Joy is finding the perfect house and getting beat to the punch. Shortly after we find several other contenders and they all end up being snagged as well. I really want to cry, in fact, I totally did!

But hey, why bore you with my “can’t find a place and movers will be here in a week” drama. Instead I’m going to entertain you with the eyesores I have found since my last installment.

Exhibit A: Jackson Pollack Nightmare. I cannot even begin to comprehend how someone thought this was aesthetic enough for a bedroom.


And then don’t get me started on how much people here love their wallpaper. We have seen some seriously cute houses but then you click to the next photo and you find shit like this…

Exhibit B: Tim Burton’s Cabin… Stripes and trees, the perfect combination!


Exhibit C: Floral Explosion!



Dear Universe,

I know this is your way of providing the funny in an otherwise stressful situation but at the very least let us find a landlord who will let us peel that shit off and paint a respectable color.


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2 Responses to Moving Nightmares Vol. 2

  1. Dinah says:

    Man, those are as bad as the ones in our house. Removing it is a total nightmare, so I hope the rental gods bless you with UN-papered walls!!! xoxo

  2. Colleen says:

    Man talk about some serious time travel into the past. Those people need to get with the modern times. Would still love to try to get together if you have time. ~hugs~

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