Well, technically it isn’t til tomorrow… but tomorrow I am on kid and man spoiling detail so I won’t have time to post this and wanted to get it out of the way. He gets his a tad earlier…

Josh is off having a man night of poker and drinking proportions. I guess they’re calling it a “man send off” or some testosterone fest name of the sorts. I am glad he is out having fun with his boys, those who showed up anyway. It ended up working out perfectly so I could get all my Sneaky McSneakerson whatnot done. You know how hard it is to hide shit from the man that is always home? Plus, I already mentioned I am a terrible secret keeper.

He left and off we went to get him some flowers and a seriously overpriced beer that he absolutely loves but doesn’t buy often cause well, I would have his head. I dunno, $20 for a bottle of beer is ridiculous but I don’t drink beer, maybe it is awesome and gives him a reach around when consumed… I will never know cause I don’t do the nectar of the hops, wheat and whatever else goes in it….

So today, I mean, tomorrow is Father’s Day. Everyone out there says they have the Worlds Greatest… at least those of us who got lucky. My Father, Enrique… reserved, hard working, not as emotionally expressive but hey, he was there and always made sure we were provided for. Huge respect for him. I only hoped that one day I could score on a guy that could come close.

When I met Josh and as the time passed by I knew that he was Dad material. Without a shadow of a doubt… and the minute that baby was pulled from me, the switch flipped. I saw it in him: unconditional love, tooth and nail, patience and strength… a natural through and through.

Four and a half years have gone by and nothing really changes other than our growing weed of a child. He is the best Father that Reza could ever have asked for. He isn’t the worlds greatest cause that would be hella vain for me to be labeling him as such, but in our world, he is the Zeus on our Olympus and the pillars of our Parthenon. A husband, partner and father through and through.

So this is for you my rock. Thanks for being *that* guy… reliant, observant and the forever balancing head of our household. Parenting is awesome but it is so much more rewarding when done next to someone who gets it. We are the lucky ones.

For true.

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2 Responses to it’s father’s day…

  1. josh says:

    ain’t nobody does it better than you.

    couldn’t love you more.

  2. Belly B says:

    That is so sweet 🙂 Happy Fathers Day to your wonderful husband.

    <3 Belly B

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