+/- I finally saw Coco. *NON SPOILER REVIEW* I am not a movie reviewer but people have asked me about this one so I am putting it here. I had my apprehensions about this one cause if there is something I cannot stand is watching my culture get butchered, especially Dia De Los Muertos stuff which has become a white girl halloween punchline that I am not even having. With that in mind, I would say that Pixar hit a home run and were incredibly smart about hiring some solid cultural consultants to make sure they didn’t pull some stupid Gringo shit. There are a lot of nuances that frankly, you won’t get or understand unless you’ve grown up Mexican but none that were uncomfortable enough to miss the mark for non-latinos. The family dynamics, scenery and character personalities are pretty on lock. If you’re Mexican, chances are one of those characters is like someone you know. The famous Mexican cameos were dope. They mixed in some Spanglish enough to keep the flavor. It’s a good movie, don’t get me wrong. My problem with it is that there are so many parallels to the plot in The Book Of Life. Too many to ignore. Some inevitable as they are borrowing from the same folklore but others, not so much. I won’t get into those as I don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. In any event, I enjoyed it and had I not already seen The Book Of Life, it would have been a much better film as a whole. On the other hand, I am not going to knock the landmark that was seeing an entirely Mexican cast and the cultural representation it stands for especially considering we come from places of being depicted as poncho wearing and sleeping under a cactus types. Oscar nods for this and Guillermo Del Toro this year are pretty amazing to see. I am going to watch the Spanish audio version because something tells me there will be a lot more there that was lost in translation.

+ Went back to Pilates after a week of being out with the damn plague. It’s amazing how one week feels like a set back. I don’t know how I spent months of not exercising ever. The shit feels good.

+ Updated my damn website.

+ Getting off meds has been going smoothly. Smoother than I expected which has been a total relief. I went down the CBD tincture route and I feel infinitely way more comfortable with this decision. I’m managing being anxious pretty well and I for one am welcome to see the return of my Libido Overlords. Subsequently, if you haven’t set foot in a dispensary since CA went legal, what in the holy hell is this Green Disneyland witchery?! It’s mind boggling.

My computer is acting stupid and slow as fuck. Josh deleted my profile and I have to start from scratch. I know I need more RAM but I cannot part with my machine to leave it for god knows how long at the Apple store when I’m about to start working on some serious work. Like, a lot of work (what the fuck was I thinking)

I am so ready for this stupid “under 70” weather to go the hell away already. I try not to be one of these people bitching about weather, even more when other parts of the world still look like the damn tundra but hell, my body is ready. I can already start feeling the switch weeks away from daylight savings. This is my one first world complaint for the week.

+ This Andrew Cunanan Making A Murderer show. I watched one episode and I definitely need to watch more. “Is he being portrayed accurately?” has been a common question I am getting. I can’t make that assessment off one episode but the guy they cast does fit the part, has some of his mannerisms pretty on lock, the rest is to be foreseen. Thing to keep in mind is that I worked with him. People have two sides: business and party. He kept it pretty “business” at work so I don’t think I got the full spectrum of his personality despite getting to spend 30-40 hrs a week with the guy. Also, it’s not like you just assume that the people you work with are raging sociopaths, even more when they’re incredibly nice and pleasant to be around.

+/- Getting sick really through me for a loop. I found myself crunching to make a submission deadline and the closer I got to finishing, the more I hated it. So much so that I did an internal flipping over of my desk and scrapped it. And then I went to my bedroom to wallow, cry and pout in my “you’re a phony” headspace. I’m one of those “artists” that cannot stand sending in mediocrity so I would rather graciously bow out and than look at it over and over again and know I could have done better. I really need to stop getting so close to deadlines. There is a rush and accomplishment that comes from pulling a brilliant white rabbit out of my ass under pressure, but that also comes at a cost where if and when things don’t work out (and they haven’t) then the disappointment comes down to a crippling place. So maybe, just maybe, I have learned my damn lesson this time. One would think.

+ It has been good to be “writing” again. It’s one of those things, like going to the gym or getting your ass in therapy, where you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I do that SOONER?”. Yeah. That.


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