I decided today would be all about that rad self care and quality alone time….

Slept in and texted with my girl Carolin in bed

Made an amazing batch of coffee

Killed it at Pilates today. My abs will be sore af tomorrow (update: they sore)

Treated myself to post workout poke lunch

Scritches on a neighborhood kitty

Cleaned the house up to smell of pipe tobacco candle, incense and a “made for you” playlist on Spotify that was on lock! Reza’s room looks aces. Looking forward to a week of solid time with her.

Washed, folded and put away all the laundry while getting caught up on Handmaids Tale and So You Think You Can Dance.

Teavana peach tranquility tea

Hung up more art and unpacked more treasures

An almost 2 hr convo with my mother in law that was very nice despite the tears and subject matter

Reorganized the bookcase and it just makes me feel so good to see a space that’s “me”

Quiet candlelit bath with a Tadaima Okaeri bath bomb from LUSH. Funny enough, I just learned that those phrases mean “I’m home” and “welcome back” in Japanese. The magic that I picked that one bomb and used it today does not go unnoticed. And yes, it’s worth the price tag. 

Freshly made bed with clean sheets and one of the familiars coming in for a snuggle.

LUSH Sleepy lotion and bedside talismans gifted from beautifully, well intended friends

Revisiting something I used to do and gave up 18 years ago… falling asleep to music. Tonight: a Sleep and Relaxation playlist by Hammock.

Today was a *good* day.


2 Responses to tadaima

  1. Sarah E. says:

    That sounds like a lovely day indeed, and I am so happy for you that you are settling into your new digs and revisiting beloved former traditions. I love falling asleep to music, as well! And the synchronicity re: the bath bomb is wonderful. We watch a lot of anime round these parts so as soon as I saw that I thought, aw man. That’s just perfect.

    • Ivonne says:

      and that bath bomb smells incredible… but then again, I love tonka scents. And yes, it’s all coming together little by little. Getting back to a bit of who I was and a lot more shifting into who I am becoming. xo

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