Amongst my posts you may see me name drop my friends and family. In case you see names pop up and wonder who these people are, well here you go…


The husband. Usually I don’t advise people to move in together after knowing one another for two weeks. We did and well, here we are 13 years later. He is the J to my PB, the crust in my pie. By day he is an IT Nerd, by night he’s dad, reads more books than his nightstand can handle, makes music as one half of Irulan. You can usually find him blogging over at


The progeny. She is 7, amazing, beautiful, smart, sassy and drives us up the effin wall. In her free time you will find her fighting with me for my computer, asking for popsicles for breakfast, watching baking tutorials, Adventure Time and speaking in two octaves higher than she really should.


Lord Gomez Zyxt, the boy of the two sibling cats we adopted in January 2012. He likes pestering his sister, playing with fake mice and living up to his whiskers.


Judas Iscariot, the littlest girl in the family. She was the runt of the litter and I wanted her the minute I saw her.


Our old lady chihuahua dog who loved to get us up out of bed to pee at 3 a.m. and barked at everything that moved.
(July 1, 1999 – September 22, 2012)

7 thoughts on “Cast”

  1. Finally! A real momma blog with out the sugar coated crap on how perfect being a mom and partner is. I have two crazy kids and I love them to pieces but life is no bowl of cherries. Love your blog and will foe sho be following.

    1. you got beautiful from one eyeball? 😉

      Thanks though! I like to think I surround myself with beautiful people, the ones that have it on the inside. That reminds me, the kittens need new photos.

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