Yesterday I found myself at the art store replenishing what seems to be the never ending pile of broken x-acto blade replacements. There out of the corner of my eye I spied some wood carving knives and for $16, I couldn’t say no.

Coming home with new art supplies is like the gift card in your wallet. You just HAVE TO USE THEM. This morning I decided to bust them out for some play time and figured I would make something and share the process with you, hence the birth of the “Make Your Own Rubber Stamp Tutorial”. Celebration!

So here is what you will need to make this magic happen, as so…


– 1 piece of rubber carving goo (speedball speedy-carve or most art supply store sell it in loose pieces. The piece shown is approximately 2×3″)
– drawing tools of choice (pencil, micron, pen, etc.)
linoleum cutters/wood carving knives

First you need to draw your design on the rubber. Keep in mind what you want to be negative/positive. I used pencil and freehanded my design on it but if you’re not as comfortable with drawing you can always print out your design of choice and use transfer paper to get your outline in place on the rubber.


Slowly carve away at everything you do not want to be part of your stamp. Tedious, messy and somewhat therapeutic. Tip: Always carve away from your body and hands cause if you happen to slip you could puncture a fingertip AKA “won’t stop bleeding in forever and a day”


Now this is where the fun happens. Bust out your ink pad and do a test run. The impression will show you pieces that may need be chipped away at a little more. I had a few. Maybe you want to add details, like in this case I decided to add small veins on the leaves. Clean that B up!


And you’re done. It’s pretty simple when you get the hang of it. Just keep in mind the smaller the stamp, the harder it is to get small details. Start bigger and go from there. If you want to make it easier for use, glue it onto a similar sized piece of wood.


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3 Responses to DIY: Rubber Stamp Tutorial

  1. M says:

    This is really great, and might just save me from my desire to get a stamp printer/maker.

    I really think you should have an alternative craft/art site. There’s nothing that saps your urge to create (while looking for inspiration) more than the leaves and pastels and crap that dominate so many tutorials.

    • Ivonne says:

      This blog is kind of all encompassing for most of the stuff I do and honestly I don’t craft enough to merit a whole blog for it. I recently started another site for just my art stuff but more than likely won’t post tutorials there, just end results. I save DIY tutorials for this site – if you look in the tags or do a search you an usually find all my DIY/craft/recipe whatnot. 🙂

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