In this edition I bring you another round of the search terms people used that somehow brought them to my blog…

east coast vagina cemetary
diy padded bra
what should i wear in 70 degree weather
cheeks falling out of shorts pics
hippie peanut butter logos
my huge tits get me out of a speeding ticket
pussy hanging out of shorts
jack black butter
girl pulling wire from a bra
dont let the pale skin fool you
Does a banana shake turn into pee or poop
rasta santa
boobs hanging out window
a beautiful drawing picture on the change you want to see in the world
newspaper ink makes me vomit
fucking in the bra factory

Without fail there is always one asking for ass cheeks hanging out of shorts. It’s the #1 leader to my blog and it’s funny cause they click over only to find me and my cat photos. HAHAHAHHAAH.

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3 Responses to search term hilarity

  1. This one made me laugh hysterically: “Does a banana shake turn into pee or poop”. WELL? WHICH ONE?

  2. donte says:

    These are always incredible. Thanks for sharing.

  3. lisa says:

    The banana shake will turn into pee And poop.

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