Recently I read a blog post that someone else linked to and something in it really resonated with me…

“It seems to me like that the last time blogging was fun was a few years ago. Blogs became less of a reflection of a way things are and more a reflection of what people want.” –

Not my words but definitely the right ones.

Let’s face it, the world of blogging has become a vapid hole. Facebook has pretty much paved the way for the lazy to say what they want to say without having to make the effort to communicate their thoughts in a more eloquent manner. Sites are making the shift from feelings and desires, to wants and false sense of need.

I remember when I started my livejournal account well over 10 years ago, I was naive to the world of writing (still am) and really had nothing to lose. I put it out there, the good, the bad and the really fucking ugly. Not sure how but with that honesty I made e-friends and in some cases, more than that… I eventually met my husband and people who I still call friends beyond the electronic box on my desk.

One of my favorite bloggers recently wrote a post, an emotional post full of perfect wording and obvious vulnerability. I watched it blow up from overwhelming comments of “I have so been there” to people judging her for what and how she wrote it.

It’s like all of a sudden we are not allowed to show more than just the obvious: the photos, the fun, the self portraits in our bathroom mirrors. Showing any form of honesty and vulnerability is met with either sympathy or punishment.

As archaic as people seem to think that Livejournal has become, it had something that no amount of social media sites could replicate: Community. Any scumbag can have a twitter and facebook account, but not everyone can be anything like the amazing, smart, witty, sympathetic and quality people I have met over the years via my blog. Sorry chirpy bird and Zuckerberg, your shit has become a necessary evil to many but it will never be my number one when it comes to putting myself out there.

The walls have come down and on many occasions they have been under lock, key and wall… only for a few to know and see. You know what? That stops right now. It changes right here. I say what I want, how I want, about what I want and either you can join in with me, to laugh, cringe and cry, or you go elsewhere.

The last of my family left us today. It has been an emotional series of days where my world shifted from the storm to the calm. As much as I was craving for things to go back to normal, the silence is deafening. It’s going to take me a bit to get my footing back to the steps I was walking in. Reza starts school really soon and I am going to have a lot more time to myself, see it how you will, this could be a good or a bad thing. I will know more when I get there. One thing I do know, the art and the bike are calling me hard and I am going to immerse myself in both.

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5 Responses to back to basics

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Though I am as guilty as anyone of FB foolishness, I hope you will keep writing here, and keep being honest. It was one of the best things about your LJ.

  2. Vanessa says:

    It’s incredible to think that the summer is almost over. I’m so glad that you had this wonderful summer filled with family, stress, and love! Te mando un fuertisimo abrazisimo. mmmmuuaaa!

  3. Tracey says:

    I miss LJ, which is where I “discovered” you. I have tried to get back to it sporadically but it’s just not the same. I’ve lost the magic there. But I liked blogging that way, the feedback, the circle of people you interacted with. But I’ll always read what you write, because I like the way you think.

  4. Gena says:

    This is a great post. Thank you for writing it.

  5. Angie C says:

    This is an on point and an oddly beautiful post. Thank you for putting yourself out there, it’s a sincere quality most folks do not have.

    I agree livejournal was an amazing community, where you choose who you let in and put yourself out there. It normally made for a great dynamic with a true group of people that were for the most part well spoken and genuine? It was rare to have a troll unless it was in a topic based community or a hot topic in general.

    I look back at my lj, I committed in writing very big things there and really wrote down a part of my life. I try to do that with my current blog…no dice. It’s become a shallow part of me…I got to work on that.


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