my favorite people on this Earth and I have no idea how I got so lucky to cross paths with you, but I will always make sure you’re reminded just how loved and special you are.

Happiest of birthdays friend, see you tomorrow. oxox

about friendship…

When you finally you reach the soil you want to sink into, you find that the best way to start feeling grounded is to go back to your roots. I knew that moving to the Bay Area would facilitate reconnecting with some of my friends but I had no idea just how much.

In the late 90’s I found myself getting hired on as a freelance henna tattoo artist for Mastodon Piercing in San Diego. In those few stints that I would pop in to do work for clients, I was surrounded by a new crew of people. A colorful, eclectic, wild, tattooed, pierced up, free spirited group of people. I was drawn to them immediately, for at that moment I found my crew, my tribe… many of which are still my friends today.

Life happened and eventually our paths all parted into different directions of the world but one thing was for certain, we had a common ground and foundation, an undeniable connection that despite many years and distances, we would always have “those times”. Here’s a few of us, I want to say this was 1997-98…

me + corey + spike

Recently, Spike decided to run yet another race, this time in SF. Corey moved to SF a few years back after starting her now very successful business
Maya Jewelry. (I couldn’t be more proud of her – her wares are top notch). Taking advantage we were all within the same proximity, Spike made the effort to bring us back together once more. The last time I recall we were all under the same sky was the day Josh and I got married in 2004. Do the math.

And yesterday, this happened…

The plan was “no plan”. We had lunch, walked all over the Haight… Dude. Haight & Ashbury is some of the best people watching I have done in a while. Great shops and lots of crazy ass hippies that were probably on the 3rd day of their acid trip. WHOA. I also got to see the Loved To Death store which was great but obscenely overpriced. Once you’ve been antique/oddity shopping on the East Coast, you know what stuff really goes for like the Ouija game I got for $8 (with box and planchette)… here? $150 for just the board. NO.

We eventually hit Golden Gate park and somehow ended up with a last minute jaunt to Chinatown for a hilarious session of language barrier reflexology, capping a beautiful San Francisco evening over Chinese food with very good friends.

As I was driving home I was thinking about the day and how well it went. I was very grateful Josh offered to stay home with the girl (and work on some music) in order to give me quality friend time. You have no idea how awesome it was to refill the soul with waters from their fountain.

This is when you know it’s real and worth it: that even through distances, absences, lack of speaking and life taking over, you find yourself under the same roof and it’s as if time never passed. There’s no ego, drama or facades. We are who we are: contagious laughter, vibrant personalities, fantastic embraces hello and goodbye, the fleeting reminders of what brought you together many years ago. All of it felt like it was yesterday except this time we’re older, wiser and little more wrinkly. Ha!

Spike, Corey… you’re amazing. I am so lucky to have people like you in my life.

Now to work on reestablishing some more.


Do you believe in signs? Like something or someone meant for you to be at the right place or time? Earlier today I was on facebook, my iTunes on shuffle… I write a post about Kevin and then I looked at the clock… “oh snap, I got to go get Reza from school”. So I got up and hustled to get the girl, leaving my iTunes on.

When Kevin passed away two years ago, I took on the task of making sugar skulls for his memorial. I hadn’t made them in a while and much less *for* someone. The process was completely different and very emotional. As I iced and decorated it, I was listening to The National when “Sorrow” came on.

Sorrow found me when I was young,
Sorrow waited, sorrow won.
Sorrow that put me on the pills,
It’s in my honey it’s in my milk.
Don’t leave half a heart alone
On the water,
Cover me in rag and bones, sympathy.
Cause I don’t wanna get over you.
I don’t wanna get over you.

And at that moment I got hit with another wave of sadness, weeping, putting all my heart, grief and reverence into it.

Forward to just now… Reza and I came home. I eventually made way back to my desk and yes, “Sorrow” happened to be on when I returned. Completely and totally randomly? Coincidence? I don’t think so. It brought a smile to my face.

San Diego…

Sometimes the universe sends you things at a time in your life when you need them the most. This trip was exactly that. Our little battery icon was red and at 5%, it was signaling us to recharge. So we plugged in.

In going through our photos I realized I didn’t take nearly as many as I should have but I was just too happy enjoying my very limited time with everyone.

In 9 days we crammed in…

The first thing we did after getting our rental car we picked up Tom and Spencer and promptly headed to the closest taco shop we could find. Glorious SoCal Mexican foods.
Hit up Club Ascension (while running on fumes no less, damn jet lag and time change) – great seeing Tom spin again.
Had a follow up appointment with Dr for a 2 year post-op appointment
Drove to Irvine to see Cass, Liz and have lunch
Spent the night in Anaheim to go to Disneyland the following day
Disneyland with Jason & Eryc who are without a doubt some of the best people to do Disneyland with.

Lots of one on one visits with friends over awesome foodies or coffee.
Heartbreaking family drama.
MUCH NEEDED hair appointments with Jason & Eryc to get our respective mops done. I was sporting some roots in those Disney photos like WHOA.
Mexican food overload has occurred
A massage appointment with Ricardo who is still hands down my favorite masseuse ever.
A dinner outing on a rainy night with my ladies. I love how we just fell into it like time never passed and not sure what it is but they only seem to get finer with age. Rawr.
Took in lots of eye candy
Reza got playtime with K&K while I caught up with Michelle.
Threw a party for Reza who is now a bonafide 6 year old. SIX! Giving her a party plus getting to see everyone was just an awesome bonus. Paired with cupcakes and taco guy? Even better. It was like old times <3 (So grateful to the Kneelands for hosting)

Lots of couch snuggles with Tom and ball busting with Spencer.
Reconnecting with friends… jesus, you have no idea how invaluable this was. When you come back to those people with a new set of eyes you come to a deeper sense of appreciation for them. You have no idea how awesome this is and you have no clue just how many drawers the heart in my chest has for them. They know who they are.

Coming home didn’t come with a lot of awesome though, there were a couple moments of disappointment. We were so scheduled at times that I felt spread so thin. You try cramming a 15 month absence in 9 days. You can only see so many people, eat at so many old favorites, make so many plans that someone or something is left out. I know for a fact that there were hurt feelings about my lack of availability and in turn I suffered the same disappointment by being totally flaked on by one of my best friends on more than one occasion. Then there was my poor Sheriff who was laid up so sick and we didn’t get to see her as much cause she was on Drs orders. Boo on you stupid bug that got my Sheriff!

Either way, the trip accomplished as much as it needed to. It was a great re-group of thoughts, focus, a balance of the scales that were tipping to one side far too much. I fully expected to be at the airport bawling, lamenting our departure but as much as I wanted to stay, we were ready for our own bed and kitties. It was hard to leave though… you get a taste of what your life used to be like and you want more. It’s bittersweet cause our moving to NJ was a necessity but Josh and I have evolved so much from it that it really isn’t a loss. It needed to happen but now that we have taken what we need from it, we are charged and ready to gtfo out of this place who despite its looking like an inviting Autumnal Wonderland, just isn’t enough for us anymore.

The question now is where we go next.

Oh and check this out… Here is us at Disneyland in 2001 and 2012.

Home is and always will be where he is. Love this man like you have no idea and as long as we are together, there is no feat or place we cannot conquer together.

Hand in hand, onward and upward.

The rest of the photos can be viewed over on flickr

New Hope

I would like to preface this by saying that this has nothing to do with that Star Wars movie. In fact, I don’t think any of those movies should have happened but then again, had they not happened I would never have gotten to see Yoda throw down like a bad ass or have had that rad sex dream about Darth Maul. Oh… did I just admit that one? Hey, there is a lot to be said for shame which I clearly lack.

My friend Avery ripped on me for not giving Jersey or this area a chance. In retrospect I can say she is kind of right. To a degree. I just know this isn’t the place for me and once you have reached that point, there is no amount of tasty buttercream you can put on a stale cake to make it taste better. Now, there are a lot of things in this area that are a saving grace and I have already experienced those but there are a few places on the list that needed to be scratched off.

I invited Diana up from DC and decided to drag her with me off the bum fuck PA to go to New Hope. Now, take no offense people, everything here is bum fuck to me and if you saw the ridiculous amount of roadkill we saw, you would see why I refer to it as such: 2 deer, a raccoon, a possum, a groundhog, countless squirrels, and far too many mystery pancakes. So sad.

Anyway the blue fox got here promptly on Saturday morning and off we went to New Hope, PA. I had no idea what we were doing there other than I read about THE oddities store that needed to be seen. Thankfully she loves the same creepy malarkey as me. The weather was perfectly gloomy, crisp and the drive out to New Hope was really pretty. Sadly, there weren’t pictures cause, duh, I was driving.

We had lunch at some place that took way too long to serve us and shortly after we made way to Teardrop Memories to check out the spooky wares. DUDE. Ok, all that shit you see on the Oddities show? Yeah, that store pales in comparison to the selection and collection this guy has. WOW. This was the real deal but definitely not for the squeamish and broke cause the price point on some of these rarities were totally out of our league. Check out some of the stuff on his website… you will catch my drift.

I made one joke to Diana about the raccoon ass on the wall and I guess that opened the floodgates to the colorful stories from Greg, the owner. Next thing you know we were sucked into the vortex of show and tell of the more *rare* things that would make the uptight walk out… vibrators, vintage tins of ointment that treated crabs and a remarkable collection of post-mortem items made with hair of the deceased. Absolutely phenomenal and made the drive out there totally worthwhile. Mind you, the company was great but when paired with adventures it always works out.

New Hope ended up being a tap more touristy than I expected but it is still beautiful, quaint and I can only imagine will be prettier in the weeks to come when Autumn is in full blown mode. Lots of cute shops, antiques, boutiques. I could have done without all the gawking from people… like they have never seen blue hair and a pair of New Rocks before. Sheesh *wink*. I expect another trip out there sometime this Fall with Josh and Reza in tow. I think they would really dig it.

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Here are some photos!

We’re on a bridge yo! As Diana said, bridges are the new boats. Goddamn I cannot wait for my hair appointment in San Diego cause I am sporting some serious roots. I am glad the ombre look is “fashionable” right now, it keeps me from feeling like I have an orangutan on my head.

Much love to Diana for being my adventure time partner and Josh for being on girl detail so I could have some much needed lady time <3 ****** The rest of the photos can be viewed over on the flickr set


Here we go, another batch of random thoughts, photos and musings that don’t merit a whole post of their own. Ready? Let’s do this.

Reza is being walked to school considering we live about 3 blocks away. I was dropping her off this morning and she is already doing this whole “runs off with the other kids and ignores her mommy” bit. Look, she’s excited and I got to let her do her thing. The bell rang and they were being funneled into the building, Reza calls for me, I gaze over and she blew me a kiss. I know the days of being hugged and kissed in front of the school are well on their way to dwindling and you know what? I will take all that I can get.

Speaking of the nugget, I was watching her interact with the other girls and it hit me. I’ve come to the conclusion that Reza is going to go through that awkward toothless phase and when that time comes she’s going to look just like Peppermint Patty. Right on Chuck.

I am trying to make a more conscientious effort of getting exercise and getting out on the bike. Time proves difficult when you have one car and a kid that goes to school only 2.5 hours a day. This morning I dropped her off and took off for a very relaxing bike ride all over Haddonfield. I am glad I went when I did cause it got hotter by the minute and by the time I arrived home I was a lobster red, drippy mess.

I have such a love/hate affair with this place. On one hand I can’t wait for the day we get out of here, then I have days like today where I know there are things I will miss. The Fall kicking in, the sounds of the cicadas over my headphones, the old world architecture and dude, a riding along dragonflies racing me through a cemetery. There’s something inherently cool about being in a cemetery when it’s just you, the bugs, your headphones and the dead. I serenaded them to Fun.’s “We Are Young” quite loudly. I can imagine they rolled over in their graves and told me not to quit my day job.

If being in New Jersey has afforded me one thing, it has been the ability to really enjoy nature, vegetation, seasons and the critters. Reza and I walk around the neighborhood a lot and between that and my bike rides I have been able to score what I call “back yard treasures”. I am sure people are skeeved out enough over all my bug photos but the cicadas are on their way out for the Summer and I have been lucky enough to roll up on some perfectly intact specimens. My first pinning job came out quite nicely! And yes, that is almost a whole bird wing I found on the sidewalk.

Then of course there is Fall. Yes, it still feels like Summer temperature-wise but the feeling in the air and the trees are telling us otherwise. We are already seeing the leaves change and soon it will be October when lots of yard work comes into play. The stores are already jumping the gun with the Halloween merchandise and while I would usually complain about the retail world forcing a holiday on us before its time, Halloween is the one exception to the rule. Yes we are biased and we are more than ok with this. Again, with the love/hate with this place. Just when we are feeling like we have open wounds in the shape of the state of California, the Autumn comes just in time to put a big band aid over it.

We got to see Dead Can Dance a couple weekends ago. Diana, who I have known online since before Josh and I were married, drove up from the DC area and we got to finally meet in person, partake in some tasty brunch and went to a totally epic show. Scratch that, epic is not even a good enough word… more like FLAWLESS. Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard are complete and total vocal perfection. I guess being here has afforded me the luxury of getting to meet several of my East Coast e-friends of many years and so far all of the ladies I have met have been an utter pleasure. I guess I am lucky in that sense that I end up aligning with a lot of good people and fate have it our paths finally got to cross. So yes, Diana is money as F and I am looking forward to hanging out with her again. She gets me. And yes, that croque madame was fantastic.

And then there are the massive amount of photos I take. Josh was ripping on me the other day cause I had 2000+ photos on my iPhone. Hey! I am a visually driven person, what can I say? Here are some of my recent favs…

I have been very fortunate to get some really cool items in the mail as of late. Dinah & Derek sent me some really cool, blank vinyl figures and I got all into it. Never painted on these kind of guys before but they really were fun to do. I still have a Frankie to do so when he’s done there will be better photos. I am also working on a kidrobot figure, the sketch in the middle is concept art.

So onto the real nitty gritty here. This post makes it look like all is well, perfect and coated in maple syrup. Look, I am not fooling anyone, much less myself by saying all is well. Things always could be better and Josh and I are doing our best to find the purpose and reason for all of this. We try to find the silver lining in everything and staying distracted is key. I am going to be real… our hearts are not here. We hold each others but there are so many factors that contribute to our overall well being and there is nothing in this state that will ever fill what the West Coast has engrained in us. NOTHING. So we power on till another door opens. In the meantime we are lining up our cards, making smart decisions and doing lots of talking to make sure we are ALWAYS on the same page.

the rest of my recent batch of photos can be viewed on flickr

the sheriff and cap’n take on Atlantic City

One thing Tania wanted to do while here was head out to AC for a couple hours. We took Reza to school and headed down a foggy yet very scenic expressway!

First stop was to head to Revel to meet Josh. He gave us a brief walk-thru of the back of the house and not only is this casino HUGE but it is going to be really nice. Modern, clean lines and best of all, not tacky! (see silver, beautiful, wavy building below). Since the property is not open right now, we took off for some lunch elsewhere.

After a tasty lunch of Americanized Cuban food at Cuba Libre, we parted ways with Josh and took off to walk up and down the Atlantic City Boardwalk. It is a lot more ghost town-like when it isn’t Summer, even more when the weather isn’t pretty but this is something you need to keep in mind: the people watching is ALWAYS there and rest assured, there is never a dull moment when there are casinos and riff raff involved.

After some taffy and trinket hunting we just had a good time laughing at the “fashion”, got sassed by a Starbucks barista, Tania got threatened for taking photos of those hideous pants with the wings on the ass and then there is the whole getting mistaken for hoo-ahhh part…

One thing AC has is a lot of t-shirt vendors. Horrible, tacky ass t-shirts that most people wouldn’t even wear as a joke. As we passed one establishment, I joked to Tania in my best porn star voice about how I would seduce Josh in this horrendous, purple floor length nightgown… “oh yeah, heyyyyyy babeeeee”. I tend to not gauge my own volume and apparently a person of the male form in front of me turns around thinking I was addressing him. There are a lot of hookers round those parts and it didn’t surprise us when he turns around with a big grin on his face in which Tania realized what was going on she says, “Oh no sir! She’s talking about her husband and we’re… we’re… TOURISTS”. We got a nice laugh out of the whole thing.

A pit stop to piss at Bally’s, $10 gone on a slot machine and getting mildly rained on later… we found ourselves back at Revel to wait for Josh so he could hitch a ride home with us. It was short and sweet and even though we didn’t do much, the conversation and laughs with Tania are always the best. We are so similar and so different but the common ground is the best of the best and when two worlds collide it’s like crimson and clover, over and over.

I took her to the airport earlier this afternoon and it was a total bummer. This is the thing, I do not have any real friends here and having one of if not my best gf come out and explore with me was something I sorely, sorely needed. Well, now she is gone and well, I am left with a brownie pecan pie and half (that she made us, more on that later) and an empty spot in the house. Thankfully it is the weekend and I have Josh to smooth my broken heart over a little. It also helps that we get Spencer next week, just in time to help me ring in my shift into the big 3-7. Holy shit y’all I am getting oh el dee.

Oh my Sheriff, thank you so so SO much for coming out to hang out with us and get to know what our new life and part of the world are like. You are a true friend and I count my blessings every day that you are in our lives. Miss you so much and I will see you in March!