an ode to Friday

Everyone loves to rag on about the horrible day they’re having. It’s true. And you know what is true? I am having a good one! Actually, I have been having a good week. Instead of posting a cliche ass quote in script font, that someone else probably didn’t even say paired with a sunset photo… (say that in one mouthful). I am going to talk to you about my week and why it rules.

Kitty Therapy: I went to volunteer at the animal shelter and hung out with the kittehs. Seriously, this is one of the best things I have ever done. Getting one of the most terrified cats to come around for me was so fulfilling, I cannot even begin to tell you. And the therapy is FREE.

Operation Health: we have been eating really good for a couple weeks now, it can be felt and seen. Well, save for the stress that decided to park itself on my face. But it’s ok… I am handling that.

Kitchen Magic: Because we are seriously having to watch our diet, I have been cooking at home A LOT more. Trying new things, getting out of the comfort zone. At the moment I have this curry simmering and the house smells fantastic. UMPHHH

The Car: We finalized the hunt and purchase for the car last Sunday. I am SO RELIEVED to have that out from under us. I found a really nice, used 2013 VW Tiguan that had only 2200 miles on it. And it was black! HOLLAH. So we drove to SF to give it a look see. We got a really good deal on it and although I know Josh is mourning the loss of his Volvo and the balls it had under the hood, this needed to happen in a big way. Reza declared love at first sight the minute she saw the panoramic sunroof. Can’t say it isn’t awesome, it totally is. We christened our maiden voyage the way it should be done.

Califuckingfornia: Sure, it has been raining but Sonoma County is turning greener by the day and all the trees are sporting flowers. The weather is glorious. SO SO grateful to be back on the West Coast.

Road Trip!: You read correctly! Carley Triangle, coming to SoCal VERY SOON. This was plotted in the past couple days and while we are hashing out details, arrival is imminent.

Art Class: I am taking a lino printmaking class tomorrow (been wanting this for months!) and while that isn’t today, I am PUMPED! I am really looking forward to learning some better techniques.

Hair Metal Playlist: Cause everything is more awesome when you’re listening to “Smooth Up In You”. Want in on my goodness? You can listen to my HAIR playlist on Spotify.

This Kid: Sure, she has been testing us but just as she is turning a corner in her growth, so are we with this whole “how to parent” whatnot. It’s a learning curve yo! She has had a particularly rough past two weeks so I cut her some slack, treated her to a smoothie, some arcade game playing and let her watch Adventure Time even if she got in trouble at school. This morning when I went to wake her up, I was laying in bed with her, she grabs my hand and says, “Mom? What you did for me yesterday was really nice”. Damn. We forget she’s only 7 and has a long way to go. So maybe we need to lighten up a little. I just couldn’t imagine our lives without her goofy, morbid and twisted little outlook. This was at her follow up appointment for her toof extraction…

††† : YES. This morning I secured tickets to see CROSSES and I am sporting a big ole boner over it cause I am a total Chino Moreno fangirl. The man could sing church music and I would be all melty. Stupid hurricane came in the way of the Deftones show in Philly, I have been waiting a long ass time! I fear my husband may be embarrassed by me that day.

Grown Up Shit: other than your pants feeling too loose, the other best feeling in the world is paying off and reducing debt. We did that this week thanks to Uncle Sam not impaling us this year. So glad to be reducing that BS.

And well, it’s Friday. Which means time with my dude. Cause well, he’s the best person on my planet.

Do you have any exciting plans this weekend? What are you looking forward to?


Greetings! Long time no hear yo! What can I say? Things here are afoot…

For starters, I picked up my glasses yesterday. I really needed them too cause the past week was a lot of strain, headaches and overall pissy factor cause seeing clearly was a little frustrating. It’s hard to feel inspired when you’re feeling that way. It’s and odd feeling and will take some time getting used to but all things considering at least I got some nice frames. Excuse the grainy phone photo…

I took them for my first drawing test drive today and drew this just to give it a go. As much as I hate to admit it, it really was an improvement on my eyeballs.

I started my volunteer work at the animal shelter a couple weeks ago. Basically, I go in on one day a week to help clean the kennels, feed, and play with the cats that are ready to be adopted. I was pleased to come in yesterday to find a couple got adopted. I hope that will be the case for all of them. Poor little guys, some are so scared too but most eventually open up to you. I has been pretty rewarding to have a quiet morning a week, where I hang out with some furry critters in need of love and attention. When time permits and they allow me to, I take photos of them in hopes a good picture will network them a little better. This is Zin.

Reza had her oral surgery this week to extract her tooth. The poor girl was nervous but did really well all things considering. I did not like to see her absolutely high and disoriented from the meds but the end goal was a tooth removal and her remembering/feeling as little as possible. She did get really nauseated after the fact and threw up several times. There was much spoiling that day and a little bit of milking on her end which resulted in one popsicle too many. The following day it was back to school like nothing happened. We are really glad to see that gross hillbilly tooth out of her mouth. Of course Penny Wickett, her tooth fairy, hooked her up fat *wink*

We are still on “the quest” for the right car. Test driving, calling, haggling, smarmy car salesmen. Nothing has panned out. We had a real contender and were on our way to test drive it (it was 90 min away) and as we were headed there the dealer decides it is time to disclose the previous owner was a smoker. AKA HELL NO. I can’t fathom the concept of buying an overpriced ashtray. Gross as all hell… so we said no and back to square one. We still have a few prospects and I only hope one of them works because I am ready for this process to be over.

The biggest thing going on is that all of the Drs. appointments are coming back with results and not all of it was good. It’s interesting how shit just turns the corner when you’re getting older. Much to my dismay, not all of it is going in a good direction. My cholesterol came back a tap higher than what is deemed optimal and my iron is a little low, so I have had to make some more cut backs/modifications to my already modified diet. Thankfully I am not all alone on this one and Josh and I both have been making a much more concerted and conscious effort when it comes to our lifestyle choices. I am a little out of my comfort zone here cause you get used to cooking a certain way and all of a sudden you are having to make different choices. What makes it tough is accepting that these choices are no longer a want… it is a necessity… that is, unless I am perfectly ok with being a pill popper the rest of my life. I would rather avoid that part if I can.

I won’t lie, this unexpected shift has thrown me off a little bit and it has made me a little introverted, stressed and worried. I feel a little vulnerable but hey, it’s my truth and reality. Either I accept it and handle it properly or turn the blind eye. Obviously you know what route I am choosing. Lots of reading up, research and proceeding accordingly. Knowledge is power after all.