the last day of first grade

Today is the last day of 1st grade. I can’t believe a whole school year flew by already… funny how fast it goes when you’re in a happier place.

Reza really turned a corner this year. Seriously. On the left was her first day of 1st grade and the right was this morning.

(click to make bigger)

Funny enough, I love to hear people argue about how uniforms stifle a child’s individuality. Oh, ok. Sorry, but even with the little accessories she has, you can already tell what kind of a kid she is.

In the past year she learned how to read, write and speak a lot French (with full on accent), showed an aptitude for math past her grade level, is doing very well with her spelling, writes beautifully in cursive and academically is pretty off the charts for her age. Through an awesome lunch program she also learned how to eat/try new things. I still can’t get her to eat a salad but she has opened up her palate to new things.

All things aside, we couldn’t be happier with her school. She has really thrived being surrounded by a wonderful, culturally diverse community of kids and parents. She has a place she fits in and you have no idea how happy that makes me after watching her get ostracized for being “different” when we were in NJ.

This week she brought home all kinds of workbooks that she used over the year. Her “journal” was my favorite cause it was full of art and little stories. This one had us laughing our asses off. We will make sure to show her this when she goes through her “I want to be vegetarian” teenager phase.

She made a lot of cool artwork but the notable Mona Lisa of the year goes to this wonderful rendition of the alien exploding out of the woman’s chest. Note: she has not seen the movie. Girl is all kinds of dark and twisty.

The other day they had a school Kermesse/Carnival. It was a free dress day and they got to play, get face painted and I guess there was a dress up photo booth. This came home the other day. Her hair is a hot mess and she will be getting a cut after school today. School’s out! Summer haircut will be in full effect.

She moves on 2nd grade with flying colors. Her behavior grades could have been a tap better but dude, she’s 7. You can only control a wild thing so much. She is the splinter off our bark… a tree that hauls ass down the freeway blasting Into The Groove and Goodbye Horses while the splinter sings along in the back seat and then we laugh at the nose pickers in their cars, who throws the goat, air guitars, loves Adventure Time, vampires and listens to The Hobbit audio book at bed time. That’s our girl.

But this…. when flipping through her journal, I came across this page she wrote the week of Mother’s Day. Needless to say I will be saving the whole book, but this page I will come back to a lot, especially on those days when I think she doesn’t like me anymore. These are the moments that make all the things I do, the work I put in, the things I gave up…. this right here makes it all worth it.

spooky art, costumes and back pain. oh my!

Excuse my quiet. Last week I seem to have picked up some funky bug that had me laid up for days with what felt like a horrible ear infection. I pretty much rode it out and it took all week. It was a real bummer cause I had to miss seeing Broods which we already had tickets for. Josh went though and he was nice enough to get the band to write me a little note.

On top of that I seem to have jacked up my lower back and no amount of chiropractic adjustments have helped. Today I broke down for a 90 minute massage and while relaxing, really hurt in spots. I hope some of whatever is going on back there gets hashed out, cause being in constant pain isn’t fun and makes me a pissy bitch. Add PMS to that. I am all kinds of fun.

This past weekend was Bats Day and I sat here with total Missing Out-itis. Mainly cause it would have been nice to see some friends, go to Disneyland and see how people responded to my artwork. Now that I am able to share, here are some work in progress shots of two of the pieces I submitted to the Haunted Icons show for Bats Day 2014. These were a lot of fun!

This one seems to be the favorite piece of the bunch which was actually two oval shaped frames and the silhouettes are reversed, meaning, I had a square piece of paper and cut out the negative space. I wish I had a better photo cause when I took the photos, I shot them facing each other. Derp. Their new owner is going to send me better pix soon. (Thanks Derek!)

The final, framed versions can be viewed over in my gallery.

Reza’s school participated in the Santa Rosa Luther Burbank Rose Parade this past weekend. She goes to a French immersion school and they have many kids representing all over the globe so they thought it would be cool to let them wear “cultural dress”. I decided Reza, who seems to think she isn’t Mexican (oh hell no), was going as a Dia De Los Muertos catrina. Two days, two craft stores, forever 21 and a glue gun later, I managed to get a decent costume out of the deal. 90 minutes of hair and make-up later, she was done. Boy did she eat the attention up… almost too much for her own good. Apparently lots of the local press were taking photos of them and can’t say I blame them cause their whole row was like a live action It’s A Small World. Oh boy, I just discovered she made the news. Ham.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.19.47 PM

She is out of school next week. Already. Hard to believe I am the mom of a soon to be second grader. Where does the time go? DAMN.

parting ways

Trust me when I say that I need more things to manage like I need a bullet in the skull. In fact, I am an IT nightmare! My files are a hot mess, my desktop is cluttered with files. I’m so bad I have a digital post-it on my desktop with tons of my log-ins and passwords cause that is how many sites I am subscribed to and/or manage. At the very least my passwords aren’t shit like “rezasmommy”, I get some points there. I realize I have now outed my poor organization skills and memory. As Ron would say, bloody hell.

I have been blogging since 2001 and my blog has always been an “all things – extension of me” kinda deal. But now more than ever I am finding myself needing to separate things a little which is why I registered another domain in my actual name.

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen me griping about the horrors that are html and website making for people who are html-fools like me. Eye crossing, headache inducing bullshit is what HTML is, but alas, a necessary evil. So after 24 hours of dicking around I came up with this…

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 5.15.36 PM

It is pretty rough and noobish cause I am html-lame but all things considering I think I did a pretty ok job. It still needs some love and tweaking but the groundwork has been laid. Heh, I said laid.

If you would like to see + explore my work in progress, you can do so over there:

This does not mean that I am giving up blogging by any means. I like putting things out in the universe far too much, sometimes I have a lot to say and honestly, it’s cheaper than therapy. I just needed an “art only” space. I so growed ups.

Case in point, the lightbulb came on for a rather ambitious series of art pieces earlier this week. I am all kinds of jazzed over it but I already know they’re going to be tedious and time consuming (read: awesome). Going to hash some stuff out and since it is a series, I will probably drop them as my brain poops them out. Stay tuned for that!