I don’t care what anyone says. The macadamia nut is the greatest of nuts.

Over-thinker zone: Have you ever wondered why fingernails and toenails are perfectly ok until you lop them off your body and all of a sudden they’re totally revolting? I have.

Papaya is disgusting. I blame the smell and those weird, furry seeds.

I pick things up from the floor with my toes.

Everyone pees in the shower. Anyone who says they haven’t is a liar. Same goes for masturbators.

Why did it take me this long to fall in love with bar soap? I blame it on people who always leave hair on theirs. That shit is nasty.

Pro tip: stop spending your cash on stupid shit and do it on decent skin care. As someone who got on it a little later, trust me.

It’s 80 today and I’m already looking forward to the Spring/Summer beach walks and sunsets I am ready to soak in. I promised Jason we’d go to the beach this year and we will.

Awesome is the moment when you see photos of those who did you wrong and you feel absolutely nothing. I unblocked some former friends and it didn’t stress me out, make me anxious, sad. Nothing. It took me a great while and a whole lot of therapy but when that moment arrives it’s like the door opened to the chocolate river room in Wonka’s Factory. All of a sudden it’s my world of pure imagination. I’m free.

The other day I had a whopper of an emotional day. I wrote all my thoughts out on paper, the things I can’t even tell myself, the good, the ugly. I took that sheet and burned it. It was pretty helpful. Needless to say, I’ll be doing more of this. Next time I take the ashes to the sea.

Speaking of the sea- I can’t wait to share the Pacific with Catherine and Bosch. It’s amazing to share the slices of your magical corners with good people.

There are times when I just know how you feel. I know you love me. I know you miss me. I know you’re proud of me. And even though I know, it’s still nice to be reminded and told. Sometimes I need to hear it. On the flip side, I need to do more of this. I can’t let anyone I love ever have a shadow of a doubt how I feel about them. They could part tomorrow and not have that certainty. That just cannot happen.

I have to say, it’s been nice to write more again. It’s an awful, disjointed mess but it feels good. It’s like I’m recapturing a part of myself that got lost along the way.


3 Responses to Jambalaya

  1. Jennie Russell says:

    I think you were the person who posted something about The Ordinary? I just ordered a bunch of their stuff, excited to try it out.

  2. Shana N. says:

    I am glad to see you back on my blog feed. I too have started back into blogging.
    Facebook just isn’t personal enough. My page is a little rough still but I am working on it. I’m feeling more settled in New York so its time.

    I recently unblocked too, and I felt nothing when I took a quick page glance. It was delightful and I realized I missed nothing about the person. Moving forward is refreshing.

    I can’t get enough moisture here, it’s so dry in the North. Good skincare is helpful. It keeps the wrinkles away!

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