adventures in alternative medicine

It is not any news when I tell you that I have been sick on and off for most of 2011. Do the math: 3 of the longest fucking months of my life. It seems that I am on the mend in many ways but the physical debilitation broke me in ways that I never anticipated. It’s amazing how a broken body drags your mind right down with it. The relationship between the two go very hand in hand and I don’t know which brought the other down but the truth is they are both in a place that I have never been.

There is so much I need to take care of at the moment but it is so hard to put any plans into motion when I feel down or sick. So far, after 3 visits to Western Drs. and the frustration that comes with them, AKA they don’t listen, I decided to go an alternate route.

A friend of mine has suggested and recommended a Tibetan medicine Dr. for a while now and after his having good results, I decided to pay Dr. Tibet a visit (not his real name).

For those of you who do not know what the premise of Tibetan Medicine entails I will summarize it: you are diagnosed based on pulse and urinalysis. Sounds totally ludicrous that someone will come to some conclusions about what ails you by pulse and looking at your piss right? More on that later.

So I rolled into my appointment and any skepticism I may have had went out the door. Dr. Tibet had an intense yet calming presence to him and after reading my intake form that had little to no descriptions about what brought me there, he says, “you know what I am about to do?”, I nod and tell him that I know he will check the pulse on my arms. So I extended my arms over his desk and for about 15 minutes, in complete silence, he held my wrist and with closed eyes felt it, then the other hand, then the both at the same time. Complete and total silence. Did I mention this guy had a photo of him and the Dalai Lama in his office? Yeah, not intimidating AT ALL.

He takes my pulse and then excuses himself to go check out my tupperware of piss I had to bring in. Walking around with your urine in a container is SO SEXY.

Anyway, the doc rolls back in the office and starts telling me…

“You suffer from x, x, and x… nothing is of major concern but there are things that could be better. You also wake up at night, have high anxiety and are experiencing these symptoms…”. This is where I am on the verge of tears. Somehow, without even going into any explanations this man KNEW what I was feeling by touching me and looking at my tupperware of pee. I shit you not.

After some brief explanations of his plan of action, he says he is gonna write up some instructions. His English is not great but enough to communicate and that is that. I went out into the lobby and 5 minutes later he comes out with notes, some herbs in baggies and what I need to do. His receptionist man goes over everything with me and sends me on my way.

What was I told to do?
I am taking 4 supplements… 2 are his herbal concoctions that are for liver and kidney functions. The others are 5HTP and a probiotic.
I was given a BEEFY list of foods I need to remove from my diet for the time being, notables being: pork, processed meats, 99% dairy, sugars, chocolate (crais!), caffeine, alcohol, wheat, gluten and very specific veggies and fruits. Some of those really are no sweat for me, it is all just a matter of getting used to it. Some not so much but I can adapt and if I really want to get better, well, I need to.

As I left I felt like a huge weight got taken off my shoulders and if I am going to get better, the belief is finally there… a belief in *something* and in this belief I am going to dive in and hope that these courses of action help guide me to a better and healthier me.

I go back in a month for a follow up.

So here we go.


When Reza watches shows I usually make it a point to watch them On Demand or I tape shows so we can fast forward through the commercials.

a) I find commercials geared toward children HIGHLY irritating

b) I like to avoid the force feeding of toys and shit commercials. I don’t want Reza to turn into one of those kids that sees and wants everything on TV.

Even though I like to avoid the commercials doesn’t mean that we aren’t exposed to them. So the other day the commercial for these atrocities came on…

Skechers: Twinkle Toes. Holy crap these things are uglier than sin. It’s like Ed Hardy vomit for children. Now, I know that kids eat this shit up but there is no way you will see me getting these things and putting them on my kid, ever.

As the commercial is running, I make a comment about how “ugly those shoes are”. Reza chimed in and agreed with me. I thought that was the end of that.

A few days ago we were at the North Park Farmers Market and I saw the Joes On The Nose truck. They are a local food truck that is supposed to have awesome organic coffee drinks. So we got in line and in front of us was a man and his daughter who was probably about 7-8 years old.

Josh and I are checking out the menu while we wait and all of a sudden Reza, who is standing with us, blurts out, “THOSE SHOES ARE UGLY”.

I look down and said 8 year old is sporting a pair of ugly as sin shoes. SHIT.

So Josh and I both pipe up and tell her that it was rude and that she needs to apologize. Keep in mind I am chuckling inside cause I know where this all came from but still. It was kind of embarrassing cause to that girl maybe her shoes are thee shit.

We walk away with coffee in hand, still trying to explain what she did wasn’t nice or cool and Reza is all, “but those shoes are ugly”. So now we are trying to teach her that she needs to keep her negative opinions to herself. Good times. I see this as the beginning of us having to *really* watch what we say in front of her cause I can see this going super south one of these days.

Oh and if any of you ever buy these for my kid for her birthday or Xmas, I will chuck them at your head.

a punch card love letter:

This post is for Spencer cause I know he likes to come here to see if I have posted anything new.

I haven’t.

I will get there. I promise I will.

I gotta go, the landlord is coming over to inspect the house for mold and not only is it disheveled but I need to hide the big bottle of lube before he realizes we are far more degenerate than he already thinks we are.

love you slice. thanks for being ever faithful.

note to self

So, in and effort to cut down the traffic, spamming, angry, whining, complaining and overall annoyance of the shit that people post on facebook…you went on a “hide all posts by [x person/page]” spree. You have not been in the best of spaces and well, you need to clean house. Part of that cleaning house is to disallow people from poisoning you with their dribble.

Holy shit! Not sure why I didn’t do this sooner. It felt like I took a massive dump after a good cup of coffee.

Nah, the massive poo is infinitely more rewarding. pppbbbftttt!!!

Do this more often.

crack: the coconut oil edition

Where was I before I bought a tub of this? Clearly not paying attention but I am glad I am now. The other day I was at my massage therapists office and he gave me a rubdown using this instead of the regular oil he normally uses. It was awesome!

Now, I know coconut is super hit and miss with people… either you love it or hate it. I am one of those people who LOVES it and this stuff leaves me smelling like a cocada (coconut haystack).

Fresh out of the shower, slather it on instead of lotion… you don’t need very much of it. I got the tub at Henry’s for $8.99 and it goes a very long way. I also have used it as a skin conditioner for my face since I am on the dry side, I did a warm coconut oil treatment on my hair as well. The mop feels smoother but be warned it may take multiple washes to get it out.

Cass made chocolate chip cookies the other day and instead of using butter on the pan, she used some of it and it gave the cookies a very mild tinge of coconut. TASTY.

I am nutty for the coconut oil. Apparently coconut everything is the new black. Out with the pomegranate, mate and acai!

I does art in Los Angeles

I realize that this space has been heavily neglected.. I know. I am trying here but right now there are things going on inside my house that need tending to. Between that, stress and trying not to worry about my sister and her family in Japan, piled up work I need to finish…. you get the picture. What is going on in Japan is so devastating and really upsetting to me for so many reasons I cannot even name them here. It is weighing heavily on my mind and I am trying not to inundate myself in coverage for fear of it upsetting me more than it already has.

I am utterly overwhelmed with things right now, some of which I dunno if I am ready to share just yet. It’s a peculiar situation for me cause I am usually the sharing type but when it pertains to me and my internal goings on, it is a tad harder to put out there. It’s liberating but how does one do that without looking like a whiner who is screaming for attention? Neither has really been my thing. I am trying desperately to dig myself out the emotional hole I dug myself into… being sick and feeling utterly useless for weeks on end will do that to you. It is no effin joke. It’s a delicate balance that I am trying to find and when I get there, I will get there… I just know it’s gonna take a while and I have only just started to tread down that road.

One thing I am trying to do is get out more so when the boys, Jason + Eryc, invited me to tag along to Los Angeles to see a couple art galleries and do some eye-shopping, I decided to take them up on the offer.

I hate LA. There, I said it. It makes my pancreas shudder, my lungs cringe and I think every time I sit in that kinda traffic I come home with a new wrinkle on my forehead. No joke. But, at the same time I love it in very small doses. The art scene up there is MILES ahead of the stuff here in San Diego and well, it requires a trek from time to time, if anything to stimulate that right side of my skull a little.

First stop:

Gallery 1988 in Hollywood – Inle: Inspired by Richard Adam’s Watership Down

I love themed shows because it is so nice to see the variety of interpretations of one subject matter. My favorite, of course, was the piece by Audrey Kawasaki. (top left photo)

Stop 2: Wacko + Luz De Jesus Gallery

Luz De Jesus Gallery was awesome, and that piece of Snow White hanging herself? Brilliant. The gallery was inside a huge pop culture/comic book/book store/toy store called Wacko and holy crap, that was the place where I had to exercise some serious wallet restraint. I did good! I walked out completely empty handed. It’s a Xmas Miracle!!

Now, the trip to LUSH was something else…. just got a couple pamperage items and a little Tokidoki t-shirt for the girl. I am sorry but every girl needs a pink unicorn t-shirt and she totally loved it. She promptly named the unicorn “fairy prism”, slept in it and went to school in it. I would say I did good.

It was necessary to get out of the house and away to do something on my own. I really need to do more of it.

As usual there were far too many photos and I can only share a handful so if you are so inclined to see some more of the eye candy I got to partake in yesterday, you can do so over at the flickr set.

Japan quake update

Just wanted to put this here as well since I have been getting many calls, texts, messages etc.

My sister and her immediate family in Japan are safe. She was at work when the quake hit and thankfully they live in a region that is not immediately coastal (they live where the red marker is)

View Larger Map

I have not spoken to her since last night but she said she, jun, the boys and the in laws are well. The phone lines were jammed after it happened so it took her a while to check in. She said that it was really scary, the it was really strong and that it just kept going. It lasted for quite some time and that the aftershocks have been pretty intense as well.

I of course have my stomach in knots over all of this cause A) I have family there but B) Japan is a country that we are super endeared to for many reasons. We honor and respect their culture and am saddened to see it devastated to this degree.

Thanks to everyone who has reached out to check in and make sure my family and friends are safe. It means a lot. If there are any new developments I will post them here or over on facebook.


So here we go… A list of things that are currently on my “grates my ass” list. I am going to put these here before I blow up on someone. I mean, a lot of people already think I am a bitch anyway, might as well.

  • food blogs with really shitty, unappetizing photos of said food
  • bow tattoos on the back of the legs
  • people who fish for compliments and toot their own horn on a consistent basis. Modesty and humility are far more attractive than you pulling your own chain. Unless you’re Johnny Depp and I get to watch.
  • anyone and anything using Charlie Sheen lingo
  • the weather that won’t decide whether it wants to be warm or cold
  • facebook and the “if you blah blah blah, then post this in your feed if you… [insert cause, illness, political rant]” meme crap.
  • when people think I can’t see what they are doing
  • hipster cliches
  • people who feel the need to disclaim their dietary choices. I don’t care if it’s veggie, vegan, gluten free, made out of unicorn feces. It’s food, it makes *you* happy however you have it, what everyone else thinks about it should not be your concern. Unless you’re looking for a pat on the back.
  • parents who refer to their kids as “cute” in every single thing they say about them
  • the way facebook has facilitated learning things about people I like and not in a good way.

See a pattern here? A lot of this is stuff stems from interaction or exposure on facebook. Man if this isn’t a sign I need to taper off from it I dunno what is. So I have a few possible solutions here…

1. get off facebook
2. go on a massive hiding spree of the repeat offenders
3. let shit slide off by back and not be so effin delicate, I can always use it for more blog content and ranty tweets.


new family members

Well the time came to get Reza some new friends of her own. I figured we would go the beta fish route cause they’re pretty hard to kill. Heh. So I rolled the girl down to Petco to pick out some new buddies and this is who we came home with….

Lord Blue was christened “Cloudy” and Sir Pink was named “Tree”. She chose the names.

Welcome to the familia pescaditos.