these are some of the gems that have shown up on my statistic logs as terms people have used and have ended up at my blog. Amongst things like the usual “Ivonne” and “beans and ink”, I have kept a list of some of the better ones for your personal enjoyment. So without further ado:

how to make pesto with ninja
product whore
festival of booths jesus
naked dumpies
old rastafarian
young dumpy girls, naked
“left my vibrator out”
picture of school girls with butt cheeks hanging out
cover stealing, sleep talking, snoring boyfriend
pictures of butt cheeks hanging out of shorts
philly street prostitution
where are the hookers in Philadelphia
young girly girls rules
snow white hanging herself
when should you go to voodoo donuts to not wait in line
where does everyone get these “cool story bro” hoodies
shops that have cool story bro
pissende lungs
well then fuck me in the ass

and my personal favorite: ivonne my dirty friend from Mexico


One Response to search term hilarity

  1. I get tons of hits for anal bleaching, midget sex, and for some reason, Matt Damon’s penis size.

    It’s nice that people feel they can come to me about these areas, since I’m some kind of expert.

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