When you finally you reach the soil you want to sink into, you find that the best way to start feeling grounded is to go back to your roots. I knew that moving to the Bay Area would facilitate reconnecting with some of my friends but I had no idea just how much.

In the late 90’s I found myself getting hired on as a freelance henna tattoo artist for Mastodon Piercing in San Diego. In those few stints that I would pop in to do work for clients, I was surrounded by a new crew of people. A colorful, eclectic, wild, tattooed, pierced up, free spirited group of people. I was drawn to them immediately, for at that moment I found my crew, my tribe… many of which are still my friends today.

Life happened and eventually our paths all parted into different directions of the world but one thing was for certain, we had a common ground and foundation, an undeniable connection that despite many years and distances, we would always have “those times”. Here’s a few of us, I want to say this was 1997-98…

me + corey + spike

Recently, Spike decided to run yet another race, this time in SF. Corey moved to SF a few years back after starting her now very successful business
Maya Jewelry. (I couldn’t be more proud of her – her wares are top notch). Taking advantage we were all within the same proximity, Spike made the effort to bring us back together once more. The last time I recall we were all under the same sky was the day Josh and I got married in 2004. Do the math.

And yesterday, this happened…

The plan was “no plan”. We had lunch, walked all over the Haight… Dude. Haight & Ashbury is some of the best people watching I have done in a while. Great shops and lots of crazy ass hippies that were probably on the 3rd day of their acid trip. WHOA. I also got to see the Loved To Death store which was great but obscenely overpriced. Once you’ve been antique/oddity shopping on the East Coast, you know what stuff really goes for like the Ouija game I got for $8 (with box and planchette)… here? $150 for just the board. NO.

We eventually hit Golden Gate park and somehow ended up with a last minute jaunt to Chinatown for a hilarious session of language barrier reflexology, capping a beautiful San Francisco evening over Chinese food with very good friends.

As I was driving home I was thinking about the day and how well it went. I was very grateful Josh offered to stay home with the girl (and work on some music) in order to give me quality friend time. You have no idea how awesome it was to refill the soul with waters from their fountain.

This is when you know it’s real and worth it: that even through distances, absences, lack of speaking and life taking over, you find yourself under the same roof and it’s as if time never passed. There’s no ego, drama or facades. We are who we are: contagious laughter, vibrant personalities, fantastic embraces hello and goodbye, the fleeting reminders of what brought you together many years ago. All of it felt like it was yesterday except this time we’re older, wiser and little more wrinkly. Ha!

Spike, Corey… you’re amazing. I am so lucky to have people like you in my life.

Now to work on reestablishing some more.

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