Last year I was incredibly touched by my friend Diana, who sent me a care package filled with lovely and thoughtful gifts for my birthday. Gifts don’t happen as often these days (cough, old lady, cough) and I get it.. money is tight + postage abuse = it adds up. Either way, it was really sweet and I knew the day would come I could return the favor.

A couple weeks ago Reza and I found ourselves at one of those “paint your own ceramics” establishments, so she could paint a mug for Father’s Day. I decided to not waste any time and painted a mug for Diana’s birthday this week and this is what resulted….

Should you wish to give this kind of thing a whirl, here are a couple tips:

– Bring your own brushes if you want better detail work. Most of the brushes these places have are horribly beat up and they don’t allow you to get in finer detail work.

– Most paints require multiple coats to get a more vibrant/dark color when fired.

– If painting on the inside, keep in mind if the person is right or left handed so the inside design faces them. (I figured that one out a little late in the game)

Three dimensional items really aren’t my forte but I did the best I could given the tools I had. I am pretty happy with it! I just had to hold off sharing it until she got it in the mail… and it arrived today! Just in time for her birthday. Happy Birthday Diana! xo

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