In the past week….

I avoided being in a 6 car collision on the 405
Finally got to try a nibble of Randy’s Donuts and it did not disappoint
Said goodbye to my sister Bee who went back to Japan. Arrivals are the best. Departures? Not so much.
Had a solo trip to the Getty Center and visited one of my favorite paintings ever .
Got some one on one time with myself at Amoeba Records (aka Church), I was good and only got ONE record which is really hard to do these days.
Trip to the Glossier store
A visit to Rubies + Diamonds for their salted caramel coconut cold brew. If you like your caffeine it’s a must and absolutely worth the price tag.
Sushi dinner and pie with my girl Ginny.

Yesterday I spent a good amount of time dismantling our stupid vacuum cause it just wasn’t doing what it was supposed to do. I took the damn thing apart and like a champ not only did I find and fix the problem, but I assembled it all up. I actually found the whole thing therapeutic. I like doing that kinda thing. I’m the weirdo that enjoys assembling IKEA shit that everyone laments. It’s moments like this I get bummed that my dad never taught me how to fix cars. I would have been good at it… but you know, ladies don’t do that kinda thing. Now, what to do with the one screw that was left over….

Josh is out of town visiting Tom. Dude needed a fucking break like whoa. I am so glad he finally had a chance to make that happen. I of all people know how important it is to reconnect with your best people. There is just something pretty magical when you see someone you haven’t in a great while and things just fall into place like time never passed. It’s the best medicine. I’m missing my Chicago girl gang right about now.

This week was Kevin’s birthday. In my calendar and reminded every year. I dunno, it gets better but it doesn’t. It still stings yet somehow I find solace in knowing that sting burns a lot of us. Miss that dude a lot.

I blocked someone I know on ig and they’re getting filtered the f out on Fb too. I got no time for people who want to do nothing but sprinkle the salt from their balls all over the things that bring me joy. Fuck you. The whole saying “if youre not going to say something nice, say nothing at all” applies and the fields of my fucks are BARREN. No time for you or your shit.

WTF is a Post Malone? (inside joke only those who know will get it)

There has been a flux of really good music being dropped as of late (and more to come!) Fall soundtrack is shaping up nicely.

Current albums in rotation: 
Fearing “Black Sand”
Soft Kill  “Savior”
Yo-Yo Ma “Six Evolutions (Bach cello suites)”
Nothing “Dance On The Blacktop”
Mogwai “Kin”
Also, a wee bit obsessed with this cover Chvrches did of Kendrick Lamar’s “Love”

8 days and counting to gallbladder eviction. I am SO READY to get this time bomb out of my fucking body. I’m not looking forward to the whole recovery whatnot but it needs to happen.  I haven’t been able to work out, eat what I want, sleep properly… I need it gone.

For a myriad of reasons, I am really looking forward to October being over. I know it’s usually a time I love and anticipate but I got a lot of plates on my tentacles at the moment and it will not let up till then. I need some downtime to really give more to myself, do and learn new things. I got some onion layers to shed.


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