It’s time for another list… aka more jumbalaya stew.

The new M.I.A. is interesting. If you care to listen to it, it’s up on Spotify and streaming on NPR. One of the best lines… “YOLO? If you only live once then why do we keep doing the same shit?”. For real. Although I REALLY hate the term “YOLO”. I dig her style and hello? Gorgeous.

Dropped Josh off at his work at 6:30 a.m. for grand opening day. There were people parked in their cars on surrounding streets, lined up, waiting to get into the parking lot. Doors didn’t open till 9! People love their gambling, holy hell. But hey, the beast is unleashed. Maybe now the guy can get a fucking day off, some sleep, time to do the things that make him happy, you know, a social life? That’d be kinda cool. This dude? I miss him.

Want to know one of my weird habits? I have a horrible habit of leaving cabinet doors and drawers open. It drives Josh INSANE but he hides it well. Other than that time he walked into my underwear drawer in the middle of the night, cursing up a storm. I am not the kinda person to be with if you have OCD.

I am sad that October is over. It just went by too fast. But hey, November is here and my birthday is right around the corner. One more year in my 30’s. In any event, October had a lot of goodness. Here are some pix!

Speaking of October, Halloween… dude. So Reza decided to be Elphaba and insisted on being green. I agree with her there. The make-up ended up working out pretty well but it took a while to get there. I won’t lie, she looked bad ass and she knew it too. I had to curb her a little from showing off. I decided to be a last minute nun and it worked out. I think I started something at home though *snicker*

All the xmas goodies are starting to make their way into stores. Lord, please spare my waistline and give me the willpower to make it through the holidays. PLEASE.

Reza was sick and I called to try and get her in somewhere. I was met with some poorly veiled “you can’t afford it” attitude when I mentioned I was an out of pocket patient. It is pretty grotesque that your cash isn’t good enough, or it is implied you’re some dirty leper cause you don’t have insurance. They’re pissed they can’t bill someone $300 for a damn q-tip. Needless to say the mama rage was in full effect yesterday. But I got her seen, medicated and on the mend.

Lots of heavy whatnot going on around… pet loss grief, major health issues, life and death situations. It puts so much in perspective. I’m listening and taking notes. Last week I made a couple silhouettes for some departed critters.

I am currently in process of backing up all my data and will soon wipe my iMac which just has way too much business on it. It’s going to be a royal pain in my ass. Sometimes it’s just better to start with a clean slate.

I really need to work on some shop goodies, not to mention rebranding my blog and shop stuff. My “look” needs a face lift.

Speaking of new look, I think I am ready to get back into Yoga. It has been far too long.

Namaste, bitches.


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  1. M says:

    I continue to be wildly jealous of Reza’s cool.

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