There are days where every day is like the next. I get up, have my tea, go through the routine and my thoughts don’t sway from the present. But then there are times where every day is a reminder… doing laundry and finding your oven mitt in the load, or lighting the candle that was once yours, or seeing your photo on a fb thread, a text from Mike with a photo of the sugar skull I made for you and gave to Erika – who has it so proudly and lovingly displayed.

All these things aligned themselves today and I guess you can say I have been a little emotional. Introspective. It’s like you are speaking to me from beyond, “Que pasa!!”, with your fake Sabado Gigante accent. *smile*

So yeah dude, I was thinking of you today and honestly I still cannot fathom or grasp the idea you are no longer in the same place as all of us. I don’t know if I will ever really hold that idea in my head. I don’t want to… I prefer to think you are always around, plotting your next big plan, strategizing the great next adventure. I seek comfort in that but goddamn, sometimes I just wish I could turn back the clock just for one moment of laughter with you. I would scratch your back till you begged for mercy.

I miss you so, so very much.

where things shifted…

I had a feeling this was going to happen. The minute the cold and Winter got kicked to the curb, all of a sudden the world is a different place, in more ways than one. Not sure if we brought the weather with us but this was one of the most mild winters in recent years. Everyone kept telling me… don’t discount it, March it can always hit us. Seriously folks, my gut says NO. It’s San Diego weather outside but dare I say it? Yes, I think I will. It is prettier.

So to make this as brief as possible while still working on filling you in on the goings on of Carley Triangle™ I shall split it up in points…

New Jersey
Ok, so the place has grown on me. It’s not so foreign, there is familiarity and the surroundings are much more agreeable. I can get to a lot of places without the aid of GPS. The people still drive like shit, stare like we got off spaceships and I haven’t made much in the way of friendships. But it’s ok. Am I in love with the place? Absolutely not but I am taking this lemon and making it my lemonade bitch. *slurp*

The seasons are kicking my ass. In a good kind of ass kicking way! The minute the cold faded a tap it’s like the world flipped a switch and all the plants and trees said “Wake up bitches! it’s time!” and BAM. Color sprouting everywhere. You got to keep in mind, I have lived near or by the ocean my entire life. All we got were crappy, overrated palm trees. But this? I have never seen this happen. All of sudden we are surrounded by blooming trees of all kinds! It is so uplifting. In fact, I went for a walk around the block so you can see what I get to see every day… and this honestly does it no justice….

There will be more where this came from, rest assured.

The Ankle
Part of the reason I got into a quiet retreat was over this. I have been dealing with this shit for about 5 months now. It got to a point where it felt like it was getting worse and then I heard the words “MRI” and “possible surgery” and I fucking panicked. I laid around on the verge of tears, verge of depression and panicking. I cannot afford surgery right now… it would put me out for a quite a bit and since I am the go-to person for pretty much everything in the house and pertaining to Reza, this would not be good. Josh can’t take time off unless it was really dire circumstances. Anyway, I have been going to physical therapy, acupuncture, laying low… I had a follow up and it looks like it is on the upswing. The doc was pleased with my progress so I am doing something right. It could be one thing or a combination of things but the change in weather happended to coincide and I am so glad it is relieving itself a little. I will take what I can get. Hopefully it will get better cause I don’t want to cut into that business.

Dude, I have been going to a Community Acupuncture in Philly and I LOVE IT. I go, take some soothing music, get poked and promptly pass the F out along with everyone else. I don’t know how much of it has helped but the feeling after a treatment is invigorating and much better for me than taking a bunch of shit and getting cortisone shots. I am trying to avoid those like the plague.

Man, I cannot even begin to explain the OBSCENE amount of hours he has been working. Obscene. So far there have been 12 days straight without a day off, conference calls past midnight, 12+ hour shifts, an endless email queue, he is spending the night there a couple nights in the weeks to come as well. No point in coming home. He is exhausted but even then somehow he wakes up every day and pushes through. We fully expected his schedule to blow up like this and yes, I am sad he isn’t around as much but I know the investment is worth the payoff.

Revel opens on the 2nd of April/ grand opening Memorial Day weekend and the feedback, anticipation and excitement up to it has been nothing but positive, well, other than the haters complaining rooms are too expensive and the one a many cancer stick addicts protesting that the resort is SMOKE FREE. F you apestosos! Take your stank elsewhere.

So yeah, this is why we moved and if you have a chance to see the site you will see why we didn’t hesitate. This place is big time. I am so glad Josh works for a state of the art resort, that values his work ethic and opinion and is doing it, doing it, doing it well. Grade A across the board with everything they are doing. See for yourself. (F YOU SYCUAN – laying Josh off was the best thing you could ever have done for him! Amateurs. *insert pissing Calvin*)

I got to say this though. I know I say it a lot but I am soooo glad I am with someone like him. He is a fantastic man and everything he does for us is appreciated beyond measure. love, love, love my husband with everything in me.

Growing like a damn weed. Literally. She is a tap under 3’9″, about 50-52 lbs. Opinionated, enjoys conversation and asking questions about everything. Becoming a finicky eater but I am hopeful this is just a phase. I have been taking her out on her bike more. She’s quite afraid of it and falls a lot but she will eventually man up and take the wheels off. I am gonna get a bike so we can go riding together and I also ordered us hoops. I am uncoordinated as all hell with it and she is too but we will get the hang of it with practice I am sure. If not at least we are having fun with trying.

I am looking into extra-curricular activities for her and I found a hooping class and yoga for kids. I also found a circus school! Sadly it is over an hour away 🙁 but still, I am all about her getting her exercise in the fun way. I enrolled in a gym that has family pool days so I can take her to swim on the weekends. Gotta get active yo!

We decided to enroll her in the public kindergarten up the street. Yes, it is only 2.5 hours a day but I am gonna work her at home. She already reads and I expect her to be better come end of Summer.

Overall she is doing great and her behavior hasn’t been so testy. Until I tell her clean her room that is.

The Critters

Gomez + Judas are growing far too fast for their own good as well. I caught Gomez humping his sister a couple weeks ago so off her went to get neutered. He did really well and was back to his usual self the minute I picked him up. Judas will soon follow, just waiting for her to get a little fatter… she was the runt so she is dainty. I dig the cats even though they are in the “get into everything” phase. At night I have to lock them out of my bedroom cause they wake me up, purring up a storm in my face and this lady needs her beauty rest.

They get along with Nena as much as cats and a senile dog will get along anyway. Nena is getting old and who knows how much longer she will be around.

I have spent the past 2 weeks cleaning all the crap out of my diet. All the inflammatory foods are gone for the time being. Not only do I feel infinitely better, I dropped some weight. Lots more to go mind you but every time I go back to unhealthy ways I realize how some stuff just doesn’t agree with me anymore. I wake up every morning, have some green tea, make my smoothie… I feel like I am doing a better job at taking care of myself. Paired with visits to the gym, it will only be a matter of time that I get myself together. Working on it anyway. Now, if my creative juices will return I would be a lot happier but look, I can only handle so much and I am not interested in being a multitasking juggler of massive proportions. I have a laundry list of pending projects, requests and honestly I cannot bring myself to get to them just yet. I would be half-assing it and I can’t do that to myself or to you. I am hoping the sleeping giant wakes up soon, it needs to cause there are things I really want to do and want to be a part of.

Let us see, what else?

I darkened my hair to this saucy purple color that does not photograph very easily. I love it.

I got some pretty exciting news from a couple friends but it’s not my news to share. But Me = happy

My sister and her boys are coming from Japan for most of the month of August. I CANNOT WAIT. My parents may make the trek up here as well. It will be a house full of Garcias.

So yeah, long story long, things around here are chaotic but calm. Everything is warming up, quite literally. Things are looking up for us on many fronts. I am sure many people wonder about us and if we made a mistake coming here… and let set the record straight. Yes, we miss our people and good Mexican food but other than that, this was one of the best things we have ever done for ourselves. No regrets here.

So enough about me… how are YOU? Really. Spill it all.

checking in

There is a post being drafted in my head and I am not ready to really put it here. Nothing bad, in fact, things here are good. I am just really working on me, my family and watching the world come back to life now that Winter is coming to a close. With Spring comes new life and a sense of renewal, more so than New Years Day.

I never really understood the fascination with seasons until you actually get to experiencing them for the first time. One thing I will say, Southern CA can have its year round “perfect” weather. I get it now.


P.S. I miss you Spencer, Tania, Tom and j+e. So very much

fill in the blank friday

1. My favorite room in my home is a very close tie between the kitchen and the attic studio/guest room. I think the attic wins.

2. My current decor style is different for every room. I like clean lines, statement pieces. I have no desire to make my place look sterile and over decorated.

3. I wish I could redecorate our bedroom. It’s the one room that has had no love since we moved in. Spring/Summer project for sure cause it needs a paint job like whoa.

4. My dream house absolutely has to have a Japanese style bathroom. If not we will gut it and make one.

5. One house item I am willing to splurge on is a bed. We spend enough time in it, that mattress better be awesome.

6. A decor trend that I just don’t “get” is Santa Fe shit. I can’t stand it.

7. Photos on the walls and fridge are/is a little touch that makes my house feel like home


And yes, I realize that this post is lame and I should really write a real update. I’ll get there Spencer. 😉

one can dream…

Since we moved here there is this establishment that has this hearse parked outside. I drive by quite a bit and today I finally stopped to get a closer look at her in her decaying glory. With what little juice was left on my phone I got photos of her to share with you.

A 1950’s (exact year uncertain) Cadillac hearse. DROOOOOOOOL.

I ogled at it and dreamt of the day I could either own one or have enough bank to fully restore something like this. Dad, why didn’t you pass on your mad car repair skills onto me? I would love to get under the hood of something like this and bring her back to life. What a rewarding trade, yeah?

I ended up going into the place which was a head shop/music memorabilia store and apparently one of the guys that works there owns it and another hearse parked next to it. I hope he does it justice.

(Note to self: take photos with the better camera)