Since we moved here there is this establishment that has this hearse parked outside. I drive by quite a bit and today I finally stopped to get a closer look at her in her decaying glory. With what little juice was left on my phone I got photos of her to share with you.

A 1950’s (exact year uncertain) Cadillac hearse. DROOOOOOOOL.

I ogled at it and dreamt of the day I could either own one or have enough bank to fully restore something like this. Dad, why didn’t you pass on your mad car repair skills onto me? I would love to get under the hood of something like this and bring her back to life. What a rewarding trade, yeah?

I ended up going into the place which was a head shop/music memorabilia store and apparently one of the guys that works there owns it and another hearse parked next to it. I hope he does it justice.

(Note to self: take photos with the better camera)

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2 Responses to one can dream…

  1. Avery says:

    We all love classic cars. I remember Haddonfield having a great car show every year. I can’t remember when but they shut down the Kings Highway and filled it up with amazing and lovingly restored classics.

  2. tia says:

    Omg!!!!! Gorgeeoooooooouuuss!
    The shape of that car gives my tummy butterflies. 🙂

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