Giveaway winners

Our ISP decided to take a massive digger so I did this drawing manually and am doing this post from my phone. Names on paper in a bucket! Keeping it old school after all.

As previously mentioned, winner #1 gets to choose which one she wants and the rest I match up at my discretion.

If you won please email me at beansandink at, your winner # in the subject and send me your snail mail address.

Winners below! Thanks for playing kids, this was fun. There will be another one of these in the upcoming weeks so keep an eye out. The next one probably won’t be announced on my facebook page.


I just came to say hello

Man! You people really like free shit don’t you?! Pushing up to 50 comments already. Hey, don’t get me wrong here, totally flattered that you would want one of my little doodles. I guess it is one of those things with me. I never see my stuff like everyone else does. People say my art is cute/good and all I see are uneventful doodles. Sad isn’t it? Decades of self confidence do that to you but on the other hand, I am ok with it cause it keeps me humble. There is nothing more off putting than someone who thinks their shit don’t stink and that just isn’t how I roll. Humility goes a longer way than arrogance.

I got some ideas in the pipe but nothing I am ready to put here. But I am feeling the surge and I have to entertain it. Who knows when this river is going to dry up ya know?

So what else is going on in this part of the world?

Josh’s schedule is normalizing and we are all very thankful for it. Having him around is key for our balance. The other day he had the best and much needed day: haircut, lunch at his favorite beer bar in Philly, went record shopping, the Blues made the playoffs and he got laid… all in the same day! Well deserved too.

Reza has been sassy as all shit but growing up into a really awesome person. She’s too smart for her own good and witty as all fuck. Case in point…

This was all her doing too. I just helped her with sounding out the words so she could spell them. I love the fact she feels like she can.

Nena is Nena. Old, senile, pees everywhere that she shouldn’t be peeing. It is driving me insane.

Judas + Gomez are… well, cats. Sleep, eat, take stinking shits, snuggle with each other. They’re awesome even if they are up at crazy hours of the night making a ruckus.

I have been dealing with some crippling sciatic pain the past couple of days. I am trying to not let it get to me but I have come to the conclusion that my body will always be a Judas to my spirit and I have to figure out who is gonna win that battle. I have no idea how people get addicted to pain killers. I caved for 1/2 a pill yesterday and that shit made me feel terrible. I still feel gross, like I am on a narcotic hangover of epic proportions.

I have been painting a lot of little watercolor whatnot and if you follow me on facebook or instagram you would probably see more of that. Fear not, you don’t have to have an instagram account to spy in. Here, I will make it easy for you.

I don’t get people who are a jack of all creative trades. When one sleeps the other is awake. I can’t do it all at the same time. Case in point, I haven’t touched my camera much as of late. I have tried but it just doesn’t feel as natural to me at the moment. It will come back, not worried about that part. I do have a metric fuckton of photos on my phone though. I need to do a phone dump post here very soon.

Oh! And a friend of mine encouraged me to enter a contest on Spoonflower which somehow pushed me into the idea of textile design. What the hell right? It’s foreign but right up my alley. So I made a print of watercolored moths. Wanna see it? here she is!. Order it, make stuff with it and send me photos! Will there be more? Absolutely. Darker stuff, skulls, Halloween, Day of The Dead prints? Who knows. If you got any requests I am all ears.

Our plans shifted a little cause Uncle Sam fucked us in the butt with no lube. Word to the wise, don’t touch your 401k unless you absolutely have to. We did cause we had to and boy did we get an anal reaming from the government. And they didn’t even make us breakfast. Those pricks.

I miss San Diego people a lot these days. It’s hard to connect with people here. There are gems amongst all these UGG and legging wearing turds but you gotta look and hard. I will get there but I cannot say I don’t miss my people. I truly do. And some people I don’t miss at all. I miss a carne asada burrito more than you. Mmmmm…. meat. Hopefully we can make a jaunt back in the Fall.

Thankfully the Summer will be an array of visitors… Brett & Gayle, Griselda, my parents and the Japanese extension which will be here for three weeks. I cannot wait to see some familiar faces around these parts.

And on to the blank filling….

1. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is, pee. Or let out the dog who woke me up cause she needs to pee. Whole lot of peeing.

2. I can hardly wait for the cicadas to start their buzzing, for my sister Bee to get here from Japan… two years without seeing my sister just isn’t cool, the farmers markets starting back up, the moment we pay off the IRS (assholes), Josh to come home tonight, for my buttock to stop throbbing – stupid sciatica. I need an ass massage. ASS RUBBING.

3. The quickest way to my heart is paying attention to the little things, leaving me alone and knowing when is a good time and when it really isn’t. Oh, and chocolate always works too. Props to those of you who have figured that one out.

4. A little known fact about me is that I love music, I used to work a real bonafide serial killer, I have no shame in admitting my prior indiscretions, I like tacos, I hate sticking my hand in the garbage disposal with an unholy passion, I try to live happily, love fiercely, and cross me and you will regret the day you did. 😀

5. The best part about my job is that I get the time to do some of the things I enjoy all while spending time with the nugget. Being an at home mom has its challenges but then I think about strangers showing my littles everything and I don’t regret it one bit.

6. Something I just couldn’t live without is facial moisturizer. gotta keep that skin lookin’ good y’all.

7. Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is sew, make Indian food and have multiple orgasms. Wouldn’t that be the shit? Hey, just being honest…



In celebration that I seem to have woken my sleeping giant, I decided to do a small art giveaway. These are small (2.5 x 3.5) mind you, but one could be yours.

What’s the catch? Just post a comment to this post on (not on lj or fb) saying you want ins. I will have a randomizer pick 8 people. Whoever gets #1 and #2 can choose the one they want, the rest I will pair up.

Comments will close up on Sunday night. Winners announced on Monday.

Good luck!
**Entries closed**

fill in the blank friday

It has been a bit since I did one of these. I forget about it… sometimes I forget about posting instead of posting one liners on facebook. I really need to be better about that.

1. Today is a great day because Josh took the day off and gets a three day weekend. In fact he is sleeping in as we speak. After all the working he has been doing, he deserves it.

2. Tomorrow I will be taking the girl to a birthday party and hanging out with the family.

3. My favorite time of day is the evening because we are all home together.

4. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses with people, even if it hurts.

5. A song that I just can’t get enough of lately is “We are young” by Fun.

6. My favorite accessory is my wedding ring, I feel naked without it.

7. My favorite thing about this week was going to Philly with Reza.

and some of the previous questions I missed…

8. My greatest strength is my honesty.

9. My greatest weakness is procrastination. I start a lot of things I don’t finish.

10. People always compliment me on on my handwriting. I won’t lie, it is pretty nice.

11. If you found me procrastinating you’d probably find me playing with my phone or wasting time on Pinterest.

12. The most cozy place in all the world is under my fuzzy blankets

13. Something new that I tried recently was making smoothies with sweet potato. SO GOOD.

in case you want to play along

say hello

I understand the concept of people growing apart…. we get married, we move, we have kids, life is busy! It hasn’t stopped me from reaching out to people though. It may not be frequent but I try.

When Revel called and told Josh he got the job, there was no hesitation to make the decision. We had to. The only thing that held us back was “our people”. But responsibility calls and the best of relationships are not broken by distances, at least I would like to think so. Right???

So we packed up our house, said our goodbyes and off we came to the land of bread and meat, oh and corn… and blueberries. Lots of those here too. Derailed there… Some people didn’t even bother to say goodbye, some cried massive tears of the sad with us and some have really shown they really are more than just friends, they are our family.

I am not going to get into it cause it kinda makes the drawers of my heart get stuck. But I will say this: It’s a pretty cruel reality when you come to terms with the fact that to some people it really is “out of sight, out of mind”. That’s ok I guess… well, it isn’t if I am thinking about it enough to share here. Sometimes we just need to cut our losses… the question is, whose loss is greater?

please touch

It goes without saying the Josh’s presence has been minimal at best. With Revel having the soft opening this coming week, he has been working obscene hours, 12 hour shifts, no days off… This week it got to the point where it made no sense for him to even come home so he spent most of the week in Atlantic City. Saves commuting time and all but damn was he missed.

On days when I have the car, Reza goes to school but since he left the car here, I had a non-school day with her and took full advantage of it. Pennsylvania has tons of theme parks and museums for us to explore and I have had the Please Touch Museum on my radar for quite a bit. They are rated one of the best kids museums in the country. It just so happens that they were having an appearance by Word Girl from a PBS show that Reza loves so it made sense to head down.

There really are no words at how awesome this museum is. For one, the building it is in is beautiful and enormous. It’s something I love out here, the architecture.

The exhibits are all interactive, just like their name, everything is touchable with exception of the display cases which are sealed. Sure it’s a petri dish but nothing some soap and water can’t handle.

Amongst the exhibits they have cases with vintage toys of yesteryear for display. My nostalgia factor was high with this one cause they had so many things I owned as a child, some of which I had forgotten until I saw them once more. The memories flooded back.

My favorite of the exhibits was the Alice In Wonderland section that had lots of vintage Alice, tea party and Humpty Dumpty memorabilia, a tea party, a maze and you could paint the roses red.

Other exhibits included: foam rocket launching, an arts and crafts room, play hospital, grocery store, construction zone, shoe store, a water play zone and dude! indoor carousel. It was sensory overload and the girl was absolutely besides herself.

Admission was $15 per person which was a little high but the money is well spent cause the kids really do get their money’s worth and the food at the cafe is affordable and kid friendly. If you are ever in the Philly area with your nuggets I highly recommend it. The pictures really don’t do it justice.

the rest of the photos can be viewed over at flickr