Unless you have been under a rock, then you don’t know that we are about to get hit with Hurricane #2 since we moved here. Thanks Universe! By the looks of that map ole Sandy decided she is gonna take a fatty g-spot dildo turn smack into New Jersey. Just our luck! “Hey, these people look like they need to get hosed, right on!”

So in an effort to be a cheeseball live-blogger I am going to be posting updates about what is really going on around these parts so people don’t freak out (Hi Josh’s Mom!). It keeps all the annoying fb posts down as well as keeping me from repeating myself.

Sunday 9:30 am EST:
As of right now girlfriend is a category one. It’s gloomy outside, looks like a regular day that is about to rain. It slowed down which isn’t a good thing but we will know more later. As the day progresses the rain is going to come and the winds are expected to kick up to nasty by tomorrow morning. Josh’s work and surrounding areas are pretty much on evacuation orders so Josh will not be going back to the coast till at least Wednesday morning and that could change depending on the carnage.

We are pretty much holed up in the house. Our areas of concern are power outages and downed trees cause there are A LOT of trees in our area. They’re telling us that in the event of power loss it could take up to a week for restoral (WOO!). We have provisions, flashlights, water, Mexican Jesus candles… should we lose power we will be able to charge our cells in the car.

Because of Josh’s position at his job he has had access to joining in on conference calls with Homeland Security about the real state of affairs. He is probably getting the newest update as we speak. Now, lets hope he leaves his phone on mute this time so these people don’t have to hear about our crude, sexual, baby making jokes like yesterday. Oops!

In other news, we have tickets to the Deftones in Philly tonight and it is very possible it is going to get cancelled. If you know what a Chino Moreno groupie I am, you will know this makes me one sad bastard. In the event there is no cancellation, I don’t know if we will be going cause driving while this business is looming isn’t very smart. Curse you mother nature for peeing on Halloween AND Chino. I curse you!

So that’s the latest. I will be updating this post as things progress and while I have ability to do so… you know, net connection and shizz.

10:30 am – Conference said that they don’t expect landfall till Tuesday so this could very well go on till Wednesday. There seem to be a lot of precautionary measures being taken in regards to power, wireless, transportation as well as public safety.

2:55 pm– the venue said the Deftones show is still on but we aren’t going cause we run the risk of getting stranded in Philly due to bridge closures. Plus, it’s totally irresponsible of us to ask our sitter to get in her car for us. Either way, to say I am not bummed would be a lie. I wish the band would have rescheduled it 🙁

9:25 pm bored out of my mind, it’s raining but nothing crazy. The school called and it will be closed Monday and Tuesday. It’s supposed to rain hard in the early a.m. I have resorted to piña coladas. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

Monday 10/29

7:50 a.m. – Woke up to a light rain but it appears it will be consistent all day, well into tomorrow. Other than, everything here is chill. Let us hope for no basement leaks.

1:00 pm – Our power just went out. It comes on and off, but it hasn’t returned anymore. I wasn’t expecting it to go this soon in the game

1:50 pm – We reported the outage but we aren’t getting our hopes up. We did what any sane people would do… We poured cocktails before the ice melts. Ain’t this some shit. Oh and check this out…


That tall building right there? Yeah, that’s Josh’s job. Keep in mind the eye of the storm hasn’t even arrived yet.

5:00 pm – power came back around 2:30 pm thank god. We aren’t counting our blessings as the worst is yet to come. The eye of the storm is going to hit Atlantic City about 6-7 pm est. I feel for them cause it is already a flooded disaster. Here in our hood it has not stopped raining since we woke up this morning…. The winds are picking up and the trees are swaying, I expect flailing in a couple hours.

9:19 pm – it appears that the worst part of it decided to take a little turn so we didn’t get hit as head on as expected. The winds are absolutely crazy though. The wind sounds like crashing ocean waves outside our windows. We still have power but we aren’t banking on it though. We’re gonna go to bed soon and try to sleep… Not sure if it’ll happen. Hopefully the worst has passed and no major incidents arise.

Tuesday 10/30

6:55 a.m. – Woke up to a very quiet morning. So quiet it’s eerie…. It is going to be another gloomy day, the wind is still present but significantly milder than the craziness last night. Power is still on, no basement water… so it looks like we made it through the worst with the best possible outcome.

9:49 a.m. – Business as usual. Josh and Reza are home today. Josh has multiple conference calls today with his job as well as state/government agencies to assess what are the state of affairs at his job and Atlantic City. I am back on the morning ritual of getting caught up with the news over coffee. It just hit me like a truck and I straight up feel like vomiting. This shit was/is no joke and I am not gonna lie… I was shitting a brick. This business is so damn scary! My phone was blowing up yesterday with messages and texts from people checking in on us. It felt good to know people were worried about us.

3:40 p.m. – School is cancelled tomorrow as well. The township has rescheduled Halloween festivities to Friday, trick or treating to Saturday afternoon. It may not be “halloween” but this year October will be just a tap longer so we don’t have a bunch of disappointed nuggets on our hands. I doubt Josh will be driving to AC to work tomorrow. I can’t see how that’s going to happen. We shall see…

Wednesday, 10/31

10:07 a.m. – No school for Reza. Josh is getting ready to head to Atlantic City as we speak. The city itself is on travel restriction but supposedly he will be allowed in cause he has his name on “the list”. Honestly I wish I could go down there with him to take photos and get a lay of the land but that’s pretty much a big no. Just to give you an idea… See that silver/bluish building in the left corner? That is where Josh works. The ocean/boardwalk is a block away to the left of that.


Other than flooding, the damage was minimal to their structure… the surrounding neighborhoods? Not so much. Our favorite AC pizza joint probably suffered as it is right around there. Also, one thing you are seeing a lot of on the news is the “damaged/destroyed historical boardwalk” photos that are floating around. A) that boardwalk was OLD and B) it was set for demolition/replacing anyway. This just expedited the process a little. The media is so fucking alarmist with when it comes to these things. Yes, it’s bad out there but they also keep showing lots of repeated footage. Keep that in mind.

It’s Halloween today, no school and the festivities were postponed till Saturday. I am just glad the girl is gonna get *something*.

People are still checking in with us… this is the current: we have power, water, we are OK! No damages. Things are slowly beginning to normalize in our surrounding areas. Trains are back up, planes are flying overhead. The cold front arrived with this bitch and all that wind sped Fall up a little. I got a hell of a lot of yard work in my future cause there are A LOT of branches in the back, leaves everywhere. Good times.

Sketch Quick! III: The Results

Wow, some of you people pulled it all out with the challenges. This was a lot of fun and thanks for chiming in with the ridiculous combinations.

So without further ado, here are the results of this rounds drawings! Whee!

“A monkey and a peanut playing poolside”

“an orange bat kitty”

“A forest animal marching band, with a bear on the trumpet, a badger on the bass drum, and a hedgehog on the cymbals.”

“little Frida Kahlo in a pumpkin patch”

“A walking toaster with a face getting something out of the the fridge.”

“A seahorse, a porcupine and an armadillo using a halved watermelon as an umbrella”

“a duck in a rowboat on a sea of spaghetti and meatballs, eating cotton candy.”

“A giraffe family dressed up as vampires trick or’ treating for Halloween”

“An airplane, a cupcake, a carousel and the eiffel tower while having tea.”

“Sea monkeys celebrating christmas”

“a panda riding a vespa”

“a cow wearing a cupcake costume going trick or treating with Luke Skyvaca (my friend’s kid)” (this was 2 requests in one)

“Darth Vader riding a vampire unicorn”

“An ant eater, koi fish, and and a wallaby relaxing together over tea, sweeties, and well worn books.”

“Meerkats reenacting the knife fight scene from MJ’s “Beat It” video.”

“a sexy apple strutting the catwalk during Fashion Week” (I drew a core, there are no apples at fashion week, HA!)

“Super lettuce saving the world from the Kraft singles space invaders!!”

“Any president vs. a lion in the style of Mortal Kombat” ( I chose Lincoln, duh!)

Keep an eye out for the next round! Gonna try and do one once a month or so. Thanks for playing along!

all can be viewed in larger formats over on my flickr set

the little things…

You ever have those moments when people you know do something you didn’t expect and it makes you see them in a whole new light?

Yesterday Josh and I were sitting at the table, sharing our respective days like we always tend to do. He was playing a word game on his phone and the music from one of my r&b playlists was pouring out of the Bose dock. With no hesitation and with total lack of inhibition, Josh was sining along to Bobby Brown’s “every little step”. I sat there with a raised eyebrow and a grin. I didn’t know he knew those lyrics that well. He stops and looks up… in his head I can only imagine him saying, “Yeah, I know you didn’t think I knew it but I do. Woman! There are a lot of things you don’t know about me”.

This is the cool thing about long term relationships, every once in a while these little bubbles of air rise to the surface and make your heart skip a little. It’s like you tripped over and as you look to get up, there is a little newness there for you to fall in love with all over again. He tends to do it far more than he realizes.

Yeah dude, you singing Bobby Brown made my heart do the Roger Rabbit. It’s the little things.

Sketch Quick! Round 3!

I am sure only a few of you will remember this…. but many moons ago when I had windows of boredom, I opened up my sketchbook and pencil to ludicrous requests from my friends/readers. I had the best time cooking these up and I was reminded of this today.

So in an effort to beat my post vacation blues, I have opened up the window for quick doodle requests and this is how it works: You suggest something and I draw a quick doodle of it. All will be scanned and posted all together at a later time.

Ideas? Here are some fine examples….

“A bat, an octopus, a snail and a butterfly having a Chinese takeout picnic on the moon”

“a sci-fi character, zombie & turkey hanging out at the beach”

“a pirate monkey sailing on a banana in a lightning storm”

Got it!? Let’s keep it simple, no color (pencil only) and no XXX stuff. Let’s keep it cute.

Request window is now open. I will only draw requests posted as a comment on (no lj or facebook requests)

And in case you want to see the fruits of my previous rounds: Round 1 & Round 2

I will close the request window at any given time so get on it. Ready? GO!


Sleepy Hollow

Josh and I have been here for a while now and honestly we have put off seeing a lot of the places and things cause we got comfy. Not anymore. We have come to the realization that our time on the East Coast is going to eventually expire and if this is the case we are making it a point to really knock all the things we want to do and see.

One of the places I have been badgering him about was seeing Sleepy Hollow in October. We had just got back and we had two weekends left, one of which is Halloween weekend and I know it gets nuts with tourists so we opted to go this past Saturday.

Reza woke up in full blown sassy teenager mode that day which kinda was a little salt on the cupcake. You would have thought she was 13, oy vey. “I don’t want to go…” and an attitude that made Josh and I park her on the iPad the whole way there just so we didn’t have to hear her whining. Ha!

So we packed it up and off we went! It is about a 2.5 hour drive from where we are as long as there is no traffic on the New Jersey turnpike. In the 10 days we were in San Diego, we came home to a veritable explosion of Autumny goodness. Unreal. The color enhancement on these photos is minimal… keep in mind they were shot from the car. It was pretty in Jersey…. (you will not hear me say this often…)

Josh and I enjoy road trips cause we always have a lot to talk about and we certainly got some good laughs from the Pro-Life billboard and the one renouncing evolution. Oh ok. Oh Jesus, why are some of your followers cuckoo? Bless you.

Oh hey! What up NYC!? How’s it going? I love you but there is no way in hell I am driving in you. I will admire you from afar…

Shortly after driving past NYC we hit the state line and the foliage just got more and more ridiculous (read: awesome) the more north we went.

One we got over that valley we drove across a breathtaking view of the Hudson River via the Tappan Zee bridge. I wish I was able to take photos to do this beauty justice but the barricades on the side of the road were too high to capture it appropriately. Picture beautiful homes, sail boats, a glistening river flocked by autumn colors.

We’re here! Now, considering it’s Halloween season there were a ton of tourists in town and traffic was kind of nasty. Our late departure from home got us there around 3 and the cemetery closed at 4:30 so off we went to consort with dead people.

The cemetery is a total stunner this time of year… and honestly these photos do it no justice. Absolutely stunning.

I practically had to force her to take that photo with the leaf. “But it’s UGLY, MOM!”. Just hold up the damn leaf child! 🙂

And of course I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ho it up on some cemetery signage.

The cemetery had a bridge called The Headless Horseman bridge and from what I gather, it’s a loose replica of the real thing but the real one has since decayed and its original location, was somewhere else in town and looks nothing like this…

How I managed to get it with no people on it was a christmas miracle.

Cemetery gates were coming to a close so we got back in the car and drove a tap till we could find a place to park, walk and get some much needed eats. One of the cool things is the town really embraces the whole “headless horseman” thing and you can find little details of it *everywhere*. The local school was “home of the horsemen”, the cop cars have it on the cars, the parking meters, all the street signs are black and orange… literally, it’s everywhere. SO RAD. And the scarecrow was absolutely to die for.

Since we had a long drive ahead of us we decided to call it a day and head home. I made a quick pit stop for some postcards and a magnet and off we went. I managed to get this shot of the bridge on the way home.

If you are ever nearby I highly recommend checking it out. It’s super quaint and magical this time of year. One more thing off the list has been checked off.

The rest of the photos can be seen over on flickr and I highly suggest you do cause these mini versions really do them no justice.

San Diego…

Sometimes the universe sends you things at a time in your life when you need them the most. This trip was exactly that. Our little battery icon was red and at 5%, it was signaling us to recharge. So we plugged in.

In going through our photos I realized I didn’t take nearly as many as I should have but I was just too happy enjoying my very limited time with everyone.

In 9 days we crammed in…

The first thing we did after getting our rental car we picked up Tom and Spencer and promptly headed to the closest taco shop we could find. Glorious SoCal Mexican foods.
Hit up Club Ascension (while running on fumes no less, damn jet lag and time change) – great seeing Tom spin again.
Had a follow up appointment with Dr for a 2 year post-op appointment
Drove to Irvine to see Cass, Liz and have lunch
Spent the night in Anaheim to go to Disneyland the following day
Disneyland with Jason & Eryc who are without a doubt some of the best people to do Disneyland with.

Lots of one on one visits with friends over awesome foodies or coffee.
Heartbreaking family drama.
MUCH NEEDED hair appointments with Jason & Eryc to get our respective mops done. I was sporting some roots in those Disney photos like WHOA.
Mexican food overload has occurred
A massage appointment with Ricardo who is still hands down my favorite masseuse ever.
A dinner outing on a rainy night with my ladies. I love how we just fell into it like time never passed and not sure what it is but they only seem to get finer with age. Rawr.
Took in lots of eye candy
Reza got playtime with K&K while I caught up with Michelle.
Threw a party for Reza who is now a bonafide 6 year old. SIX! Giving her a party plus getting to see everyone was just an awesome bonus. Paired with cupcakes and taco guy? Even better. It was like old times <3 (So grateful to the Kneelands for hosting)

Lots of couch snuggles with Tom and ball busting with Spencer.
Reconnecting with friends… jesus, you have no idea how invaluable this was. When you come back to those people with a new set of eyes you come to a deeper sense of appreciation for them. You have no idea how awesome this is and you have no clue just how many drawers the heart in my chest has for them. They know who they are.

Coming home didn’t come with a lot of awesome though, there were a couple moments of disappointment. We were so scheduled at times that I felt spread so thin. You try cramming a 15 month absence in 9 days. You can only see so many people, eat at so many old favorites, make so many plans that someone or something is left out. I know for a fact that there were hurt feelings about my lack of availability and in turn I suffered the same disappointment by being totally flaked on by one of my best friends on more than one occasion. Then there was my poor Sheriff who was laid up so sick and we didn’t get to see her as much cause she was on Drs orders. Boo on you stupid bug that got my Sheriff!

Either way, the trip accomplished as much as it needed to. It was a great re-group of thoughts, focus, a balance of the scales that were tipping to one side far too much. I fully expected to be at the airport bawling, lamenting our departure but as much as I wanted to stay, we were ready for our own bed and kitties. It was hard to leave though… you get a taste of what your life used to be like and you want more. It’s bittersweet cause our moving to NJ was a necessity but Josh and I have evolved so much from it that it really isn’t a loss. It needed to happen but now that we have taken what we need from it, we are charged and ready to gtfo out of this place who despite its looking like an inviting Autumnal Wonderland, just isn’t enough for us anymore.

The question now is where we go next.

Oh and check this out… Here is us at Disneyland in 2001 and 2012.

Home is and always will be where he is. Love this man like you have no idea and as long as we are together, there is no feat or place we cannot conquer together.

Hand in hand, onward and upward.

The rest of the photos can be viewed over on flickr

I’m on my way

Time to bust out the duster and get rid of the cobwebs around here. Oh neglected blog, I oh so sorry, but life happened and off I was, relishing in what little time I had at the refill station. This is the thing about travel, it is a much needed step away from reality but then you get back to realize how much catching up you have to do. Sharing stories, photos? Awesome. Having to get back to being a “responsible adult” and dealing with plumbing drama the minute you get back? Boo!

On the 6th we packed up shop and took off to San Diego for a much needed reprieve and battery recharge. Sometimes you just need your familiarities and your people, ya know? It sucked getting up at 4:30 a.m. to make our flight but it was worth gaining a day cause of the time change. Check in and security was a breeze and I was thankful Josh’s dick didn’t set off the metal detector this time. As if they knew we were coming, the airport overhead was playing Motley Crüe’s “home sweet home” as we walked to our gate. I’m on my way, I’m on my way! Home sweet home.

The plane ride was far too long for my bones. Anticipation does that to you… you just want to get there, especially when you are on a plane full of asshats. We were unfortunately seated near the back of the plane which means I had every dick and ass in my face from the people waiting to pee despite the fact they tell people not to congregate in the aisle. Not sure what was on this plane but I have never seen so many people getting up to use the lavatory. You would think they were giving out free hand jobs back there. Fuck. Paired with the old lady who didn’t know how to silence her phone while game playing *ding* *ding* *ding*, the annoying Jersey broad behind us who thought everyone wanted to hear her convo, the fart cloud inhalation, Reza who appeared to have ants in her pants and one too many copies of 50 Shades Of Lame, I wanted to shank a bitch. I will just say it, I find planes revolting. It’s a flying petri dish that gets you from point A to point “I want to kill everyone on here”. I would like to think that first class would be a better section but after walking through it to head to our row with the rest of the coach peasants, I dunno if I could survive that much bad perfume/cologne abuse for the 5+ hours it took to get us there. All things considering, I shouldn’t complain. The airfare deal I scored was just that… cheap.

You know that moment as you’re in descent and you just feel like you lost 20 lbs? That is exactly what happened. You look out the window to the familiarity and it’s like the anvil comes off your shoulders and the vice press releases your rib cage. We walked off the plane and it took everything in me to not get on my knees and kiss the floor. All of a sudden time was not moving fast enough! Longest wait for luggage EVER. We got loved ones to squeeze dammit!

We were on the shuttle to the rental car place and I said to Josh, “you thinking the same thing?”. “What’s that?”, “You know, how in the fuck did we ever think we were bored with this place? What the hell were we thinking?”. “Right there with you”.

There are times where “too much of a good thing” applies. Anything in excess can get, well, excessive. San Diego, our friends, our life there, our lifestyle: it ruled. It was fantastic and we were too caught up in it and ourselves to truly appreciate it, to see it for what it was, to enjoy it with gratitude. We were gone for 15 months and it’s like running into the dude you broke up with and regretted… you fall in love all over again the minute you lay eyes on him. Amazing how your perspective changes when you step away and look at things with a brand new set of eyes. Consider me humbled to my core.

So yes, there are stories to tell, photos to share and heartbreak to shed. All in due time but for now I retreat to photo editing over my cup of pumpkin spice coffee and a very rainy, dreary Fall morning.

If she isn’t ours

As I was waiting for Reza to get out of a school I was approached by a woman with a camera.

“Hi! I’m from newspaper such and such and I’m doing a segment for our next issue. I was wondering if it’d be ok if I ask your child a question, we’d take her picture and quote her answer”.

Knowing Reza loves the opportunity to chat it up and isn’t camera shy, I agreed.

The door opens and one by one they slowly trickle out. Reporter lady starts asking other kids…

“What is your favorite Halloween costume?”

Considering Reza has been a nice shade of different things I figured she would choose one of the things she has been in previous years.

A little girl before us answered “a bumble bee” and then it was Reza’s turn.

“What is your favorite Halloween costume?”

“A vampire!”

(Too bad she didn’t say “that time my mom dressed me as Alex from A Clockwork Orange)

“Oh that’s a good one…. Why is it your favorite?”

“cause they get to wear cool dresses and you know, they HAVE BLOOD!”

We will see if she makes it to print. Either way, child? You do me proud.


Last night Josh and I went to go see Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I have never seen them before and if you are familiar with their material they are pretty much home of the 20 minute song. WHOA. So humming and sonic I wanted to take a nap. It was that comforting.

Anyway, for the most part the crowd was totally respectful and quiet. Well, except for the stupid broads next to us who would not shut the fuck up. The funny thing is Josh gave up his prime balcony spot to one of them cause she was shorter than me and he was obstructing her view. Go figure. At one point the band is hammering away and everyone is silent, again, except for the hoes next to us. Then I hear it…

“Do you realize you are irritating everyone around you? We came to watch a band, not listen to you guys talk”

*dead silence*

Apparently this guy that was next to me: huge, 6’4, shaved head, decided he had had enough and told them where to go. Josh filled me in. We laughed all the way home about it. That and the hipster jokes about the massive amount of fixies parked outside and all the plaid button ups. Hipsterville USA.

Moral(s) of the story: STFU people. If you want to talk, stay home. Don’t piss off the gf of the huge guy or you’re likely to get your ass beat. Oh and if you are a lady and single, go to prog rock shows cause that is where all the men are. It was a damned sausage party of a 20-1 ratio.


Just now I have discovered that I cannot type emails in Spanish while listening to music in Spanish. Weird yeah? Funny thing is I can do it in English.

Last month I sent a total of 33 snail mail items be it parcel, postcard, card or letter. 33 is a good number and all of the nice comments I have received in return have totally been amazing. 2 sentences worth of handwritten goodness trumps all.

I just wrote a massive email to someone I haven’t been in touch with in well over 10 years. Last time I tried to write him someone else got his letter so email was best. Either way it was that moment when you feel you are righting a wrong. I only hope it is met with the same joy and excitement as I had when I wrote it.

The other day I was washing dishes and decided to bust out the Rock En Español. What a racist cliche, listening to beaner music while cleaning. LOL… but hey, it is who I am. Anyway, it opened the floodgates to digging up songs from the teenage abyss. How I remember these lyrics to this day is something I will never understand but the way they make me feel is priceless. And people wonder why I am such an audiophile. The soundtrack to my life is and has been epic. Oh yeah, and I was barefoot too!

We leave for San Diego on Saturday morning and we are crawling out of our skin at this point. The next couple of days are going to feel like the first day of Summer.

New Hope

I would like to preface this by saying that this has nothing to do with that Star Wars movie. In fact, I don’t think any of those movies should have happened but then again, had they not happened I would never have gotten to see Yoda throw down like a bad ass or have had that rad sex dream about Darth Maul. Oh… did I just admit that one? Hey, there is a lot to be said for shame which I clearly lack.

My friend Avery ripped on me for not giving Jersey or this area a chance. In retrospect I can say she is kind of right. To a degree. I just know this isn’t the place for me and once you have reached that point, there is no amount of tasty buttercream you can put on a stale cake to make it taste better. Now, there are a lot of things in this area that are a saving grace and I have already experienced those but there are a few places on the list that needed to be scratched off.

I invited Diana up from DC and decided to drag her with me off the bum fuck PA to go to New Hope. Now, take no offense people, everything here is bum fuck to me and if you saw the ridiculous amount of roadkill we saw, you would see why I refer to it as such: 2 deer, a raccoon, a possum, a groundhog, countless squirrels, and far too many mystery pancakes. So sad.

Anyway the blue fox got here promptly on Saturday morning and off we went to New Hope, PA. I had no idea what we were doing there other than I read about THE oddities store that needed to be seen. Thankfully she loves the same creepy malarkey as me. The weather was perfectly gloomy, crisp and the drive out to New Hope was really pretty. Sadly, there weren’t pictures cause, duh, I was driving.

We had lunch at some place that took way too long to serve us and shortly after we made way to Teardrop Memories to check out the spooky wares. DUDE. Ok, all that shit you see on the Oddities show? Yeah, that store pales in comparison to the selection and collection this guy has. WOW. This was the real deal but definitely not for the squeamish and broke cause the price point on some of these rarities were totally out of our league. Check out some of the stuff on his website… you will catch my drift.

I made one joke to Diana about the raccoon ass on the wall and I guess that opened the floodgates to the colorful stories from Greg, the owner. Next thing you know we were sucked into the vortex of show and tell of the more *rare* things that would make the uptight walk out… vibrators, vintage tins of ointment that treated crabs and a remarkable collection of post-mortem items made with hair of the deceased. Absolutely phenomenal and made the drive out there totally worthwhile. Mind you, the company was great but when paired with adventures it always works out.

New Hope ended up being a tap more touristy than I expected but it is still beautiful, quaint and I can only imagine will be prettier in the weeks to come when Autumn is in full blown mode. Lots of cute shops, antiques, boutiques. I could have done without all the gawking from people… like they have never seen blue hair and a pair of New Rocks before. Sheesh *wink*. I expect another trip out there sometime this Fall with Josh and Reza in tow. I think they would really dig it.

Anyway, enough with the rambling. Here are some photos!

We’re on a bridge yo! As Diana said, bridges are the new boats. Goddamn I cannot wait for my hair appointment in San Diego cause I am sporting some serious roots. I am glad the ombre look is “fashionable” right now, it keeps me from feeling like I have an orangutan on my head.

Much love to Diana for being my adventure time partner and Josh for being on girl detail so I could have some much needed lady time <3 ****** The rest of the photos can be viewed over on the flickr set